Are you curious about the new changes in the Windows 11 2022 update for File Explorer? Well, this is the blog that will help you understand everything you need to know! In this blog, we’ll explore the new Refresh quick links feature, General changes, quick access to files and folders, drag and drop, new ribbon toolbar, and more. So come on in and start learning about all the new features of the Windows 11 2022 update for File Explorer! Windows 11 2022 Update: File Explorer Changes – What’s New

Refresh quick links in File Explorer

File Explorer is one of the most used features on Windows, and this update makes it even better. One of the new features is the ability to refresh quick links, which makes it easy to access your files quickly. You can also search for files by name or category, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. Additionally, the File Explorer has been improved with new features such as drag-and-drop file sharing and file previewing in file explorer windows. So be sure to update your File Explorer and enjoy the new features!

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General changes in File Explorer

The Windows 11 2022 Update is a major update that will improve your workflow. Among the many changes, you’ll see a redesigned interface in File Explorer. This will make it easier to navigate and manage files. In addition, there are new features that allow you to manage files more easily. For example, you can see more files at once and make better use of your screen space. The update also brings general changes to File Explorer, including a redesigned interface. So, if you’re looking for a smoother and more efficient file explorer, the Windows 11 2022 Update is the update for you!

Windows 11 2022 Update: File Explorer Changes - What's New
Windows 11 2022 Update: File Explorer Changes – What’s New

Quick access to frequently used files and folders

Windows 11 2022 Update is a major update that has been long awaited by users of the operating system. With this update, File Explorer has been completely redesigned and improved. You’ll be able to open files and folders with a single click, making your job faster and more efficient. The new File Explorer will also make it easier to access frequently used files and folders. Additionally, there’s a new search feature that will help you find what you’re looking for quickly. So, are you ready to update to Windows 11 2022 Update?

Drag and Drop in File Explorer

Are you looking for a new file explorer feature? Look no further than drag and drop! This feature makes it easier to move files between folders, work with multiple files at once, and more intuitive overall. If you’re currently using an older version of File Explorer, you’ll need to upgrade in order to take advantage of this new functionality. The Windows 11 2022 update introduces drag and drop in File Explorer. This means that you can now drag and drop files between desktops and laptops running the latest version of File Explorer. So start upgrading your PC today and start enjoying the new file explorer feature!

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New ribbon toolbar in File Explorer

Windows 10 October 2018 update brings new file explorer with a ribbon toolbar. This new file explorer includes shortcuts to commonly used features, such as viewing files and folders, copying files and folders, and creating new folders. You can customize the toolbar to suit your needs by adding or removing buttons. Additionally, the new file explorer supports file versioning, so you can see the changes that have been made to files since they were last saved.

Pin folders to the taskbar

File explorer has undergone some major changes with the Windows 11 2022 update, and one of the new features is the new “New Folder” option. This makes it super easy to create new folders, and you can also pin folders to the taskbar for quick access. The “Computer” tab has also been redesigned with more options for file navigation and management. For example, you can now access file history and recent files, and file sharing has been improved. So whatever file management needs you have, File explorer can help you take care of them.

Windows 11 2022 Update: File Explorer Changes - What's New
Windows 11 2022 Update: File Explorer Changes – What’s New

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the new features in the Windows 11 2022 Update for File Explorer?

One of the new features in the Windows 11 2022 update for File Explorer is that it now supports drag and drop. This allows you to easily move files and folders between your computer and other devices, like your phone or laptop. Additionally, the new user interface makes file explorer more intuitive to use, especially when working with large files and folders.

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What are the best ways to organize my files in File Explorer?

To make sure that everything is easily accessible on one screen, try using “view tabs”. This allows you to see different file windows as tabbed windows and open multiple file windows at the same time. To keep things neat and tidy, you can group similar files together by category, like photos, documents, music etc. You can also use folders to organize your files more efficiently. For example, you might create folders for your work files, personal files, photos, etc. Another way to organize your files in File Explorer is through slideshows. This is a great way to see all of your files in one place and preview how each file will look before you save it.

How can I disable or hide certain features in File Explorer?

One way to make your computer run more smoothly and faster is by hiding or disabling certain features in File Explorer. To disable a feature in File Explorer, right click on it and select Properties. You can hide files and folders, change the view settings, disable windows updates notifications, control app installation from File Explorer….the list goes on!

Is it possible to export my file contents as a compressed ZIP file?

Yes, it’s possible to export your file contents as a compressed ZIP file with the Windows 11 2022 Update. How to do it? 1. Open File Explorer by clicking on “Start” and typing in “File Explorer” in the search box. 2. Once File Explorer loads, click on “History” in the menu bar (left side) and select “Export As…” from the dropdown menu. 3. From the Export As menu, select “ZIP” and type in a descriptive name for your ZIP file. 4. Click on Save and your file contents will be exported as a compressed ZIP file.


With the Windows 11 2022 update, file explorer has undergone some major changes that will improve your work experience. Refresh quick links to access files and folders you use frequently, new ribbon toolbar features for quick access to file navigation, and more! Keep an eye out for future blog posts on file explorer updates to get the full scoop. In the meantime, happy file explorer navigation!

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