Tablet mode in Google Chrome comes with many unintended consequences that can make using your computer more difficult and frustrating than it needs to be. If you’re using a laptop or desktop computer, tablet mode probably doesn’t need to be enabled; there are settings you can change in Google Chrome that will make the browser more laptop-friendly without switching to tablet mode. After all, why use this feature if it makes things harder? If you’re ready to stop using tablet mode, here’s how to disable it in Google Chrome. Why You Should Disable Tablet Mode in Google Chrome

Turning Off Tablet Mode
One of Chrome’s hidden gems is its tablet mode, which changes how things look on large displays. However, if you don’t have a large display and keep accidentally turning on tablet mode when using your laptop, it might be worth disabling. Here’s how: Click View (or press Alt+V) > Scale and layout. In that tab, you can select your preferred setting to turn off tablet mode.

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The Problem with Tablet Mode
Unfortunately, tablet mode isn’t all sunshine and roses. It can cause issues with screen sharing and other tools that rely on having a browser window open to function properly. Plus, it doesn’t take long for your Google Chrome browser to lose its shape when you’re using it in tablet mode.

Some are Not Happy With the New UI
There has been a lot of backlash from users over the new update, with many expressing dissatisfaction on how it reverts back to a tablet UI after using it in desktop mode. Disabling tablet mode will give you all of your toolbar options and allow you to browse more efficiently than ever before. Here’s how to do it

The Background on this Update
As it stands, tablet mode is still a feature that’s pretty limited and underutilized. When enabled, it doesn’t take up any more screen real estate than normal Chrome. At its most basic level, tablet mode makes it easier to use sites that have been optimized for mobile viewing. When enabled, you can turn your PC into a big phone or a smaller laptop by running apps from your taskbar like Facebook Messenger or Slack.

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And here’s how you disable it
In your Chrome browser, type chrome://flags into your address bar. Then you can browse through all of Google’s experimental features. Look for Enable tablet mode UI flags and disable it by clicking on it once and then restarting Chrome. That’s it! You should now notice that that over-large UI will no longer pop up when you start browsing with a tablet device or mobile phone.

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