The show follows 4 different people who got into veganism for different reasons, but have all seen their lives completely changed by the lifestyle choice. Let’s take a look at this fascinating show! A look at the Netflix docuseries Bad Vegan

How I discovered this documentary

It wasn’t until I went to watch The China Study last week that I heard about Bad Vegan. My sister told me she was interested in watching it as a palate cleanser from all of vegan documentaries she has been watching lately. Since my family is vegan, I decided to go on a marathon of all these films with her. The China Study, Forks Over Knives, Vegucated, and King Corn.

The Process of Making the Documentary

Making a documentary is no small feat. Ask yourself: how much time, money, research and hard work goes into making one? With fame often comes scrutiny as well. Especially when you’re trying to make a change in people’s lives.

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The Things I Liked about This Documentary

I loved how unbiased it was. You could tell right away that it wasn’t made by vegans or meat eaters or by animal rights activists. It was just an informative documentary about a group of people who broke their way out of prison in order to do good for animals on a global scale. They were trying to make a vegan world happen by influencing celebrities, athletes, scientists and other influencers they thought would be likely to join them on their mission.

The Things I Didn’t Like About This Documentary

I am not vegan but I do love animals and watching animal rights documentary. The only reason I’m not vegan is because I like cheese too much. There was something very special about some of these activists in that they did become famous for their cause, but at what cost? More importantly: how does being famous make you a better activist? Because it doesn’t. What makes a better activist is having a consistent message and showing up every day, fighting for your cause no matter what.

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