For those of you who aren’t familiar with Jonathan Firth, he played the part of Richard, Kate’s married former pupil master, with whom she is having an affair in the scandalous movie Anatomy of a Scandal starring James McAvoy and Keira Knightley. In this article we’ll take a look at Jonathan Firth and find out who he really is. Who is Jonathan Firth?

Jonathan Firth as Richard

Kate’s married former pupil master, with whom she is having an affair. It turns out to be a destructive one. As he tries to protect Kate and his own family life from exposure, Richard leads her deeper into lies and deceit, leaving her with no way back. Kate can only save herself by betraying him.

Jonathan Firth was born in London in 1960 and educated at Harrow School of Art before studying Drama at Bristol University where he met fellow student Alan Rickman who became a lifelong friend.


When he began playing Richard, Kate’s married former pupil master, with whom she is having an affair in Scandal, Jonathan Firth knew his character would unfold over time. He simply didn’t realize how much. I had no idea when I signed on that it was going to be such a slow burn, says Firth. It was only when we got into shooting that I realized we were going to be spending so much time with Richard and Kate together—and yet not actually seeing them together very often.

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Richard and Kate, former pupil master and tutor, meet for a secret rendezvous, at which point it becomes clear that he has been waiting for her. At first Kate is flustered by his forwardness but soon falls into his arms as he caresses her shoulder. As Richard continues to undress Kate she finds herself becoming aroused despite herself. Finally their intimacy culminates in them passionately kissing with Richard on top of Kate as they lie on her bedroom floor.

Who is Jonathan Firth?
Who is Jonathan Firth?

Act 1 – Scene 1

Kate arrives at Richard’s house. She tells him that she needs to tell him something, but as he tries to stop her talking, we learn that Richard knows what she wants to say. She accuses him of being a coward, and tells him that she’s not going to let their relationship go on any longer. She says it has to end here. He asks if she’s in love with somebody else, and when she doesn’t answer, he says that if there was someone else in her life then perhaps they could try again. Kate replies by saying that there isn’t anyone else – there never will be anyone else for her because no one will ever be able to make her feel like he does.

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Closing scene

In a dazed stupor, Richard carries Kate up to his bed and collapses with her on it. As he struggles to pull off his tie, Kate straddles him, unbuttoning his shirt. He pulls off her dress and they continue undressing each other until they are both naked. Slowly, their hands find each other’s bodies as they begin making love. Minutes later Kate comes out of her reverie and looks down at Richard.


Jonathan Firth, Kate’s married former pupil master, with whom she is having an affair. The gorgeous actor has appeared in plenty of BBC dramas since getting his break as Captain Wentworth in Anne Hathaway’s Persuasion. He also had a key role in Wallander with Sir Kenneth Branagh and should appear on TV screens soon playing Colonel Brandon to Felicity Jones’ Marianne Dashwood in new adaptation of Sense and Sensibility by Emma Thompson. Here we present a potted history…

Education and Job

Firth read English at St Catherine’s College, Oxford, graduating in 1985 with a BA (Hons). He later attended Birkbeck College and trained at Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Firth made his professional debut in 1991 as Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights opposite Juliette Binoche. His big break came in 1995 when Steven Spielberg cast him as one of the soldiers in Schindler’s List.

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Other relationships and interests

You might know him as Branson from Downton Abbey, or maybe you watched The Lady in Question (1993) with Greta Scacchi, who plays Kate. Perhaps you’ve seen his award-winning performance in Sense and Sensibility (1995), where he plays Hugh Grant’s character’s best friend Edward Ferrars. Or have you watched The Last King of Scotland (2006) starring Forest Whitaker, who plays Patrick Mutesahaw—Firth’s character?

Relationships With Other Characters

Kate’s married former pupil master, with whom she is having an affair. [1] At first, Kate seems to have fallen for him because of his talent and work ethic; he has strength and works hard on his music. Later in their relationship, it becomes clear that she loves him for who he is—and not just because of his artistic accomplishments. Indeed, one of their major conflicts was that she wanted a more serious commitment from him than he was able to give her.

Is Jonathan Firth related to Colin Firth?

Colin and his brother, Lenny, are both older than Jonathan. But despite being a generation apart, Colin and Jonathan have collaborated on screen: they played brothers in 2004’s Love Actually. In fact, Colin has a habit of taking on roles opposite his brother; he has acted alongside Lenny twice before: as Mr. Knightley in Emma (1997) and Mr.

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