The Umbrella Academy tells the story of several children born to random women who were impregnated after witnessing a bizarre event in 1989, making them part of a secret organization called The Umbrella Academy, a collection of super-powered individuals from throughout history and time that work together to protect the world from apocalyptic events. One of these members is Sissy Cooper, played by actor Marin Ireland on the show’s second season. Let’s get to know her better by looking at five fast facts about Sissy Cooper on The Umbrella Academy… Who is Sissy Cooper on The Umbrella Academy?

About the character

Set in an alternate reality, The Umbrella Academy follows an unconventional family of superheroes led by Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore). After Sir Reginald adopts seven children with supernatural powers—all born on or about Oct. 1, 1989—he discovers that his children are actually reincarnations of great beings who were responsible for creating humankind. He also finds out that a mysterious organization called The Commission has been trying to destroy them for centuries. Together, they work to solve their father’s mysterious death and save themselves from certain doom. If you’re watching season 2 wondering why Vanya’s friend Marin Ireland looks so familiar, it’s because she previously starred as Sister Mary Eunice McKee in season 1 of American Horror Story.

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Her relationship with several characters in the series

Vanya’s friend. Played by Marin Ireland. In one episode she shows interest in fellow colleague Sous-Chef Jean Pierre after he confesses his interest in her, eventually going out to dinner with him at a nearby restaurant.

Who is Sissy Cooper on The Umbrella Academy?
Who is Sissy Cooper on The Umbrella Academy?

After much wine, they end up back at his apartment and have sex for hours until he unexpectedly leaves for work early in morning without saying goodbye; which leaves her feeling upset and guilty. It is hinted that she may be pregnant after blacking out drunk at Jean Pierre’s place; but it never confirmed.

What happened to her in season 1

In season 1, Vanya was seen outside of her school with her two friends. She questioned whether or not her mother would come and pick them up. When she asked about their parents not being around, one of her friends said that it wasn’t normal for families to stay together. A car pulled up and a woman stepped out from it. However, it was revealed that she wasn’t Vanya’s mother but rather, an assassin sent by Hazel to kill Vanya’s father, Luther/Number One (Tom Hopper). After finding out she was sent to kill Luther by mistake in order to get rid of Number Five (Aidan Gallagher), Sissy managed to save Vanya and take down Hazel.

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The character’s origin story

While very little is known about her, we can piece together some things about Vanya’s friend. She is good friends with Vanya, going so far as to attend a costume party at Carl’s house in season one. Additionally, she and Carl are married; they have a child named Harlan together. In season two, Vanya’s friend tells Oliver that she and Carl have been estranged for a few years; it isn’t clear why they fell out of touch or what led to their estrangement, but it seems to be permanent at that point (if not before). Her character may have left an even bigger impression on comic book fans if all had gone according to plan.

Who is Sissy Cooper on The Umbrella Academy?
Who is Sissy Cooper on The Umbrella Academy?

Will she appear in season 3?

So far, there has been no word as to whether Ireland will be returning for a third season. As of now, only seven of the titular characters have been confirmed to return, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. In fact, fans are holding out hope that they’ll get more answers in season 3 and that’s why they’re pushing for both Vanya and Sissy to return so we can see what’s really going on with those two! Plus, according to IMDbPro, Carl (Tom Hopper) was seen filming for The Umbrella Academy again between June 8th – 19th so perhaps he will finally get his happy ending!

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Conclusion about her character

Sissy Cooper (The Umbrella Academy) has always been Carl’s partner-in-crime. From Season 1 to 2, their relationship keeps growing. Many might wonder why she never stood up for herself and became a hero in her own right. We can’t blame anyone for that but, it seems like there’s a part of her that really doesn’t want to be one or have powers. She’d rather have a normal life with Carl, even if being a normal kid would be boring for them both. She loves him too much to make him lose that certain something about himself and ruin their lifelong friendship with her half-baked abilities!

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