Animal Kingdom star Daniella Alonso plays Catherine Blackwell, the wife of Baz (Scott Speedman) and the mother of their daughter, Lena (Skyler Maxon). Catherine first appeared in the show’s premiere episode, as she and Baz meet up after he returns home from several years of doing bad things. Who is Catherine Blackwell : A Profile of the Animal Kingdom Star

Is Catherine Good or Bad?

Perhaps no character on Animal Kingdom has been more mysterious than Cate Blackwell, portrayed by Daniella Alonso. She’s Baz’s (Scott Speedman) wife and mother to his son, but she also happens to be connected to a drug cartel that Baz keeps trying to escape from. And her scenes with Pope (Shawn Hatosy) suggest that she’s not very happy in her marriage… but does that mean she’ll seek comfort in Pope as well? We already got a glimpse at who Catherine really is earlier in season 1 when we learned about her past relationship with Buddy (Toby Leonard Moore). Now we can start piecing together what’s happened since then, starting with how and why Catherine entered into an arranged marriage.

Why Did She Divorce Baz?

First, let’s get one thing out of the way: Baz and Catherine were never married in real life. But, that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about their relationship on social media or even wondering if Pope still has feelings for his character’s wife. I do not know what happened in Baz and Cathy’s marriage, Pope says. I have no idea why they divorced.

Who is Catherine Blackwell :  A Profile of the Animal Kingdom Star
Who is Catherine Blackwell : A Profile of the Animal Kingdom Star

Regardless, it seems as though viewers are eager to explore every aspect of Cathy’s personal life—including her new husband, Jared…How did she meet him? And will he stick around once she discovers what Baz has been up to? These are all questions that could be answered later on in season 1, but right now only time will tell.

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Is There a Future With Pope

Pope (Shawn Hatosy) has, for now, regained his freedom after all of those years in prison. But with Baz (Scott Speedman) tracking down Pope, who could soon be back in custody — or worse. Still, that hasn’t stopped Pope from considering some way to remain part of Lena’s life and see if there might be a future with her mom, veterinarian Catherine Cat Blackwell (Daniella Alonso). Can they even have that kind of relationship? And if so, what will it mean for Pope’s mission to protect Lena? So much remains up in the air right now.

Net Worth

$3 million. Daniella Alonso has been acting professionally since 2005, when she landed a role in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 . She had roles in 8 other films and TV shows before landing her breakout role on Animal Kingdom. In 2017, she earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television for her work on Animal Kingdom, as well as several SAG nominations for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.

Who is Catherine Blackwell :  A Profile of the Animal Kingdom Star
Who is Catherine Blackwell : A Profile of the Animal Kingdom Star

Real Estate

Cristina Alonso, The Real Estate Agent’s Sister in The Punisher Season 2. Cristina is played by Daniella Alonso, who also plays as a wife and mother to Baz, who kidnapped Frank Castle’s family member back in season 1. Alonso grew up with a sister who was two years older than her in Valencia, Spain. (season 2) Daniella Alonso is originally from Spain, but has been living in New York City for more than a decade now. She works on movies and TV shows like Fargo, The Wolf of Wall Street or 9/11: The Twin Towers. She says she has had several roles on different shows but she never thought she would have such an important one like that of Catherine Blackwell in Animal Kingdom. She said that at first it was only supposed to be one episode, but after seeing how well she did playing her character they decided to make it a recurring role.

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Personal Life

Before her breakout role in Animal Kingdom, Daniella Alonso co-starred in Baz Luhrmann’s The Get Down, which had a short and unsuccessful run on Netflix. She’s a native New Yorker and is married to NBA star Shane Larkin. The couple has a daughter named Lena, who will one day be able to look back at her mom’s impressive start as an actress and think her mom just does what she does for fun. Nothing big!

Who is Catherine Blackwell :  A Profile of the Animal Kingdom Star
Who is Catherine Blackwell : A Profile of the Animal Kingdom Star

Is Pope Lena’s father?

Pope has killed, manipulated and harassed a number of people in his quest to get closer to Lena. He once kidnapped his biological daughter to help him get close to Baz’s wife, Catherine Blackwell (Daniella Alonso). There are times when he seems genuinely concerned about her well-being, and other times when it’s clear he just wants her for himself. Is Pope really Lena’s father or will there be more shocking twists ahead? It certainly seems that he was involved with Baz’s wife at some point since they share DNA but fans still don’t know if Pope is her biological father. Then again, Pope also thinks Baz (Scott Speedman) is dead so maybe that means something else entirely!

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What happens to Catherine on Animal Kingdom?

She goes from being a doting mother to heartbroken, thanks to Baz’s betrayal. She also forms an attachment with Baz’s brother J and tries to make him realize that he needs help for his drug addiction. However, at a treatment center, he winds up getting in a fight that leaves him with brain damage. As you’ll see when Animal Kingdom returns for Season 3 on June 14 at 9/8c on TNT, things don’t look great for her relationship with J—but that doesn’t mean she won’t get some good news… (Season 2 Spoilers) Daniella Alonso joins our own Christina Radish to talk about what’s next in Season 3, plus what it was like working with Tom Hardy.

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