Digital assistants like Siri, Cortana, and the Google Assistant have recently become more and more popular with many of us starting to use them in our everyday lives. However, despite their rise in popularity, many of us still aren’t completely sure what these digital assistants are capable of or what they can do for us that we can’t already do ourselves using our handsets or a desktop computer. So what exactly can the Google Assistant do? What features does it offer that set it apart from other digital assistants? And how does it differ from the search engine we all know and love? Let’s find out! What is the Google Assistant and what can it do?

Make hands-free calls

Ask general questions

Set reminders

Play music from different services (Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora etc.)

Have it read your schedule out loud

Control smart home devices by voice

Manage everyday tasks with Shortcuts

I do you must give the hidden features of Google Assistant at royal it can be possible without the need to look at your phone only this but it can be the same article in 52 different languages to your fishing hot so I am sending the article you are interested in Google Assistant translated and weed in your favourite language that in the future is a huge timesaver phone imagination can listen to your favourite authors one working out going to work link on the couch and more listeners are endless but no matter which one you are in this feature is very useful you can use it you know I was the voices to why the Google app just open your search for the article you want and that the round button at the top right corner number to never forget the virtual stuff when you didn’t stop the when your friends and forget about them over time so that you Google Assistant remember.

What is the Google Assistant and what can it do?
What is the Google Assistant and what can it do?

You can start by adding stuff to shopping list over time and as Google assistant to show you the least one is the right join the second means even more useful you can as Google assistant to remind you to buy stuff at a certain location like this remind me to buy milk when I’m at the supermarket ?

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Missions Origins control your Smart home devices in a way or another couple of new additions to Google Assistant that I didn’t see any other assistance like Siri Alexa the first what is the day long to change Google assistant you can create 113 that includes multiple actions and action will have its own time to have the day for example I have one routine that handles highlights all the everything I had three actions that will take place at different times the first one dollar just the likes to 50% at 4:30 a.m. the second one will turn them off at 6 a.m. and finally at 6:40 p.m. all the lights will be turned back on this will save you from the hassle of creating a routine for each action which is lead the role of others and are used to get the most out of this feature for example you can use it to remind you to take a break or drink more than every couple of hours or maybe remind you to take your medicine What is the Google Assistant and what can it do?

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new feature is the delayed response it’s similar to the nail on route change but instead of adding timings to your actions you can let them is not one after the other based on a certain time today in this example I have a routine that I can Trigger by saying help me want to join this routine is 30 minutes long one should check with the countdown start for them manage and when the times of that would say you have 20 minutes left after another 10 minutes I will get another reminder saying that I want to have 10 minutes left then after another 5 minutes I will get my reminder and so on until it’s time for me to leave you can use this feature .

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