At the beginning of Bridgerton, you see Will Mondrich (Martins Imhangbe) owner of The Gentleman’s Club with his two lovely girls by his side as he entertains some gentlemen and women of the Ton at his club where they were celebrating the birthday of Lady Mary Connelly, who just happens to be the mother of Olivia Carr-Ellis, the soon to be Duchess of Hastings in the very near future. So what does this have to do with Bridgerton? Will Mondrich – The Gentleman’s Club Owner from Bridgerton

Background of character

Martins Imhangbe is best known for his role as Ben on a UK show called Skins. His character was one of my favorites in that series. He plays Will Mondich, owner of The Gentleman’s Club, in season 2 of Dan + Nora. He’s such a fun character to watch, but also very complex. There are multiple layers to Will and what he does when he’s not running his club. As I watched more episodes of season 2, I found myself liking him more and more!

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Career history

Martins Imhangbe is a rising star in both Canada and South Africa. Imhangbe’s international career includes credits on NCIS: New Orleans, Stitchers, Person of Interest and his Canadian television roles include Orphan Black, Blackstone, Cardinal, Bomb Girls and more. He is also a classically trained actor who has worked with many theatre companies including Soulpepper and Stratford Festival.

Will Mondrich - The Gentlemans Club Owner from Bridgerton
Will Mondrich – The Gentleman’s Club Owner from Bridgerton

Character bio

Known for his success in boxing and his fondness for scotch, Will Mondrich seems to have it all. But that doesn’t mean he’s happy. With a sad past and even sadder present, Will seeks comfort in companionship—and he finds that at Miss Thornton’s Gentlemen’s Club. Though not every gentleman feels comfortable stepping into a house of ill repute, Will has no qualms about holding court over brandy and cigars with some of London’s most powerful men.

Character developments in books written by author Julia Quinn

In Julia Quinn’s sixth novel, A Lady By Midnight, Will Mondrich is an elite gentleman who owns a high-class club that caters to all sorts of debauchery. What makes him so different from most people? For one thing, he’s incredibly kindhearted and patient—he took in a crippled girl who used to work for him and her family when they had no place else to go. Will was never married because he wanted a wife like no other: She would be ladylike, classy, sweet…all qualities he knows don’t exist within himself; he was never with a woman his whole life because how could someone like him deserve such sweetness?

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Who is Will Mondrich in Bridgerton?

Will Mondrich, age 51 and owner of a gentleman’s club called White’s, has been described as handsome with a strong jaw line. He has an athletic build and is popular with women but also intimidating to men. Martins Imhangbe first appeared on Bridgerton in 2015 as Will Morton, an ex-boxer who later becomes involved in a personal relationship with Lady Edith Trenton. In season 2 of Bridgerton (2016), he played Will Milton aka Will Mondrich.

What is Will Mondrich real name?

William James Martin, real name is Will, who is he? Will describes his early years growing up in New York, and then moves on to describe what happened when he decided to become a lawyer. He was good at law and convinced himself that he was meant for bigger things in life. However, it became apparent that someone with his skill set could make an even better living working for wealthy clients and doing whatever they said. He entered into politics as a young man to get closer to those kinds of people.

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Who is the black boxer in Bridgerton?

Will is played by Martins Imhangbe in season 2 and he plays a recurring role in season 1. He’s a retired boxer and confidant of Lord Hastings, along with being his best friend.

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