Most people change their Facebook profile photo to match their Twitter profile pic on a regular basis, but it can be a big hassle to do so manually. Here’s an easy way to automatically change your Twitter pic whenever you update your Facebook photo, so that all your social media profiles match! Why You Should Automatically Change Your Twitter Profile Pic When You Update Your Facebook Photo

Not everyone uses social media

The whole point of social media is to connect with people. If you’re on a network and no one’s there, it doesn’t matter how many times you update your profile pic; there’s no one to see it. What if some of your friends don’t use Twitter? Wouldn’t they be surprised to see a different pic than what they were expecting when they visit your profile? And why stop at just Twitter? Why not also change your profile pic on other networks like LinkedIn or Google+? The possibilities are endless!

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Many people want consistency with their social media accounts

after all, you want your followers and fans to be able to recognize you when they come across your posts. While there are great tools for automatically updating your Facebook cover photo with a picture from one of your galleries, very few allow you to change your Twitter profile pic with an update from another account. However, there’s a way that you can make it happen easily. Follow these simple steps: Some may wonder why anyone would want their Twitter pic to match their Facebook cover photo. There are several reasons why having them in sync is important: 1) To help people recognize you – People who follow both accounts will likely realize it’s you if your face matches between both sites, especially if you already have a substantial number of followers on either site.

People don’t need to see the same pics on multiple social networks

What if you could update your Facebook profile picture on your smartphone and have it automatically change your Twitter profile pic? Or what if you updated your Twitter profile pic on a computer, and that same photo would automatically appear on all of your other social media profiles? For example, why should people need to see their friend’s photos that they’ve uploaded to Instagram twice: once on Facebook and again on Instagram? Wouldn’t it be better if users just saw their friends’ updates only once – wherever they posted them first?

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It’s so easy, it will take you about 20 minutes

1) Log into Twitter and head to your profile page, 2) Click on settings, 3) Click on Change photo. 4) Enter your password, hit submit. Voilà! Your profile pic is updated with a fresh new you. Sweet! Now let’s make it automatic. Step 1: Go back to your profile page and click on ‘edit profile’ in the top right corner of your screen. Step 2: Scroll down until you see ‘auto-update’, click edit next to that line. Step 3: Hit save changes at bottom of form (you might have to scroll down). Congratulations! Now every time you change your Facebook picture, it will automatically update on Twitter too!

Why You Should Automatically Change Your Twitter Profile Pic When You Update Your Facebook Photo
Why You Should Automatically Change Your Twitter Profile Pic When You Update Your Facebook Photo

Important information

According to a recent study, only 20% of people have their social media accounts linked. This poses a problem for those who wish to use these accounts simultaneously. Luckily, there are some simple ways to tie your social media profiles together and create one seamless online identity. Here’s how you can change your twitter profile pic when you update your facebook photo or any other linked social account . 2: Set up a schedule for your tweets: One common complaint about automatic updates is that they take away from spontaneity. The best way to avoid sounding like an automated bot is by posting scheduled updates at regular intervals throughout each day. Posting more than three tweets in an hour might seem desperate (or spammy) but no more than two tweets per hour should be enough time to maintain your presence on multiple networks without seeming overeager.

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If you use Facebook, Twitter, and several other social networks, you have to admit that it’s annoying to update your profile picture on all of them when you change it on one platform. While there are some apps that will sync your photo across multiple platforms, most don’t work as well as they could, or as well as you would like them to. Fortunately, with just a few lines of code and the use of IFTTT, you can set up a service that will automatically update your Twitter profile picture each time you update your Facebook profile picture-no matter what the picture is!

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