I know that updating the software on your espresso HD can seem like a challenging and time-consuming process, but that’s only because it’s totally intimidating to someone who hasn’t done it before. The good news is that if you follow these easy steps, you can successfully update your espresso HD in no time at all! How to Update the Software on Your Espresso HD

Getting Ready

To update your Espresso HD, first you’ll need to connect it to a computer. As long as you have an appropriate cable—which is provided with your coffee maker—you can connect it directly via USB or through Wi-Fi if it’s connected to your network. Next, launch the software from inside its program folder (look for a shortcut in your applications directory) and follow along with prompts on-screen.

Updating the Software Firmware

Firmware refers to software that is embedded in hardware, such as laptops and espresso machines. To update your espresso’s firmware, follow these steps Plug your espresso into a power source using an AC adapter (the kind you use for charging cell phones). Do not use a USB port or other power source. The unit must be plugged into a wall outlet for updates to work properly.

How to Update the Software on Your Espresso HD
How to Update the Software on Your Espresso HD

Restarting your Machine

Sometimes, you need to restart your machine for one reason or another. For example, if you’re having trouble uploading recipes into your machine from a computer or mobile device, it may be necessary to restart it. To do so

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Resetting Your Machine

If you are having problems with your espresso machine, or if you’re just getting started with a new one, there is a process for resetting it. If you have just purchased your machine and need help using it for the first time, refer to your owner’s manual. This will guide you through everything from connecting it to WiFi, setting up an account, downloading apps and more.

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