More than anyone else in the play, Thomas Dominique embodies the essence of wrath as expressed in the Old Testament parable of vengeance. In the play, Dominique, whose wife and children have been murdered by an invading army, struggles with his desire to avenge his family and his fear that he will lose his own humanity if he does so. His portrayal as Jerome, tortured by Hargreaves’ henchmen after they capture him in France, is especially powerful because it shows how vengeance can destroy even those who try to control it. Thomas Dominique is wrath incarnate in ‘Wrath of Man’ Thomas Dominique is wrath incarnate in ‘Wrath of Man’

Review: ‘Wrath of Man’ illustrates humanity at its worst

Thomas Dominique gives a tour-de-force performance as Jerome, a man tortured by Hargreaves’ henchmen. The film illustrates humanity at its worst, with little hope for redemption. However, Dominique’s performance is so magnetic that we can’t help but watch as he exacts his revenge. As the story progresses, more and more layers are peeled back and the audience begins to see not just the surface of the character, but what drives him. While it does become clear what motivates him in one scene involving a young girl being raped by several soldiers, even this isn’t enough to distract from how deeply troubled Jerome is.

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Talk about injustice in America

In America, it seems that the scales of justice are constantly tipped in favor of the rich and powerful. The average person has little chance of success when pitted against huge corporations or the government. This film explores what happens when one man decides he’s had enough and takes matters into his own hands.

Thomas Dominique is wrath incarnate in 'Wrath of Man'
Thomas Dominique is wrath incarnate in ‘Wrath of Man’

Thomas Dominique is electrifying as Jerome, a man pushed to the brink by Hargreaves’ (played by Josh Hartnett) callousness. Director Matteo Garrone captures this character’s rage with long shots that leave him an indistinct figure at the end of corridors. It’s almost too easy for him to reach out and wreak havoc on those who threaten him, and there is something seductive about his sense of power even as he faces death.

Show how American justice system can fail

The American justice system is designed to protect the innocent and punish the guilty. But what happens when the system fails? In the new film Wrath of Man, Thomas Dominique plays Jerome, a man who was tortured by Hargreaves’ henchmen. The film shows how the American justice system can fail, and how one man’s quest for revenge can lead to more violence. It takes a lot out of you because it feels like you’re living through it, says Dominique about his role. You feel like you have an anger that’s still there.

Talk about the relationship between Dominique and Jerome

Thomas Dominique is a revelation in Wrath of Man. He’s charismatic, funny, and most importantly, completely unhinged. His performance as Jerome, a man tortured by Hargreaves’ henchmen, is one of the most intense and unforgettable of the year. It’s clear that Dominique and Jerome have a complicated relationship – one that’s built on years of pain and suffering. But despite all of that, they still have a deep bond that can’t be broken. Even when Jerome begs for death, he doesn’t seem to resent Dominique. As much as he’s angry with him, it’s clear that he loves him just as much.

Thomas Dominique is wrath incarnate in 'Wrath of Man'
Thomas Dominique is wrath incarnate in ‘Wrath of Man’

Discuss the production

Guy Ritchie’s Wrath of Man is a return to form for the director, with a focus on stylish violence and machismo. The film follows Jerome (Thomas Dominique), a man who exacts revenge on Hargreaves (Jason Statham) and his henchmen after they torture him. Dominique is excellent as Jerome, conveying both the character’s physical and emotional pain. One harrowing scene sees him mutilating himself with scissors to find some relief from his suffering. As he soaks up the blood, he has flashbacks of what led up to this point – not only was he beaten by Hargreaves’ thugs but also sexually assaulted and had his tongue cut out when they thought he was dead.

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This brutal revenge thriller works because it focusses on personal vendettas over gangsterism or drug-dealing, two tropes that have become tired in recent years.

Who is Jérôme Thomas?

Jérôme Thomas is the main character in the film Wrath of Man. He is a man who has been tortured by Hargreaves’ henchmen and is out for revenge. Jérôme is a force to be reckoned with, and he will stop at nothing to get his revenge. The movie opens with him returning home from work, being tailed by one of Hargreaves’ men. Upon arriving home, Jérôme’s wife tells him that she is pregnant.

Thomas Dominique is wrath incarnate in 'Wrath of Man'
Thomas Dominique is wrath incarnate in ‘Wrath of Man’

What is Jerome known for in the Bible?

Jerome is known for his translation of the Bible into Latin, which became known as the Vulgate. He is also known for his commentaries on the Bible, and for his ascetic lifestyle.

Is Jerome Thomas the best winger in League One?

There’s no doubt that Thomas Dominique is one of the best wingers in League One. The 23-year-old Frenchman has pace, power and an eye for goal, making him a nightmare for defenders. And he’s shown his quality this season, scoring 12 goals and setting up four more for Huddersfield Town. Now some are wondering if Jerome Thomas should be considered as England’s first choice winger ahead of Theo Walcott, who has been relegated to squad player status with Arsenal this season. He deserves it, says Hargreaves. He is a very good player.

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Will Jerome Thomas be earning a lot with Hearts?

Thomas Dominique is wrath incarnate in 'Wrath of Man'
Thomas Dominique is wrath incarnate in ‘Wrath of Man’

In the new Guy Ritchie film Wrath of Man, Thomas Dominique stars as Jerome, a man who’s tortured by Hargreaves’ henchmen. The role is a departure from his previous work, which mostly consists of smaller parts in indie films. With Wrath of Man being a high-profile project, it’s likely that Thomas will be earning a lot more for this role. It was important to director Guy Ritchie to find an actor with real and raw anger inside him.

This anger he found in Thomas, and after meeting with him once they cast him on the spot.

Dominique says he drew inspiration from one of his personal heroes, legendary boxer Mike Tyson, who also had an abusive childhood like himself.

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