In The Anatomy of a Scandal, Nancy Farino portrays young Kate Woodcroft, then named Holly Berry. See how the actress got into character and transformed from sweet young woman to devastating seductress! Young Kate Woodcroft Finds Love in The Anatomy of a Scandal

Prologue: Meeting

Holly Berry and Nancy Farino meet for first time and immediately connect due to their similar interests, both seeming more mature than their actual ages. They date for several months before Holly receives her dream job at Georgetown University. At graduation, she breaks up with Nancy because she feels that they are too different (Nancy is studying medicine while Holly wants to pursue acting). She promises that they will always be friends.

Act I: Beginning

Holly Berry, like most young women, hopes for her future to be filled with love and romance. Living on her family’s farm, she falls deeply in love with Nancy Farino. However, there is one problem. Holly is from a prominent family and has high expectations to marry someone wealthy and well-known – Nancy is not what people would expect for her husband. Nonetheless, Holly finds herself falling madly in love with Nancy.

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Act II: Loving

Things have been great between Kate and Lenny ever since their wedding day. Their relationship has progressed from budding love to mature love, and they’re both totally in love with each other. Then she finds out about his affair. Suddenly, everything that seemed so clear is suddenly cloudy as guilt and pain cloud her judgment. It isn’t long before she starts having doubts herself as to whether or not their relationship can last.

Act III: Discovering Secrets

When Stephen reveals to his girlfriend, Holly Berry, that he wants her to be his mistress, she refuses and leaves. Seeing that she is upset, Stephen’s uncle urges him to find out what made her angry. He asks Dr. Jermyn (Holly’s boss) if he can talk with her about it when she returns from her walk. She does return, but as Nancy Farino instead of Holly Berry. She has been blackmailed into taking on another identity for two years so that no one will know she killed a man who was attempting to rape her sister.

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Act IV: Playing the Game

Young Kate and Humphrey spend much time together until he tells her that since she’s not his fiance, they must behave themselves. She agrees but later kisses him at a party when no one is watching. Afterward, their affair is discovered by many and they are brought before society to see if they will be forgiven or cast out. Despite Humphrey claiming that he loved Kate all along, she turns on him and says that she only wanted revenge against Sir Harry for breaking off their engagement years earlier.

Epilogue: Falling Apart

Kate’s fate is revealed in film’s final moments. How much do you remember about Anatomy of a Scandal? Take our quiz and find out! Scandals can ruin lives, but they also make for riveting drama on screen. Which scandalous movie was inspired by an infamous British court case from 1951? That would be Anatomy of a Scandal, starring James McAvoy as defense attorney Rupert Lawler and Gillian Anderson as his main adversary, prosecutor Martha Costello.

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