One of the most common questions people have when they start playing PUBG Mobile is what that orange ship thing is on the mini map in the top right corner of the screen. Sometimes it seems like it has its own mind, sailing all over the place with no clear purpose, but I promise that’s not true! Here’s what you need to know about that pesky little boat, what it does, and how to use it to your advantage. What is the Orange Ship on PUBG Mobile?

How to use it Orange Ship on PUBG Mobile

The orange ship is a feature that allows you to mark your own location in-game, meaning you’ll be able to see exactly where other players are in relation to you. It’s really handy, as it can alert you to nearby enemies and allow you to plot your next move accordingly. If there are no other players around and everything seems clear, try moving towards an area with lots of buildings or shrubbery. You might be able to hide from enemy fire until you can get some distance between yourself and those trying to kill you. Otherwise, if someone else has already marked their position on your map, stay away from them! You don’t want to find yourself caught in crossfire.

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How to get it Orange Ship on PUBG Mobile

It’s pretty easy to get it. You must be level 17 or above in PUBG mobile, you can check your level by click on your level bar at top right corner. Then there will be three things come out, then click profile; there will show you what level you are and how many points you need to upgrade it. After that, go to Shop—> Ammo & Meds—> Supplies. There will be a new item called Orange Crate Dropship. Click on it and buy it with 100 BP (BP means Battle Points). After that, go back to main screen of game—> go to inventory —> equip it as backpack —> done! Now you have an orange ship thing on mini map! Easy, isn’t it?

Where did it come from?

In December 2017, Tencent introduced another new game mode to their popular mobile battle royale, Survival Arena. In Survival Arena, players have one life and have to survive as long as possible. If a player dies in Survival Arena, they will continue playing and respawn until they are killed again. The goal of Survival Arena is to get as many kills as possible before dying. At first glance, it seems like an odd addition to PUBG Mobile since it doesn’t really fit with its theme of being realistic and trying not to be too arcade-like.

What is the Orange Ship on PUBG Mobile?
What is the Orange Ship on PUBG Mobile?

Why do we have it now

The exact reason for why Tencent and Bluehole have introduced a brand new island to Miramar isn’t known. It could be to encourage players to try a new area, or it could be as a testing ground for future content that might arrive to one of PUBG’s other maps. If nothing else, we can rest assured knowing they’re working to ensure their game stays fun, fresh and engaging. This is an incredibly important step in keeping its player base engaged.

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