Manifest has been attracting a lot of attention from critics and fans alike since it premiered, but if you’re not familiar with the show, you might be wondering just who the heck all these people are in each episode. This guide to the main cast of Manifest will help you keep track of how the plot unfolds and what it means for these characters – or, if you just like watching the show because it’s fun, it will help you look even more closely at what makes this show tick. So sit back and relax as we present to you… who’s who? Who’s Who : A Comprehensive Guide to the Recurring Cast of Manifest !

Frank Deal Portrays Bill Daly

Bill Daly is a high-powered attorney who always puts his work first. But when his son, Ben, disappears on Flight 828, Bill’s priorities change. He starts to see that there’s more to life than just work. When he realizes that he might never see his son again, he is willing to do anything in order to get him back. His determination and dedication will help him break down walls and find the truth of what happened on Flight 828. When not working, Bill likes to take long walks along the beach or stay at home with a good book.

Miles Hurley as Sean O’Sullivan: Sean was an author before Flight 828. After being abducted from the plane and dumped on Earth years after he was taken away from home, Sean uses his skills as an author to help others who have been kidnapped by aliens and dumped on Earth–like himself–to reintegrate into society by writing about their experiences with alien abduction so they can come to terms with their ordeals.

Since arriving on Earth years ago, Sean has been living as a recluse due to PTSD caused by losing his wife Sarah during her abduction with him all those years ago.

Alfredo Narciso Portrays Captain Riojas

Riojas is the captain of Flight 828 and is played by Alfredo Narciso. He was not originally scheduled to be on the flight, but switched with another pilot at the last minute. Riojas is a no-nonsense kind of guy and is always looking out for the safety of his passengers. He’s a bit gruff, but ultimately cares about those under his care. When he first meets Michaela Stone he takes her aside and asks her if she would mind taking over some of the tasks that air traffic control gives him so that he can focus more on keeping an eye on everyone else.

Mugga Portrays Bethany Collins

Bethany is a married mother of two who works as a school guidance counselor. She’s kind, compassionate, and always ready to lend a listening ear – even if she doesn’t always have the best advice. Her relationship with her husband is strained, but she’s determined to make things work. You can’t help but root for her as she tries to navigate her complicated life.

J.R. Ramirez as Jared Vasquez (six sentences): Jared is one of the good guys. He genuinely cares about people and takes his job as an officer seriously. He’s also been in love with Grace since they were kids, so it was difficult when she found out he had feelings for her during the summer before college started. But their relationship was too fresh and new then to really explore anything further than friendship. Now that they’re both back in town at the same time again, it looks like there might be more opportunities for them this time around!

Julienne Hanzelka Kim Portrays Kelly Taylor

Julienne Hanzelka Kim plays the role of Kelly Taylor, a flight attendant on board Flight 828. She is one of the many passengers who mysteriously disappeared and reappeared five years later. Julienne has also appeared in shows like Hawaii Five-0, The Good Place, and Station 19. The actor was born in New York City, New York. Her father was an architect and her mother was a jewelry designer.

She graduated from high school at age 16 before attending Harvard University where she earned her degree in East Asian Studies and French Literature.

Julienne currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband Jason Kohn and their two children; they have been married since 2004.

Malachy Cleary Portrays Steve Stone

Steve is a widower and father of two who finds himself at a crossroads in his life. After the death of his wife, Steve decides to quit his job and start a new business. However, when he meets Michaela Stone, he realizes that he may have found something worth fighting for. Steve is a kind and compassionate man who wants nothing more than to see his family happy and healthy. When he first met Michaela, he knew that she was someone special. He couldn’t help but notice how her smile lit up her whole face, or how much joy she had when she was playing with their kids. Steve has always been very close with his children, making sure they know how much they mean to him and what an important part of his life they are. He loves being a dad more than anything else in the world and would do anything for them.

Geraldine Leer Portrays Karen Stone

Karen Stone is a hard-working single mother who is struggling to make ends meet. She works two jobs and is constantly worried about money. Her biggest fear is that she will never be able to provide for her son, Calvin. When Calvin starts seeing things on the plane that no one else can see, Karen is convinced that he is just imagining things. However, she soon realizes that Calvin may be onto something bigger than she ever could have imagined. After having a vision while meditating, Karen tells her mom and sister all about it—and they assure her that it sounds like Calvin has inherited his grandmother’s gift. With new hope in their family’s future, Karen begins attending church with them again and even finds time to start dating again after years of being single.

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Omar Torres II Portrays Tony Diaz

Omar Torres II is an American actor, best known for his work on the NBC series Manifest. Tony Diaz is a passenger on Flight 828 and one of the first to notice the strange events that begin happening after the plane disappears. He quickly becomes a close friend and confidante to Michaela Stone, helping her investigate the mysterious events surrounding them. His tough exterior also hides his deep love for his wife Jessica who he sends messages to in hopes she will find him. Eventually, it’s revealed that Tony was actually responsible for saving everyone on board Flight 828 as he helped engineer their disappearance.

Victoria Cartagena Portrays Lourdes

Victoria Cartagena is best known for her role as Det. Maria Baez on NBC’s long-running police procedural drama, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. But now, she’s playing a very different kind of cop on the new hit supernatural thriller, Manifest.

Cartagena’s character, Lourdes, is a homicide detective who is skeptical of the mysterious circumstances surrounding Flight 828 and its passengers.

Tim Moriarty Portrays Tim Powell

Tim Moriarty is an American actor known for his work on television. He has appeared in a number of series, including ER, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and NCIS. Moriarty has also had recurring roles on The Sopranos and Damages. Most recently, he has been appearing as Tim Powell on the NBC series Manifest. His portrayal of the character earned him a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. Moriarty attended Dartmouth College where he was named co-captain of the football team in his senior year.

Olli Haaskivi Portrays Isaiah

Olli Haaskivi portrays Isaiah, a man who Ben Stone meets while he’s being detained by the Department of Homeland Security. Isaiah is a believer and helps Ben to have faith in the events that are unfolding. He is a recurring character throughout the first season. He dies in episode 7 after giving instructions for Ben to deliver a message about the truth behind Flight 828.

He has not been seen since his death but it can be assumed that he will be appearing again as one of the deceased passengers who was able to see what was happening on Earth from heaven.

Adriane Lenox Portrays Beverly

Adriane Lenox is an accomplished stage and screen actress, best known for her Tony-winning performance in Doubt. She joins the cast of Manifest as Beverly, a woman grappling with survivor’s guilt. Lenox brings her signature strength and grace to the role, making Beverly a complex and compelling character. Throughout the season, we see her struggle with alcoholism and living up to familial expectations. In the finale, she finally reveals that she had lost two children in a car accident years ago, but never told anyone because she felt like it was nobody else’s business.

Daniel Sunjata Portrays Danny

You may recognize Daniel Sunjata from his role as Franco Rivera in FX’s Rescue Me. He also played Paul Briggs in USA Network’s Graceland. On Manifest, Sunjata plays Danny, a passenger on Flight 828 who is revealed to have a special connection to the plane. It turns out that he was hired by Michaela and her husband Jared to investigate their son Cal’s disappearance. He then becomes one of the only people who can save the passengers with his knowledge about quantum physics and supernatural happenings.

Francesca Faridany Portrays Fiona Clarke

Faridany is an American actress who has appeared on Broadway and television. She is best known for her role as Fiona Clarke on the NBC drama series Manifest. Faridany has been a recurring cast member since the show’s first season. In Season 2, she appears in two episodes: TBA and TBA.

Her past acting credits include starring roles in plays such as Liliom (Broadway) and The Nance (Off-Broadway), with television appearances including The Good Wife, Unforgettable, Homeland and Masters of Sex. Her film work includes roles in Trumbo (2015), The Architect (2016) and Summertime ’06 (2018). Her playwriting work includes Angel City Blues, which was produced by Steppenwolf Theatre Company. And just recently she starred opposite Jeremy Irons in Charles Randolph-Wright’s Broken Glass at Williamstown Theatre Festival. This year she can be seen next opposite David Arquette in his directorial debut film Blood Heist out now on iTunes.

Nikolai Tsankov Portrays Marko Valeriev

Marko is a Ukrainian national and an international student at Stonehurst University. He’s outgoing and friendly, but can also be shy and withdrawn. He has a close group of friends, but he’s always looking to make new ones. Nikolai Tsankov portrays him. Who’s Who : A Comprehensive Guide to the Recurring Cast of Manifest !

Marko is currently single, though in early seasons you could catch him dating Laura Warner’s character Sofia. There was even some mild flirtation between them in season 1 before Sofia broke it off because she thought he wasn’t ready for a committed relationship yet. Since then his romantic attention has been mostly directed towards other women on the show, most notably Annika Marks’ character Addison Tate. They shared some tender moments together in season 2 as they grew closer romantically but ultimately Addison decided that she wasn’t ready for romance yet either, which was painful for Marko but he tried to keep it together so they could still hang out as friends and eventually they did just that!

Shirley Rumierk Portrays Autumn Cox

Shirley Rumierk portrays Autumn Cox, a passenger on Flight 828 who is determined to find out what happened to her missing son. Rumierk does an excellent job of portraying a mother’s love and desperation, and she is one of the most intriguing characters on the show. Her character provides a lot of insight into what might have really happened during the flight as well as more information about Tom’s current whereabouts.

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Jared Grimes Portrays Adrian Shannon

Adrian is one of the more mysterious characters on the show. He first appears in season 1, episode 5, when he’s seen talking to Michaela at a bar. It’s later revealed that he works for the Major and is part of a secret government organization called Stoneheart. Adrian is a recurring character throughout the series, and it’s clear that he has a lot of secrets. In season 2, episode 6, we find out that Adrian was assigned to surveil Grace from her teen years up until her death. But why? What was his goal? And what did Grace know about him? We’re left with many questions about Adrian and his motives—some good and some bad.

Elizabeth Marvel Portrays Kathryn Fitz / The Major

Kathryn Fitz, better known as The Major, is a shadowy figure who first appears in the final episode of season one. She’s the leader of a doomsday cult called Stonehaven, and she’s been keeping an eye on Ben Stone (Matthew Fox) and his family for years. In season two, she sets her sights on recruiting Ben into her group, and she’ll stop at nothing to get what she wants. There’s something very wrong with this woman, but we’re not sure yet just how deeply corrupt she is.

Brandon Schraml Portrays Director Jansen

Brandon Schraml is an American actor and director. He is best known for his work on the television series, Manifest. He has also directed episodes of The Mentalist and CSI: Miami. In 2008, he acted in Blackout as Larry Reeves and in 2009 he appeared in Pasta as Tony. In 2010, he was cast as Eddie Nacho in Queens Boulevard. Other roles include a co-starring role on Army Wives and a recurring role on The Mentalist. He played Chief Inspector Todd Rothenberg in two episodes of CSI: Miami (2007).

Maryann Plunkett Portrays Priscilla Landon

Priscilla is a woman of great faith who serves as a confidante and sounding board for Ben Stone (played by Josh Dallas). She’s a kind, wise presence in his life, and someone he can always count on for level-headed advice. Maryann Plunkett is an accomplished stage and screen actress, best known for her work on soap operas like One Life to Live and As the World Turns. Other notable roles include playing John Lennon’s mother, Julia Baird, in I Saw Her Standing There; starring opposite Danny DeVito in the television series Outlaw; and portraying Catherine O’Hara’s mother Carol Wright on Schitt’s Creek. Who’s Who : A Comprehensive Guide to the Recurring Cast of Manifest !

Ed Herbstman Portrays Troy Davis

Troy is one of Ben Stone’s (Josh Dallas) patients at the hospital. He is a friendly guy who is always quick with a smile and a joke. However, Troy is also dealing with a serious illness. In spite of this, he remains positive and tries to make the best of every day. He gets along well with everyone in the hospital, but takes an instant liking to Kevin Burkhoff (Jared Gilman). Kevin is also eager to help out, doing anything from playing cards with Troy or giving him a ride home when his wife has to work late.

Troy is absent for most of Season 1 after suffering an injury at work that leaves him hospitalized for weeks. When he returns, it becomes clear that the injury has taken its toll on him and Kevin jumps into action, helping out as much as possible.

In Season 2 we see Troy struggle through his long recovery process while continuing to put on a brave face for those around him. Even though he’s had setbacks – like when his foot became infected – he still wants to do what he can while not pushing himself too hard so that it will take longer for him recover than it would otherwise.

Andrene Ward-Hammond Portrays Captain Kate Bowers

Captain Kate Bowers is the commanding officer of Flight 828. She is a no-nonsense kind of leader who is always looking out for her crew. Her tough exterior hides a deep compassion for those under her care. When she learns about Michaela and Ben’s decision to be surrogates, she fully supports them.

A retired Marine, Kate enlisted in the Air Force after 9/11 and eventually made it into its elite combat force, becoming an F-18 pilot before retiring from active duty. Now a commercial airline captain, Kate was on reserve status with the Air Force when she was called back into service as one of their few female pilots and stationed at Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam when Flight 828 disappeared. When her sister asks how she feels about this new gig, she replies: Flying?

Brendan Burke Portrays Emmett

Brendan Burke is an actor, director, and producer who has appeared in a number of television shows and movies. He is perhaps best known for his role as Emmett on the hit TV show Manifest. Brendan has also directed and produced a number of short films. In 2016 he was nominated for two Emmy Awards.

In addition to acting, directing, and producing, Brendan has dabbled in writing with two books currently under contract – Unclaimed Baggage: Turning Sorrow into Joy and The Fulfillment Revolution: 5 Steps to Ending Your Search for Meaning and Finding Your True Purpose.

Ellen Tamaki Portrays Drea Mikami

Drea is one of Saanvi’s oldest friends and was there with her on Flight 828. She now works as a doctor at the hospital where Saanvi is a patient. Drea is fiercely loyal to Saanvi and is determined to help her through whatever medical mystery she’s facing. In addition to being a doctor, Drea is also a wife and mother, which gives her an extra layer of depth and complexity. She spends much of her time trying to balance work, home life, and caring for her sick friend.

Garrett Wareing Portrays TJ Morrison

TJ is a teenage patient at the hospital where Ben works. He befriends Olive and offers her support as she comes to terms with her abilities. In season 2, TJ becomes more involved with the Stone family as he begins dating Cal. He is a kind and caring young man who is always looking out for others. Although TJ often feels guilty about his life because his mother abandoned him when he was younger, he still has a great outlook on life and tries to help other people in need.

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Leah Gibson Portrays Tamara

Leah Gibson is a Canadian actress who has appeared in a number of television shows and movies. She is perhaps best known for her role as Tamara on the hit TV series, Manifest. Tamara is a key player in the show’s mythology and her reappearance in season two has been highly anticipated by fans. Little information about her character has been released so far but she does not seem likely to be one of the good guys. If you’re looking for more facts about your favorite cast members from this thrilling drama, keep reading!

Carl Lundstedt Portrays Billy

Carl Lundstedt is an actor best known for his work on the television series Manifest. He has appeared in a number of other television shows and movies, but it is his role as Billy on Manifest that has made him a household name. Carl is originally from Sweden and now resides in Los Angeles. He is married to actress Katrine de Candole and they have two children together. Together, they founded the production company Paper Tiger TV which produces a number of web series. Who’s Who : A Comprehensive Guide to the Recurring Cast of Manifest !

Maury Ginsberg Portrays Simon White

Simon White is a high-powered attorney and the father of Cal, one of the missing passengers of Flight 828. He’s a workaholic who is always putting his career first, which has led to some tension at home. But when his son goes missing, he drops everything to find him. He hires Tyler Carver (as played by Jarod Joseph) to help locate Cal and Tyler helps locate the flight manifest that lists Simon as a passenger on board Flight 828. Maury tries unsuccessfully to reason with David Rittenhouse (as played by Ian Posada), convincing him that it would be in everyone’s best interest if they found out what happened to their loved ones and just how much damage it could do if they were caught in this conspiracy together. However, David doesn’t care about anyone but himself–he wants revenge on Rittenhouse for killing his daughter–and shoots Maury in cold blood before driving off into oblivion.

James McMenamin Portrays Jace Baylor

James McMenamin plays Jace Baylor, a supporting character in the NBC drama Manifest. He is a college friend of Ben Stone (played by Josh Dallas) and Michaela Stone (played by Melissa Roxburgh). He is also the boyfriend of Adrianne Frost (played by Athena Karkanis), another one of Ben and Michaela’s friends. In the show, he is a software engineer. In season two, it is revealed that he has been married to Adrianne for five years. They have been trying unsuccessfully to have children and they eventually break up because of this.

However, at the end of season two they get back together after their baby was born with a rare genetic condition that caused her parents’ infertility issues but would not affect her own fertility later on in life.

Devin Harjes Portrays Pete Baylor

A former Marine, Pete is now a cop who works with Michaela on the missing persons case. He’s a good guy who wants to do right by his community, but he also has a bit of a temper. When he gets frustrated, it can be hard for him to keep his cool. But we all know how these types of things go–he’ll eventually come around and realize that anger only makes things worse. Plus, it seems like there might be some chemistry between him and Grace which could help us learn more about their backstories. Or maybe they’ll have one of those relationships where they’re constantly fighting and bickering before finally realizing they love each other (I’m looking at you, Stiles and Lydia). I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens when they team up in future episodes!

DazMann Still Portrays Kory Jephers

DazMann Still is an actor and producer best known for his work on the Emmy-winning show, The Wire. He’ll be appearing as Kory Jephers, a government agent, in the upcoming season of Manifest. The King of Queens star Kevin James will also be starring in the show, portraying Kevin Hawkins, yet another undercover agent who has been brought into our plane to investigate crime that has not just remained confined to this world.

The role of John Baker will go to Clark Middleton who played Robert McCallister on Switched at Birth and Carlton Browning on Modern Family.

While it’s unclear how many episodes these three actors will appear in their respective roles, we can safely assume that they’ll play key parts in what will hopefully be another riveting season of Manifest! Who’s Who : A Comprehensive Guide to the Recurring Cast of Manifest !

Lauren Norvelle Portrays Sarah Fitz

Sarah is a single mother and one of the main characters on Manifest. She’s a strong and determined woman who is trying to make a better life for her and her son. Lauren Norvelle brings Sarah to life with her powerful performance. You can’t help but root for Sarah as she faces challenges both in her personal life and in the world of Manifest. Her ability to stand up for herself, keep a level head, and be strong no matter what keeps you glued to your screen!

Warner Miller Portrays Tarik

Tarik is a pivotal character in the series, appearing in nearly every episode. He’s a man of few words but his actions speak volumes. He’s fiercely loyal to his friends and family and always puts their safety above everything else. Tarik is the kind of person you want on your team when things get tough – he’s level-headed and always has a plan. But he’s also just as quick to make a joke as he is to crack someone over the head with a baseball bat if they threaten those closest to him.

Will Peltz Portrays Levi

Will Peltz stars as Levi, one of the main characters in Manifest. He is a college student who was on board Flight 828 when it went missing, and is now having to readjust to life back on Earth. Peltz is known for his roles in The CW’s The Originals and MTV’s Teen Wolf. In addition to acting, he has also served as an assistant director for How I Met Your Mother.

He is currently starring in the CBS show Elementary.

Mahira Kakkar Portrays Aria Gupta

Aria is one of the missing passengers of Flight 828, and Cal’s love interest. She was on her way to meet her fiancé when the plane disappeared, and she was presumed dead. However, she reappeared five and a half years later along with the rest of the passengers. Aria is a bright and determined young woman who is still adjusting to this new reality. Despite being in captivity for five and a half years, she has maintained an optimistic outlook on life. In spite of everything that has happened, Aria is resilient, kind-hearted and deeply passionate about living life to its fullest.

Ali Lopez-Sohaili Portrays Eagan Tehrani

Ali Lopez-Sohaili is an Iranian-American actress best known for her work on the web series Brown Girls and in the film A Girl Like Her. She has also appeared in episodes of Chicago P.D. and Sirens. On Manifest, she plays Eagan Tehrani, a woman who was on Flight 828 with Ben Stone (played by Josh Dallas). According to TVLine, Eagan’s backstory will be revealed over time as she reveals more about herself to Ben. Who’s Who : A Comprehensive Guide to the Recurring Cast of Manifest !

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