On April 2, 2019, Google released the new Gmail design on all users, ushering in changes that have left many users frustrated and angry, as well as some confusion about how to revert back to the classic version of Gmail. This article will cover how to restore the classic Gmail layout and why Google made these changes in the first place. Why the new Gmail update has a lot of people feeling frustrated Why the new Gmail update has a lot of people feeling frustrated

How to switch back
Open Gmail. In Settings, go to Themes. Select Classic from the options provided. Once it loads, click Save. That’s it! You should now be back in your old-school Gmail experience—one that isn’t cluttered with so many modern bells and whistles.

How to make Gmail look like it used to
The updated interface includes modern design elements that can help you find your emails faster. Here’s how to make it look more like classic Gmail: On a computer, click Menu . Click Settings . Under General, turn off Default to compact view . Turn on Enable inline previews . To turn on single-line conversation view, check Show as conversations and select Compact from drop-down menu. Restart your browser.

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How I made Gmail feel like home again
Today I’m back with my top tips to help you bring back classic Gmail. Let’s get started.

What do you think about the latest updates?
If you’re not a fan of how your inbox looks now, there are some simple ways to revert back to classic Gmail. Although Google says they want their users to enjoy Inbox features like snoozing, filters and reminders, many don’t appreciate their need to take up space in their inbox. Fortunately, it is possible to go back by following these steps

Why the new Gmail update has a lot of people feeling frustrated
Why the new Gmail update has a lot of people feeling frustrated

How do you keep things organized?
As simple as it sounds, you need to set up your inbox in such a way that you can see what’s coming in, where it is and how it fits into your priorities. You should have an idea in mind of what types of emails deserve top priority and what shouldn’t make its way past your junk folder.

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