Bridgerton, an award-winning British period drama on Acorn TV, follows the Bridgerton family and their friends through the years leading up to World War I. A staple of that show’s first season was Lady Crane (aka Marina, Lady Crane), played by Ruby Barker, and one question that emerged was who exactly was Marina/Lady Crane? How did she end up marrying into the Bridgerton family and what was her backstory? This article provides answers to those questions and more. Who is Marina on Bridgerton Lady Crane’s backstory explained

What happens in seasons 1 and 2 of The Bridgertons

In season 1, we meet Ruby Barker and two of her sisters: Olivia and Phoebe. Ruby, who had been training to be a nun, has just arrived back in England after running away from home. In addition to experiencing culture shock as she adjusts to society life again, she also doesn’t have a penny to her name! She sets up house with family friend—and single father—Garrett Featherington (an earl!) until she can find employment as a governess or companion.

What it means to be a Featherington

In Season 1 of The Bridgertons, viewers were introduced to a whole new clan of relatives: The Featherington sisters. One of them was a former Miss Howard, who married into a branch of some country gentry. As fans learned in The Governess Affair, her name was Marina Thompson and she became Marina Featherington when she married Baron Featherington (née Marmaduke Thompson). She and all three sisters have been an integral part of The Bridgertons since its very first episode. But now that we know more about her history and where she comes from, let’s take another look at her life before all these drama-filled scenarios played out.

Who is Marina on Bridgerton Lady Crane's backstory explained
Who is Marina on Bridgerton Lady Crane’s backstory explained

How did Marina become Lady Crane?

When we meet Marina in volume one of The Bridgertons, she’s a widowed cousin of Daisy and Daphne who lives with them at Penelope Featherington’s house in London. She appears to be in her early 20s (Daisy says she was 22 when William died). We know from volume three that William was a younger son of a viscount. He joined up and died during Wellington’s Peninsula Campaign around 1810 or 1811.

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5 things you might not know about Ruby Barker

In Season 2, when she visited her sister at Christmas and realized how much all of their parents had aged in a year, she did start writing them letters. She wrote about what she was going through with Colin and about how sad it made her to think that they’d never really know who their children were becoming. Of course, those letters were never sent. As far as we know, they’re still in her desk drawer at home… along with all of Jack’s letters to his family (you know he had to have written them)… and probably a few other things that we don’t even realize are important until later on down the road…

How old was she when she left home?

At age 16, Ruby (or Marina) ran away to London after her mother died in childbirth. Her father was angry and disowned her; she’s stayed in contact with him, but they haven’t spoken since she refused his order to return home. It seems like she’s been living alone in London ever since—her lodgings are sparse and impersonal, a guest room for paying friends of convenience. This does line up with what we know about Lady Crane from earlier episodes: She doesn’t seem to have any family except for possibly some distant cousins (it’s unclear whether or not she stays in touch with them). Her parents are never mentioned by name, but it seems that both passed away early on.

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Did she ever write her parents?

Marina says she did not tell her parents what happened. She wrote a letter but there was no need to send it. They never found out. As far as we know, she never reveals what happened. No one knows except for her husband and family members (who are loyal) and anyone else that finds out via gossip at balls or society functions. It’s possible no one ever does find out about Michael’s actions because we don’t hear of anyone bringing it up.

Who plays Marina Thompson in Bridgerton?

This character, played by Game of Thrones’ Jess Barden, first appeared in season one as a suitor to Lizzie (Rose Williams) and moved onto become a love interest for Violet (Lydia Wilson). He has gone from being a bit foppish and immature to becoming an all-round ideal guy. Well known for his…erm…charm. When we left him he was about to pop down on one knee to ask for Violet’s hand in marriage. Now that’s what I call chivalrous! But who is he in real life and how does he compare with his fictional counterpart?

Who is Marina on Bridgerton Lady Crane's backstory explained
Who is Marina on Bridgerton Lady Crane’s backstory explained

Who plays Marina in Bridgerton Season 2?

The actress who plays Lady Marina in season 2 of The Bridgertons, appears to be someone named Alex Page-Gould. See here . She was not announced as a cast member in any of The Beeb’s material. And IMDB lists her name as Alex instead of Alexandra. So we’re calling her Alex from now on. (She’s a credited performer, so it would be weird for us to call her by an unfamiliar name when she has one.) Update: We’ve learned that Alex and Alexandra are different women. One plays Marina/Lady Crayon (Season 1), while Alex Page-Gould plays Lady Crane (Season 2). We apologize for not updating our post earlier!

Who plays Marina?

Daisy Nash portrays Marina in The Bridgertons. Nash was born and raised in England, to Scottish parents (her mother is a nurse and her father owns a scaffolding company). She spent two years at LAMDA, leaving in 2003 to join Sky’s Band of Brothers, in which she played Richard Speight’s young wife. Since then she has had roles on Doctors and Casualty as well as appearing in TV shows like Silent Witness and Midsomer Murders. Her film credits include Hallam Foe (for which she received best actress nominations from both BAFTA Scotland and British Independent Film Awards) and an uncredited role as Captain Barbossa’s daughter Carina Smyth in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.

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Is Ruby Barker Scottish?

No, Ruby Barker, who plays Marina in seasons 1 and 2 of The Bridgertons, was born in Hampstead, London. Her background is actually very international: she attended an international school in Bali as a child, her father works for a telecommunications company which means she’s traveled extensively since childhood and speaks several languages. But no matter where you come from you can always sound like an aristocrat!

Is Marina from Bridgerton pregnant in real life?

Ruby Barker’s pregnancy in season 2 of The Bachelorette may be part of a storyline, but not necessarily on The Bride Stripped Bare. Barker will continue to portray Marina (née Thompson) for at least two episodes after she gives birth. So how do you know that Barker, who’s known for being outspoken and bringing levity to social media posts, has been able to keep quiet about her private life throughout her pregnancy? Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Barker has any plans to release footage from her delivery. However, she did hint that viewers can expect more storylines involving fake pregnancies in seasons 3 and 4 of The Bachelorette . There was a lot of talk about making it something else!

Is Marina pregnant Bridgerton Season 2?

No. When fans last saw her, she was starting to feel a little queasy and thought that it might be a stomach bug. However, as soon as she started eating breakfast with Jeremy (Matthew Goode), he declared that he would never allow his child to have scrambled eggs at home. That comment seemed to settle things. She doesn’t think she is pregnant but we will have to wait until Season 3 starts in September 2019, to find out if anything has changed in Marina’s love life. For now, it seems like everything is going fine and there are no plans for more babies!

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