Windows 10, in my opinion, isn’t the best operating system out there, but it’s not completely bad either. It has some minor flaws that I would be able to overlook if it wasn’t for the fact that 11th generation has none of those problems and offers so much more as well! In this article, I will explain exactly why 11th generation is better than Windows 10, so you can make an informed choice on which OS to go with when buying your next computer. 11 Reasons Why 11th Generation Is Better Than Windows 10

It’s cheaper

The fact that 11th generation is so much cheaper than Windows 10 just makes it all that much more awesome. Sure, it may not have all of those fancy apps and games, but you can use it to surf the web and send emails for free. It’s fast: Even though 11th generation isn’t as powerful as Windows 10, it’s still pretty speedy. It boots up in seconds and loads websites in a flash. It’s secure: You don’t need anti-virus software with 11th generation because there are no viruses out there for it yet! You’ll never get hacked or lose your data either—it’s impossible!

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Sleep mode is more versatile 11 Reasons Why 11th Generation Is Better Than Windows 10

While sleep mode is more than just a power-saving feature, it does that in spades. Users can put their computer to sleep and wake it up with a tap on a key or mouse click, as opposed to waiting for Windows to do so. In an age where instant response time is crucial, computers need quick reaction time—even if they’re sleeping. That’s where generations ahead of Windows outperform its successor.

Takes up less space on your hard drive

Part of what makes Linux distributions so appealing is their small size. This is great if you have a limited amount of hard drive space, such as on an old laptop or netbook, but not so great if you need to store your files somewhere more spacious.

Has more front facing cameras

You can take a selfie or an awesome group photo in any environment with ease. You won’t have to worry about holding your phone at just the right angle or cropping out someone important from your photo—the front facing cameras are always there for you. Another bonus of having three cameras? You can capture more of everything around you and make sure everyone is included in every shot.

11 Reasons Why 11th Generation Is Better Than Windows 10
11 Reasons Why 11th Generation Is Better Than Windows 10

Runs on a battery for 5 hours

Today’s average laptop can’t last more than 5 hours on a single charge. With an 11th generation laptop, you can keep working all day long without having to find a power outlet. In fact, it runs on an internal battery that lasts up to 5 hours! No more waiting around while your computer charges, no more searching for outlets – with an 11th generation laptop, you have total freedom and independence.

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No spyware 11 Reasons Why 11th Generation Is Better Than Windows 10

Unless you’re a top government official or criminal mastermind, chances are slim that anyone is monitoring your computer usage. And even if they were, Microsoft likely has much bigger fish to fry. So unless you’re doing something terribly illegal with your laptop (or desktop), there’s little chance that Big Brother is watching—and even less chance that he cares enough to spy on you.

More integration with Skype

Microsoft’s new operating system is pretty much like any other. It doesn’t include significant improvements, it still struggles with compatibility issues, and it doesn’t offer anything special that wasn’t offered in previous generations.

Has full compatibility with Microsoft Office 365

One of, if not THE most popular software platform on Earth. It’s compatible with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office 365 products. This means you can create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations easily without any software downloads or cloud storage needed! Some people even claim it actually makes them more productive. #dontbelievethehype?

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Easy to setup and use 11 Reasons Why 11th Generation Is Better Than Windows 10

The HP ENVY Ultrabook is a desktop PC disguised as a laptop, with ultra-fast startup times of only 7 seconds. The ultrabook boots up in less than 7 seconds and is ready to use within 14 seconds. This means that every time you switch on your computer, you have instant access to all your files, emails and media without waiting for it to load.

Has an enhanced security system (Windows Hello login feature, anyone?)

Unlike past versions of Windows, which contained a known security flaw—so much so that it was once poked fun at in an episode of The Simpsons—Microsoft has enhanced its software’s security systems to make sure your files are protected. But as Business Insider notes, you might still want to protect yourself by using a password manager.

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