Whatsapp has introduced another security feature to its app and now it’s possible to lock the app with your fingerprint, just like you can do on iPhones. For some phones that have fingerprint readers built into the home button or the back of the phone, but for others, you will need to use your pattern or PIN code instead. To enable this feature in Whatsapp go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Fingerprint Lock and then tap Enable Fingerprint Lock and follow the instructions on screen to set up your print as a passcode. Whatsapp’s new fingerprint lock

In WhatsApp, you can set up a long press gesture

for example, tap with two fingers for a couple of seconds on a message to mark it as read or swipe with three fingers to delete it. You can then add an additional security feature by making sure that you need to use your fingerprint to open WhatsApp. This makes your messages more secure. Here’s how

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To do this, go to Settings. Section: Select Account. Section: Tap on Fingerprint. Section: Set up your pattern/gesture

you will be asked to create one now. Just swipe in any direction. Section: Choose an option from Fingerprint Lock Timeout to adjust your security preferences. The default time is 30 seconds, but you can choose anything between five and 120 seconds (the longer it takes, the more secure it is). Section: Save & Exit. To unlock your phone using your fingerprint, place your finger on your screen where you see a circle.

Whatsapp's new fingerprint lock
Whatsapp’s new fingerprint lock

The feature has been tested on WhatsApp beta for Android 2.19.134

after being active for an hour, and using it to confirm at least 10 payments of any kind, users should see an option in their security settings to enable WhatsApp Payments Fingerprint Lock. Once enabled, all future transactions will require you to authenticate with your finger before going through. Do note that if someone accesses your device they can use your finger or face (via Android’s Trusted Face) to conduct transactions until you disable Payments Fingerprint Lock from Settings again.

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This is different from WhatsApp Web in which you could only use your registered phone number as an identifier

with Fingerprint Lock, you can register a different identifier (in my case, my thumb) and then use it to log in by scanning your finger. Very neat! Here’s how it works.

Do note that the feature is not enabled by default. So, you will have to enable it manually first

Open WhatsApp > go to Settings and Privacy > Account > Privacy settings. Tap on Fingerprint Lock toggle to enable it.

Also, there’s no way you can reset your account if you lose access to your device

to regain access, you’ll need to install WhatsApp on a device with your phone number. If you can’t do that, your account is lost forever. I’m not sure how they missed that one…

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