Animal Kingdom provides viewers with an inside look at the Cody family, whose members live under the thumb of matriarch Janine (a character who’s aptly played by Ellen Barkin). The youngest son, Joshua Pope Cody (played by Shawn Hatosy), suffers from bipolar disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Viewers are left guessing about Pope’s true mental illness until episode 3, when he commits a robbery gone wrong that lands him in prison for three years. Why Andrew Cody from Animal Kingdom Is the PerfectAntihero

Who Is Shawn Hatosy Play Role as Andrew “Pope” Cody

Shawn Hatosy plays role as Andrew Pope Cody, who was released after serving three years in Folsom State Prison for a robbery gone wrong. Pope suffers from mental illness and OCD for most of his life. After being released by his brothers, he returns to live with them and help run their criminal business. He is known as a newbie because he has not been involved in organized crime for long and doesn’t know all of its rules.

Who is Pope’s father in Animal Kingdom?

Shawn Hatosy plays Andrew Pope Cody, one of four boys who are taken in by their grandfather after they accidentally set fire to their home. The oldest son and also a product of an affair between his mother and stepfather, Pope is said to suffer from OCD and mental illness. Prior to being taken in by his grandfather, he spent time with his father and mother living near Nevada’s Area 51. He was shipped off to prison for participating in a robbery when he was just 12 years old. After serving three years of his sentence, Pope returns home.

Why Andrew Cody from Animal Kingdom Is the PerfectAntihero
Why Andrew Cody from Animal Kingdom Is the PerfectAntihero

Who plays Andrew Pope Cody?

Shawn Hatosy has been acting since childhood, making his screen debut in Steven Spielberg’s 1988 film The Last Embrace (he was 13). After he played a couple of memorable parts in Kevin Smith’s early films (including Clerks), he played supporting roles in some pretty good movies like Anger Management, as well as some horrible ones. Then, after nearly a decade away from Hollywood, Hatosy won rave reviews for his role on TV series Men of a Certain Age. You might also recognize him from several other series or movies. In addition to playing Pope on Animal Kingdom, Hatosy is currently shooting a new pilot for HBO called Avenue 5, about time travel and artificial intelligence.

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Is Pope Lena’s dad?

Yes and no. Lena’s father, Nate, a long time criminal, met Deb at Rascal’s tattoo shop where she was working after getting out of prison. It was not love at first sight for either of them. She was introduced to his sons as he didn’t want to confuse her with their complicated family situation (Cody’s oldest brother, Benny died when they were young). But it turns out that Deb does know him very well as she’s his former cellmate…and is probably more responsible for turning him into Pope than anyone else in his life. There’s a lot more to be revealed about how these two got together which makes me think that they will both appear onscreen again sometime in Season 2. I certainly hope so!

Is Pope J’s father?

Pope J is a man trying to find himself. He’s lost in life and doesn’t really know what his purpose is. In season 3, episode 1, he says that he just wants a family but was never given one by his parents as they both died when he was young.

Why Andrew Cody from Animal Kingdom Is the PerfectAntihero
Why Andrew Cody from Animal Kingdom Is the PerfectAntihero

Now Pope J has found a family with The Cattlemen and only recently met Smurf, who could be his half-sister. For all we know, Pope J could be John’s son; however, it remains unconfirmed if Pope J actually is related to John or not.

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What is an antihero?

In both cases, yes. That’s definitely a nod to Breaking Bad, which did that as well with Walter White, making his son into an accomplice who goes along for some of his crimes. In Pope’s case he’s actually far more innocent than Walt Jr., though—Pope is just susceptible to being manipulated and used by those around him. It makes him really dangerous; there are a lot of ways he can go in life if he doesn’t get help soon. But at least now we know why Pope acts like such a tough guy: He had to act that way in prison in order to survive.

What makes Pope an effective antihero?

It’s a question that left viewers of the stellar show, animal kingdom, scratching their heads and wondering about what could have been. Pope’s dad is an extremely well-kept secret throughout all 4 seasons of animal kingdom (ABC), which means fans only get a glimpse into his life through little moments on screen. Unfortunately, however, that doesn’t answer much about who he really is as a character. So who is Pope J’s father? Well, I’m here to tell you. . . and you’re probably not going to like it! . . . but let me back up for one second! First, we need to discuss why he was in prison in first place before getting into anything else.

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How does this make him unique among other antiheros?

We want to believe that Pope’s father was an important member of his life. And, for a short time, he was. He taught him how to gamble (and curse) and how to shoot a gun. But, after being in prison for three years, one has to wonder: Does Pope even remember his father? The truth is that we don’t know if Andrew Pope Cody is Pope J’s biological father or not. We know he didn’t raise him—because he was inside Folsom State Prison when Pope was born—but we don’t know if he had anything to do with having him. Will we ever find out who Pope’s real father is?

Why Andrew Cody from Animal Kingdom Is the PerfectAntihero
Why Andrew Cody from Animal Kingdom Is the PerfectAntihero

Should there be more characters like him on TV?

Pope is a complicated character and possibly one of my favorite characters of all time. His back story alone makes him so intriguing. But once you watch him throughout season 1, 2, 3… you realize that he is just like any other anti-hero. He has flaws: he’s abused both physically and mentally as a child, suffers from mental illness, doesn’t have many friends due to his paranoia and behavior when off his meds…etc. He has moments in which we see a sweet caring side to him when interacting with Callie or Javi for example. However, as soon as something does not go as planned he loses it; going through episodes of rage and uncontrollable hallucinations due to his conditions/mentality.

Final Thoughts

As if he could read our minds, Shawn Hatosy (Andrew Pope Cody) quotes his own line in response to those who don’t like him: What else are you going to do with a character like that? Hate him? This is a tragedy. A tortured man, which I think we all can relate to. I know I can relate to it, and every actor in their own way relates to that kind of character. But at what point do characters stop being tragic and start being sociopathic or psychopathic? The reason everyone loves to hate on Mr. Cody is because he is both heart-breakingly real and deliciously evil at once – with mental illness thrown into the mix for good measure.

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