If you’re in charge of communicating with clients, colleagues, or friends on WhatsApp, your business or social life can be much easier if you don’t have to keep checking your phone all the time. The good news is that using the WhatsApp API and Apps Script, you can now send messages from Google Sheets directly to any WhatsApp user without even opening up your phone. We’ll show you how to do this step-by-step! You Can Now Send WhatsApp Messages from Google Sheets with the WhatsApp API and Apps Script

5 Steps To Follow

First, connect to your spreadsheet via a script in Apps Script. Then create a list that contains all of your contacts. Finally, you’ll add a few code lines in order to send an invite via WhatsApp message to that entire list. Remember, you won’t be able to use spreadsheets for creating groups or using other WhatsApp features at first, but you will be able to send individual messages just like before.

Get The Right Tools

If you want to be able to send WhatsApp messages from a spreadsheet, you’ll need to have some basic knowledge of scripting. Luckily, it’s easy to write scripts for Google Apps. To get started, you’ll need a program like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets (which is available online). You can also write your scripts in another tool such as Notepad (if you’re going old school) or a text editor like Sublime Text. With that out of the way, let’s talk about what we’ll be doing here. We’ll walk through how it works at a high level first and then dig into each step in more detail below. In order to send messages via an app script

You Can Now Send WhatsApp Messages from Google Sheets with the WhatsApp API and Apps Script
You Can Now Send WhatsApp Messages from Google Sheets with the WhatsApp API and Apps Script

Set Up A Chatbot in Apps Script

Chatbots have become extremely popular recently, especially in customer service. Setting up a chatbot for your company is much easier than you think, even if you’re not a programmer yourself. You can use Google’s Apps Script platform to create a simple but fully functional bot in just a few minutes. First, start by creating a new script. Click on create new script, then name it and choose an editor (we recommend Atom). The code that you need to write is available right here on GitHub under lib/apps-script-webhooks-chatbot folder. Just copy paste all of it into your script window at once – don’t worry, nothing will break!

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Connect The Spreadsheet To Google Sheets

Before you can do anything, you need to get your Google Sheet connected to WhatsApp. To do that, open your newly created spreadsheet in Drive then click on Tools > Script Gallery. Type WhatsApp into the search box then click on WhatsApp Webhooks once it appears. Once you see it, click on copy script.

Start Adding Bots To Your Sheet

You’re probably familiar with apps like IFTTT (If This Then That) that let you create powerful recipes based on triggers or inputs. Those same capabilities now exist in your own spreadsheet, thanks to a new feature from Google called bots. Bots are simple JavaScript functions that live in your spreadsheets and can listen for things like cell changes or clicks, then take action by sending messages, creating tasks, updating values, making HTTP requests and more. Let’s walk through how to get started using them!

Check The Results!

To see your sent messages, open up your WhatsApp app, go to ‘Chats’, then select ‘History’. You should see a message from yourself. If you want to test whether you can send a file, create an empty text message in another sheet in your spreadsheet. The next time you run Auto-Message for WhatsApp, there will be a new column for testing data files. Enter something like testme into that cell and it should appear as a file in your Sent folder after sending. (Optional) If everything is working correctly, go back to Step 4 above to save these changes so they persist each time you send messages!

What is the WhatsApp API?

The WhatsApp Business Messaging API lets you compose and send messages via a WhatsApp connection. With a few lines of code, you can send business messages to your customers. This is useful if your company wants to use its CRM system (for example) to let clients know about sales or upcoming events. The idea here is that businesses can integrate their systems with each other; this makes them more efficient and reduces costs in return. For example, if two businesses work together, one might be able to handle all of the customer service duties while letting another focus on just making products. It’s a win-win for both sides – especially when it comes to using an app like WhatsApp for marketing purposes!

You Can Now Send WhatsApp Messages from Google Sheets with the WhatsApp API and Apps Script
You Can Now Send WhatsApp Messages from Google Sheets with the WhatsApp API and Apps Script

The Steps Involved in Sending WhatsApp Messages From Google Sheets

To send a message to a contact, you’ll need to use two different tools, both of which are included in Google Drive. The first is Apps Script, which is used to build an app that uses WhatsApp Web. This tool allows you to set up an application that can connect to your WhatsApp account. The second is an App created using Chrome’s development tools that lets you input a phone number and then automatically sends a message via apps script using your credentials once it’s ready for action.

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Why This Works

When you think of using apps to automate work, you might imagine a complex process of coding your own scripts. But that’s not always necessary—often, there are existing tools for automating what you need. WhatsApp is a great example: developers have created an app called Apps Script Message Handler that allows us to send and receive messages through Gmail. It’s free, it’s simple to set up (even if you don’t know how to code), and it works like a charm.

Alternatives to this Method

Use IFTTT to send a direct message via WhatsApp, or use Zapier to have your spreadsheet (or other web app) trigger an event that sends a direct message via WhatsApp. If you don’t know what those things are, then read on! This method is intended for people who want to be able to send messages from their spreadsheets (or other web apps) and want to avoid making all of their work public. This is also a great way for power users to get creative with automating tasks in their spreadsheets. See how easy it is?

How do I integrate WhatsApp API with Google Sheets?

You can integrate WhatsApp with Google Sheets using an Apps Script script. In short, you need to use a third-party add-on called WhatsApp Business Bot. You will also need to configure your own consumer key, consumer secret, and user key in order to connect your app. Once that is complete, simply follow these steps

How can I connect a WhatsApp API with Google forms or Google Sheets?

This can be done using an Apps Script. This software is provided by Google for developers who are creating new applications for use on its various platforms, which include Android, iOS, Web apps, Chrome extensions and much more. The platform itself is incredibly powerful as it allows people to create applications without any code or tech knowledge whatsoever. What’s more, is that it’s integrated directly into all of Google’s various platforms so users can quickly build something great without having to worry about building a separate service that users need to download or manage. It takes care of everything for you but still allows full access to all of your data too.

Can you use APIs with Google Sheets?

It may surprise you to learn that yes, you can use APIs with Google spreadsheets. With a new tool called App Scripts, there’s no programming required. If you don’t know what an API is, it stands for Application Programming Interface. These tools are basically a way to interface one application or service with another; in our case, we’re connecting Google Sheets (our spreadsheet) to WhatsApp (our messaging app). There are plenty of other cool ways you can use APIs and App Scripts together—for example, setting up a Gmail email address which automatically adds every single incoming email as a row in your spreadsheet.

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Can I share Google sheet on WhatsApp?

Yes, you can share a link of your Google sheet to your contacts through WhatsApp. It will automatically convert into an image which can be shared on Whatsapp. You can use apps script to make it work. Here are some steps to send whatsapp messages from google sheets

You Can Now Send WhatsApp Messages from Google Sheets with the WhatsApp API and Apps Script
You Can Now Send WhatsApp Messages from Google Sheets with the WhatsApp API and Apps Script

How can I get a free WhatsApp API?

In order to use their WhatsApp API, you’ll need a valid Client ID. The good news is that you can register for a free one. Once registered, generate an application secret and upload it to your project in Google Developers Console. You can then choose one of three ways to authenticate calls made using your application: through Basic authentication (user name/password), OAuth 2.0 or App password authentication (app-only password). Whichever way you go about it, you’ll still need your client_id . For more information on how to authenticate call requests made by applications, please check out WhatsApp’s documentation .

How do you send Google Excel to WhatsApp?

1. Connect your WhatsApp account to Google Sheets using a Google apps script. 2. Create an interactive form that is sent as a link in a new WhatsApp message 3. Your chatbot can run on its own, or, if you have employees who are not all Slack users, it could be useful for scheduling messages during work hours. See below for steps on how to get started!

How do I link WhatsApp to Google form?

When using Google Forms, you can embed certain services into your forms to make them more interactive. When you embed a service, users can complete actions directly on your form without having to leave it. In addition to embedded services, users can also send messages to WhatsApp users via your form. When a user clicks Send Message in Google Forms they will be prompted by an inline message box within Gmail or Drive (whichever is being used by that individual) to write their message as an email that can then be forwarded on to another user. If any user receiving a link to these messages in their inbox clicks on it, they will be taken directly back into your form where they started; where they have access once again via embedded services like YouTube videos and external links.

How can I send free SMS from Google Sheets?

You’re a small business owner, but your customers expect 24/7 customer service. You also want to avoid fees like those charged by Twilio or Plivo. There’s an easy solution: use WhatsApp Web to send messages right from your Google Sheet! Using a few simple formulas, you can insert strings in your sheet that will automatically translate into proper WhatsApp Web commands and send messages to any phone number—completely free of charge. All it takes is setting up some automated scripts in Google Apps Script and tracking down some phone numbers. Let me show you how.

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