Deleting your Google account may sound like something reserved for people who are extremely upset with the company, but it’s actually very easy to do—so long as you know what to do before you delete your account. This guide will walk you through the process of deleting your Google account, whether you want to just close it temporarily or permanently erase all of the data they have on you. Follow these steps, and you can make sure that your Google presence goes away entirely—permanently. What you need to know about permanently deleting your Google account

4 Easy Steps To Delete Your Google Account

If you want to delete your Google account, here’s how. 1. Login to gmail with the email address associated with your Google Account, and then enter in a valid password. 2. Click on Delete Account in red at top right of screen. 3. Confirm by clicking on Delete My Account at bottom of next screen 4.

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Go to My Account

This is where all of your Google settings are found. To delete your account, click on Delete products & services which will take you to a page listing out every service that is connected with your account. Click on Delete next to each product (there may be dozens) and then click Next at each page’s prompt. You’ll have one last chance to double-check before it’s gone for good!

What you need to know about permanently deleting your Google account
What you need to know about permanently deleting your Google account

Choose Delete Products

If you want to completely wipe all of your data, then choose Delete products and services. This will remove every trace of your presence from every Google product you have used. And if any apps or devices still have access to that deleted info, then it will be removed when they next sync up with a server.

Use the Delete Account button

It’s easy to delete your entire account on Google, but not easy to get it back. Deleting an account is a permanent action—you can’t undo it and you can’t recover anything from deleted data. Before proceeding, take a minute to think about what’s on your personal profile (Gmail, YouTube, etc.). Don’t use any work-related accounts or share an email address with colleagues.

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Confirm The Delete

You can’t undo a delete. Before hitting that delete account button, be sure you don’t want to recover it or have any other questions regarding its deletion. You can’t recover an account if it has been deleted, so be sure before clicking through on that final message. If there is any chance of recovery, make sure your data is backed up and completely removed from all online accounts before moving forward with deletion.

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