If you own an Apple Watch, you’re probably no stranger to using it as an extension of your phone – or even just your fingers – but have you ever used WhatsApp on your Apple Watch? With the latest update, WhatsApp has made it possible to use the messaging service on your watch, so you can quickly see when someone sends you a message and even reply using voice dictation. If this sounds like something you’d love to try out, here’s how to get started with WhatsApp on your Apple Watch! WhatsApp on Your Apple Watch: How to Use It

What You Need

WhatsApp Messenger and an iPhone 5 or later running iOS 8.2 or higher. To run WhatsApp, you’ll need a Wi-Fi connection, an iPhone 5 or later running iOS 8.2 or higher, plus a data plan and mobile carrier compatible with your region. Once you have all that squared away, it’s time to install WhatsApp (for free) from iTunes or Google Play onto your phone.

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Downloading the App

If you have an Apple Watch, you’re probably a fan of using it for notifications and other small tasks throughout your day. And if you’re an iPhone user who uses WhatsApp messenger, here’s how to install and use WhatsApp Messenger on your watch. First, go into your phone’s App Store and search for WhatsApp Messenger. Then click Get, then Install. Once that process is complete, open up your Apple Watch app on your phone (it should be in a folder called Utilities), then scroll down until you see WhatsApp Messenger.

Pairing with iPhone

The first thing you’ll need to do is pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone. To do so, open up Settings on your watch and tap on Bluetooth. If Bluetooth is already turned On, make sure it’s paired with your iPhone. If not, turn it On and wait for a few seconds for your device to appear in a list of available devices.

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The Basics

To use WhatsApp on your Apple Watch, you’ll need to have an iPhone running iOS 8.2 or later and own an Apple Watch (the third-generation model, called simply Apple Watch, or a newer version). The iPhone also needs Bluetooth turned on; you can check by going into your phone’s settings. When all that is in place, open up WhatsApp for iOS and go into Settings.

WhatsApp on Your Apple Watch: How to Use It
WhatsApp on Your Apple Watch: How to Use It

Sending and Receiving a Message

To do either of these things, you’ll need your phone nearby—after all, it’s through your phone that you can send and receive messages. Here’s how to get started. First, install WhatsApp on your Apple Watch if you haven’t already done so (it’s available in beta now), then launch it from your watch face. The first time you run it, tap Send Message; once you have access to a keyboard, tap Compose Message.

More Options

WhatsApp allows you to send messages, images, videos and even voice recordings. If your phone is in another room or you don’t want to be rude by pulling it out while having a conversation with someone, then you can use WhatsApp without reaching for your phone. All you need is an iPhone with iOS 10 or later and a compatible Apple Watch.

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