Whatsapp just got more personal! With the latest update, you can now upload your own stickers, add captions to them, and send them to your friends as stickers or in an image-only format. To create custom stickers on Whatsapp: 1) Go to the sticker panel by pressing and holding on the message you’d like to send 2) Tap the + icon at the top of the sticker panel 3) Add your caption 4) Choose from your existing images 5) Save and send! Whatsapp just got more personal: Customize your own stickers!

How To Create Your Own Stickers

The new feature, called Sticker Studio, is made up of a bunch of templates for various occasions and moods.

To start using the Sticker Studio, you’ll need to open the WhatsApp app and tap on the emoji icon in the top right corner. From there, scroll down until you see Stickers and click on it. Next, select Stickers from the list of options to see all available templates. When you find one that interests you, tap on it to bring up a preview. If you’re satisfied with what you see, drag and drop it onto any chat where someone else has also selected the sticker (and there are no others). Finally, resize or move the sticker as needed before sending it off!

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Are These New Stickers Worth Creating?

It’s easy to see why WhatsApp users are excited about this new feature. But it isn’t perfect, either. It takes a fair amount of time to create a sticker and send it off to friends for approval. Plus, the app is only compatible with iOS devices at the moment, which may be frustrating for Android users who are curious about what’s in store. And if you want to use these new features on your phone, you’ll have to get it updated because they’re not available on the older operating system versions. All that being said, these options are still worth checking out if you’re already an avid WhatsApp user. You can start by downloading the latest update from Google Play or Apple’s App Store now.

The Design Process

The process of designing a sticker is a little more complicated than you might think. It takes hours of sketching and illustrating to come up with the perfect design, but it’s worth it when you see people using your sticker for their chats.

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First, you’ll need to decide what type of sticker you want to design – do you want to create a new one that nobody has seen before? Or do you want to make an edit or tweak on an existing one? You can upload any images in JPG format, add text and color it however you like. You can then save your work-in-progress as a draft or share it with friends on WhatsApp to get feedback until you’re satisfied with the result!

The End Product – A Small Sampling Of Your Possibilities

Do you want to spice up those regular chat messages with some custom, personalized stickers? No problem. WhatsApp just released the ability to customize and create your very own stickers. Step-by-step instructions below.

1) Go to the WhatsApp sticker store.

2) Select Create Your Own on top of the screen.

3) Choose a category and then fill in the details of what you want it to say or look like.

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4) Upload an image from your phone’s camera roll.

5) Press Save when you’re finished. 6) You can now use this as a sticker in chats with friends! Note: If you do not see this option yet, try restarting WhatsApp

Whatsapp just got more personal: Customize your own stickers!
Whatsapp just got more personal: Customize your own stickers!

Conclusion – Is This Worth My Time And Effort?

Yes, this is worth your time and effort. The customization of the stickers is what makes it great. With so many options, you can choose one that suits you and make a sticker that’s all yours. The process isn’t hard to follow. All you have to do is go to the App Store or Google Play Store and download Whatsapp’s latest version (2.17.281). When you open the app after downloading, head over to Settings then tap on Stickers and tap on Add Sticker Pack in order to add packs from Whatsapp such as Disney Stickers or GIFS for iMessage.

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