If you follow the TV series Virgin River, chances are you’re already aware of how talented actress Sarah Dugdale is. In fact, she’s one of the main reasons why this show continues to be so successful and well-received by critics and fans alike. Not only does she play one of the main characters, but her onscreen chemistry with others has set new standards in the small screen world and has changed how writers write their characters going forward. Why Virgin River’s Sarah Dugdale Is the Show’s Secret Weapon

5 Things to Know About TV Star Sarah Dugdale

In 2019, Canadian actress Sarah Dugdale joined the cast of TV series Virgin River as Lizzie, a troublemaking teen from Los Angeles. She was born on June 21, 1995 and is 25 years old. Here are five things to know about her:

1) Her breakout role was in Disney Channel’s Life Size 2 in 2017.

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2) She won a Leo Award for Best Supporting Actress (Television Series) for her work in CBC’s In the Shadow of the Moon.

3) When she was younger, she appeared in some episodes of Queer As Folk, which aired on Showtime. 4) You can follow her on Twitter @Saradugdale.

5) If you love her work on TV, she also has a few movies in theaters. Death of a Cheerleader was released in 2019 and stars Sarah alongside Oscar nominee Olivia Cooke (Bates Motel) and Tom Payne from The Walking Dead.

Why Virgin River’s Sarah Dugdale Is the Show’s Secret Weapon

She also appeared in In The Shadow of The Moon, which was released in February.

How Her Character’s Journey Started On The Show

In season one, Lizzie was introduced as a typical LA girl who had come to Virgin River in search of her estranged father. She and her mother were living off of Lizzie’s earnings at the bar, which made it difficult for Lizzie to make any progress on finding him. Her mother eventually left town without telling her daughter where she was going, but before she did, she made Lizzie promise to stay put and wait for her return.

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8 Questions We Have About Virgin River After Episode 4

1. What is Lizzie up to this season?

2. Does Lizzie ever end up with a love interest?

3. What are some of her best lines in season 3 so far?

4. What will happen to Lizzie at the end of season 3?

5. Does she have any special skills we should know about?

6. How does she fit into Connie’s life and business plans for the future?

7. When did Sarah Dugdale start playing Lizzie on TV?

8. Who would you want to play Lizzie if there was another series or movie of Virgin River, based on what you’ve seen from her so far?

5 Ways The Cast Has Grown Up Since The First Season

The cast of Virgin River has grown up a lot since the first season. Here are five ways they’ve all changed since their debut.

1) Lizzie is now played by Canadian actress and model Sarah Dugdale, who replaced Maika Monroe in Season 2.

2) Connie is played by Australian actress Melissa Tkautz, who replaced Joanne Kelly in Season 1 after she left to pursue a modeling career.

3) Although he had only a small role in Season 1, Billy was recast with Australian actor and singer Luke Hemsworth for Seasons 3-5.

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4) Mac sold his bar to brother Rick (Scott Wolf), who has taken over as its new owner.

5) Karen is still portrayed by Elizabeth Bogush (in seasons 3-present).

Why Virgin River's Sarah Dugdale Is the Show's Secret Weapon
Why Virgin River’s Sarah Dugdale Is the Show’s Secret Weapon

What nationality is Sarah Dugdale?

Canadian actress and model, Sarah Dugdale was born on June 21, 1995 in Canada. She is best known for her role as Lizzie on TV series, Virgin River. Before she made it to Hollywood, she worked as a production assistant in a Toronto-based film company.

What else has Sarah Dugdale been in?

Sarah Dugdale has been acting since she was eight years old. Some of her film credits include In the Shadow of the Moon and Death of a Cheerleader. She also had a recurring role on The CW show, Life Sentence.

Why is Lizzie in Virgin River?

Lizzie is a troublemaker from L.A. who has been trying to make a name for herself in the acting industry but, after being kicked out of her home and losing her job, she becomes homeless and seeks refuge at her aunt Connie’s home. Though she is initially just looking for somewhere to stay, Lizzie finds herself drawn into a new life in small town Virgin River where she meets people who show her that there are better ways to live than just chasing fame and fortune.

Why Virgin River’s Sarah Dugdale Is the Show’s Secret Weapon

What movies is Sarah Dugdale in?

Sarah has starred in many films and TV shows including Death of a Cheerleader, In the Shadow of the Moon, and Virgin River. She is also known for her portrayal of Lizzie on season 2-present.

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