If you love to watch your favorite YouTube videos more than once, then you’ve probably been frustrated at some point trying to find that specific video again. Luckily, there’s an incredibly easy way to save any YouTube video so that you can find it at any time in the future and watch it over and over again—no matter how many times it gets taken down! All you need is this step-by-step guide to saving your favorite Youtube videos, whether they’re music videos or how-to videos on topics that interest you! You’re Not Going to Believe How Easy It Is to Save Your Favorite Youtube Videos

Step 1: Copy the URL of the Video

First, open up Chrome and go to your browser’s settings (click on Chrome’s three dots in upper-right corner of window and select Settings). Find Show Advanced Settings at bottom of page, click Under The Hood. Select Content Settings. Scroll down until you see Save YouTube videos as MP4′′ or Save Flash Videos. Toggle it on. Click OK. Now when you save a video, it will download an MP4 file instead of a FLV file. Step 2: Download Video & Convert To MP3: Now that your browser is set up to save videos as MP4 files, all that’s left is downloading them and converting them into an audio file for easy listening.

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Step 2: Paste the URL in this Tool

You can’t download a video from YouTube, but you can copy it to your computer. That’s what Un-Youtube does—it automatically grabs any video from YouTube and saves it on your machine. And, yes, there are a number of other tools that do something similar, but we found Un-Youtube works perfectly for most sites and pages. After copying your video, you can right-click on its link and choose save as or download. That’s all there is to it!

Step 3: Click Download

When you’re on a YouTube video that you’d like to save, click Download. On a mobile device, tap save. In either case, a pop-up box will show up with several options. Make sure Video File is selected as your format and then click OK. The file type will be MP4 by default, but you can change it if necessary (e.g., if your computer doesn’t support MP4). Step 4: Navigate to where you want to save your file: The next screen allows you to navigate through different folders or drives on your computer where you can store your downloaded video file (you can also create a new folder). Click OK when done.

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Step 4: Create your Playlist in VLC Media Player

Open VLC Media Player. Click Tools and then click Playlist. Click Add File, locate your YouTube video and add it by clicking on Open. The video will now show up in your playlist. When you are done adding videos, click OK. Step 5: Export your Playlist as an MP3: Now that you have created a playlist with all of your favorite YouTube videos, it is time to export them as an MP3 so that you can listen to them anywhere. To do so, go back into VLC Media Player and select Tools > Preferences > Show Settings.

You're Not Going to Believe How Easy It Is to Save Your Favorite Youtube Videos
You’re Not Going to Believe How Easy It Is to Save Your Favorite Youtube Videos

Step 5: Import the YouTube Playlist into VLC Media Player

Once you’ve downloaded and installed VLC, use your web browser to find a YouTube playlist that you want to save. Once you’ve found a playlist that you’d like to download, right-click on any of its individual videos, select Copy video URL, then switch over to VLC Media Player and right click in an empty space. From there, select Paste video URL. You may also need to check Remember playback position. Then click Play. That’s it!

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Ready to Watch!

If you’re like most people, you love watching online videos. There’s no shortage of content on YouTube, but sometimes you don’t have time to watch a video from beginning to end. Don’t worry; there are ways around it. In fact, you can actually download any YouTube video directly from your browser and save it for future viewing. Here’s how

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