Written by Jane Austen in 1817, Persuasion centers on Louisa Musgrove, the second eldest daughter of Admiral and Mrs. Musgrove. After her father’s death, she moves to Kellynch Hall, the estate of her deceased father, with her mother and sisters. When Frederick Wentworth arrives, who was engaged to Louisa prior to her family’s relocation to Kellynch Hall, he is still taken with Louisa and tries his best to win her heart once again. Why Nia Towle Is The Perfect Louisa Musgrove In The Upcoming Persuasion Movie

A comparison with Amanda Root in the 1995 BBC miniseries

Nia Towle has the perfect look for a young Louisa Musgrove. She has the same wide-eyed innocence and youthful exuberance that Amanda Root brought to the role in the 1995 BBC miniseries. But she also has a strength and determination that Root’s Louisa didn’t have. I think she’ll be able to capture both the light and dark sides of this complex character. You can see it in her eyes. That vulnerability paired with steeliness is so much more appealing than someone who is simply plucky and likable. Her performance was outstanding on The Durrells where she played Leslie, Louisa’s sister, as well as on Luther where she played Ruth Easton, an investigative journalist who investigates crimes with police detective John Luther (played by Idris Elba). I can’t wait to see what else Nia does with this iconic literary figure!

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An analysis of why it was time for a new adaptation to be made

It has been nearly two centuries since Jane Austen’s beloved novel Persuasion was first published, and in that time, there have been many different adaptations. Some have been more successful than others, but it was time for a new one to be made. And who better to play the main character, Louisa Musgrove, than the talented Nia Towle?

Why Nia Towle Is The Perfect Louisa Musgrove In The Upcoming Persuasion Movie
Why Nia Towle Is The Perfect Louisa Musgrove In The Upcoming Persuasion Movie

As soon as her casting was announced, fans of both the novel and the film adaptation of Pride & Prejudice knew she would be perfect. As the daughter of General Sir Thomas Musgrove and Lady Elliot, she is just about as spoiled as they come. What sets her apart from other characters like her is that she does not seem to enjoy being so indulged by her parents at all times. She feels guilty about what an embarrassment she is to them because of how unkindly she treated them when they wanted to marry her off without considering what would make her happy.

A comparison with her role in 2003 TV movie Lovelace

Nia Towle has the perfect mix of youthful innocence and maturity to play the role of Louisa Musgrove in the upcoming film adaptation of Persuasion. In 2003, she played the role of Lovelace in a TV movie adaptation of the same novel and her performance was praised by critics. Though her roles are very different, she has shown that she has the range to play both young women convincingly. She also is not unattractive, which will make it easier for audiences to see her as someone who might marry Captain Wentworth. Towle has a lightness about her that seems to complement Jane Austen’s writing style, which could be essential for an actor playing one of Austen’s more subtle characters.

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Focusing on Towle’s more recent work, many have commented on how natural she seems when playing an ingenue. Although she had small parts in several films before Lovelace, this role served as the foundation for her career. Her work since then proves that she has grown into an actress with charisma and talent enough to anchor an entire movie herself.

Why Nia Towle Is The Perfect Louisa Musgrove In The Upcoming Persuasion Movie
Why Nia Towle Is The Perfect Louisa Musgrove In The Upcoming Persuasion Movie

A comparison with a 19th century movie adaptation

Nia Towle is the perfect choice to play Louisa Musgrove in the upcoming film adaptation of Persuasion. She has the right look for the part, and she understands the character’s journey. Let’s take a look at her audition tape:

-Determined expression on first viewing of Captain Wentworth, quickly followed by a softer expression when looking into his eyes.

-When he points out that it was her engagement ring he had been admiring, the smile lights up her face and shows through her voice.

-The depth of emotion with which she delivers lines such as I had no other friend but you is perfectly suited to this role.

-Nia may not be an experienced actress yet, but it is clear that she could easily give a performance as strong as Emma Thompson did in the 1997 movie adaptation if given the chance.

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Historical Accuracy

When it comes to historical accuracy, the upcoming Persuasion movie has it in spades. Not only is the film set in the right time period, but the costumes and sets are also accurate to the Regency era. But what really sets this film apart is its star, Nia Towle. Not only does she look the part, but she also has the perfect blend of innocence and strength that is essential for the character of Louisa Musgrove. Plus, her captivating eyes make her the ideal actress to play Anne Elliot’s (Emma Thompson) friend who falls in love with Captain Wentworth (Benjamin Walker).

Why Nia Towle Is The Perfect Louisa Musgrove In The Upcoming Persuasion Movie
Why Nia Towle Is The Perfect Louisa Musgrove In The Upcoming Persuasion Movie

A few more reasons why we love Nia Towle as Louisa Musgrove:

– She’s a passionate actor who invests herself into each role

– Her beauty radiates on screen

– She’s down-to-earth

– Her accent isn’t overdone

Previous Roles and Future Projects

Nia Towle is best known for her role as Emma in the hit show Gossip Girl. She has also appeared in movies such as The Social Network and The Dark Knight Rises. She will be starring in the upcoming film Persuasion as Louisa Musgrove. This role is perfect for her because she understands what it’s like to be a young woman in the spotlight. The movie will follow Louisa, a naive girl who falls in love with Captain Wentworth, but then realizes that he is being forced into marrying someone else.

The movie will be directed by Jodie Foster, who has directed many other classic films including The Silence of the Lambs and Panic Room.

In this adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel, it would not have been possible without an actor who can play both old and new worlds with equal skill.

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