After the end of Boys Over Flowers, South Korean television was searching for its next big hit until the smash hit Our Blues was released in 2017 by tvN (formerly known as NTV). With only its first episode, Our Blues became one of the most talked about dramas of this year, and there are many reasons why it gained so much attention. If you’re still on the fence about watching it or not, then this article will help you find out what makes Our Blues so special and worth your time. Why Our Blues is the Korean Drama We’re All Talking About

Our Blues Official Trailer NETFLIX

Available worldwide on August 21, 2019 KBS2: Premieres Wednesdays & Thursdays every Wednesday & Thursday at 21:55 (KST) Blue series trailer releases images of a sad love triangle Yoo Jung (Lee Byung-hun), Pyo Na Ri (Shin Min-A) and Gook Doo Joon (Chae Seung-won). It is an emotion drama about youth between 1990 and 2000, who form an unexpected love triangle with Taek Jae-gi (Lee Jung Eun). Lee Byung Hun has already worked in several projects since his debut. But he has now become a top star by appearing in hit dramas such as Ruler Of Your Own World, The King 2 Hearts, Last Scandal and Radiant Office.

A Quick Overview

In a near-future world where elites have implanted microchips in their children for security and identity management, three estranged sisters are forced to reconnect when one of them suddenly disappears. The story shifts between past and present to reveal how these three women were once a close-knit family but were torn apart by betrayal. As they come together in search of their missing sister, they also discover other shocking revelations about themselves, their country and its society. The mystery builds steadily as we learn more about how technological developments—and interhuman relationships—have created a deeply divided society in which almost everyone has something to hide. Amidst all these plot twists, however, it’s clear that not all is what it seems: just who is manipulating whom?

How it Stands Out From Other Dramas

The drama, which first premiered in 2014, focuses on individuals who can be considered atypical in their own way. For example, Kim Joo-ri’s (Shin Min-ah) character was born with her twin inside of her; a condition known as parasitic twin syndrome.

Why Our Blues is the Korean Drama Were All Talking About
Why Our Blues is the Korean Drama We’re All Talking About

Not only that, but Lee Jung-eun’s character accidentally killed someone while trying to kill herself and Cha Seung-won plays someone who suffers from a hereditary disease called mucopolysaccharidosis type II. What makes it all come together so wonderfully though is how relatable these characters are. There is something about each one of them that makes you understand where they are coming from and why they act how they do.

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What Makes This Different From the Rest?

When it comes to K-dramas, there are plenty of fans out there. But they all have their own favorites—so what makes Our Blues different? The most obvious answer is Lee Byung-hun. The actor gained international attention with his role in I Saw The Devil, which many critics agree was one of his best performances ever. He also starred in 2015’s hit movie Inside Men, an action thriller that made over 6 billion won at box offices. He’s considered a versatile actor who can tackle any role and has a wide fan base both here and abroad.

Details You Should Know

If you like a good whodunit or revenge-driven drama, then Our Blues is for you. In Season 1, Lee Byung-hun stars as Kim Hyun Joon, a detective whose wife gets murdered by an infamous serial killer and his psychopathic older brother. A year later, with help from an autopsy photographer (Shin Min-A), he searches for clues about his wife’s murder. Set in Shanghai, China and South Korea, we have crime-solving mixed with tension and suspense. You won’t be able to stop yourself from wanting to solve both murders! Our Blues has recently been renewed for Season 2! So now’s your chance to catch up on all of Season 1 episodes on Netflix or via Viki!

Behind The Scenes And Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

#1 —It was a great deal for everyone involved. Lee Byung-hun, who plays Lee Kang-baek, had just come off of his controversial and highly publicized gambling scandal, which resulted in him having to issue a formal apology. Because of all that drama with Lee, many thought he would never be able to make another comeback. But because his character basically dies at the end of episode 1 (then comes back to life right before finishing it), there was no way they could have him appear on camera every week so viewers wouldn’t realize it wasn’t really him playing his own role.

Why Our Blues is the Korean Drama Were All Talking About
Why Our Blues is the Korean Drama We’re All Talking About

What’s so special about this drama?

It’s a drama that manages to capture both comedy and drama in a memorable way. The main characters all have their own quirks, which makes it easy for viewers to love them. And of course, it doesn’t hurt that there are plenty of cute moments and scenery shots as well. The three main characters have each been through different experiences, but together they grow as friends with help from one another—which we love to see unfold on our screens. The diversity of character is important, and Shin Min-A’s role as an overworked leader, who wants more out of life while Lee Byung-hun plays someone who avoids serious relationships because he has abandonment issues is a classic combination we’ve seen before but works so well here due to these actors’ performance.

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The Storyline

Writer Kim Sung-kyung, about to get married, suddenly realizes she’s in love with another man. Cha Seung-won plays Na Do-hyun, a former singer who quits show business and starts over as a family doctor after suffering a heartbreak of his own. Lee Byung-hun plays Goo Yong-ha, an aimless playboy whose life changes after meeting Yoo Jung (Shin Min-bok), a half Vietnamese woman who yearns to be adopted by Koreans. These three leads come together in Our Blues — a love story that soars like music and sings like poetry.

The Cast

According to Nielsen Korea, Our Blues has been receiving ratings of 12.9 percent during its first two episodes in Seoul—and it’s already one of TV’s highest-rated Korean dramas of 2017. So, why all the fuss? Why are we so head over heels for Cha Seung-won, Shin Min-ah and Lee Byung-hun in a drama that centers around investigating corruption within a large corporation? It’s because while you might expect such a high-concept series to be filled with intense melodrama or political intrigue, Our Blue Skies keeps things incredibly relatable—and down to earth. The story focuses on an understated romance between a fresh young graduate from Stanford and her corporate superior at KGI Securities.

The Music

The soundtrack for each episode of Our Blues was personally chosen by Cha Seung-won. It’s a surprise that more dramas don’t do something similar, considering how much music impacts our mood and feelings. The first time I watched a scene from Our Blues, I didn’t even recognize it as one of my favorite songs because of how perfectly they had it set to fit with that specific scene in the drama. Whether you love or hate K-dramas, check out their OSTs—they’re all good. For example, here’s one of my favorites: Roller Coaster by Kim Jin Woo & The East Light ft. C Jamm (ft.

Why Our Blues is the Korean Drama Were All Talking About
Why Our Blues is the Korean Drama We’re All Talking About

The Ratings

According to Nielsen Korea, episode 2 of Our Blues pulled in 3.2% and was watched by 3.8 million viewers, making it currently one of KBS2’s most-watched dramas ever.

What is Our Blues kdrama about?

Our Blues is a romance, drama television series set in Seoul, South Korea. It aired on tvN from November 15, 2015 to January 16, 2016 for 16 episodes. It stars Lee Byung-hun and Shin Min-ah. Two people of different backgrounds and characteristics fall in love with each other. The story takes place at a law firm named Shim Ji An Law Firm (심지안 법률팀). It tells us how they develop their relationship with each other through hard work and love.

Is Our Blues in Netflix?

YES.  At 20 episodes, it’s a lot of drama to binge-watch but with interwoven story arcs, complex characters and an engaging storyline, you might find yourself sticking around for more. With incredible acting performances and thoughtful writing, if you’re a fan of K-dramas and want to get your fix in a short amount of time—and love suspenseful stories—this one just might be your new go-to series. Add it to your queue now! You can thank us later.

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How many episodes are there in Our Blues Kdrama?

60 Episodes, every Monday and Tuesday at 9:50 pm (KST) on JTBC. The story of Our Blues begins with a man named Park Do-joon who has had a hard time getting over his first love in his past life. He meets Yoo Jung for the first time as an adult after being reborn and becomes her guardian angel to protect her from harm. The drama will show how they fall in love with each other again in their current lives despite having already met before. Their relationship starts off rocky because of their complicated feelings for each other in their past lives which makes it difficult for them to open up to one another but as they start spending more time together, they become closer than ever before.

Where can I watch Our Blues Korean drama?

Our Blues is currently airing on Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS). The drama airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:00 (KST) with episodes 7 minutes in length. Our Blues will be taking over Where Stars Land time slot. So far, it doesn’t have a confirmed scheduled for its finale, but we can expect it to be around November 2018 or February 2019. It airs in Asia on Viki! and internationally on Netflix. Outside of South Korea, it will air in Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Indonesia soon. Check out SBS website for more information about air times outside of South Korea.

Is Our Blues a romance?

In a word, yes. It’s romance (or rather, romantic comedies) that fill our screens here in Korea and Our Blues focuses on that. But what makes it really special is its twist on your typical boy-meets-girl story line. While there are many scenes that play out your basic boy-likes-girl scenario, these scenes are actually secondary to more relevant plot points such as a female protagonist that doesn’t rely on love to save her. Oh Ji Seok (Lee Byung Hun) and Eun Bong Hee (Shin Min Ah) both carry emotional wounds from their past and instead of looking for love to solve those wounds, they work hard at bettering themselves with or without anyone by their side.

Is Shin Min-Ah married?

In a July 2015 interview with a South Korean magazine, Min-ah revealed that she was dating after being single for a long time. I dated very much in my teens and twenties, but I haven’t been in a relationship since I turned 30, she said. To be honest, it’s not that I’ve never been asked out since then. The timing wasn’t right, so those relationships didn’t work out. She added, But I am dating someone now. She did not confirm whether her boyfriend was fellow actor Lee Jin-wook or another individual.[7] On February 15, 2016 (KST), Min-ah confirmed that she and Lee Jin-wook have broken up.

Who said they want our rhythm but not our blues?

In an age where reality shows reign supreme, many critics of Korean dramas claim that most Korean dramas are forgettable and that Korean drama series would never stand out. However, recent show Our blues (Urideurui Beulluseu) is one of those rare gems that not only surprises viewers with its realistic story line but also leaves them with a bittersweet feeling of coming home. The K-drama has received positive feedbacks from both local and international viewers and ratings have been on par to other popular K-dramas in terms of TV audience share and brand value in just three episodes. What makes it different? Why Our Blues is the Korean Drama We’re All Talking About

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