How does it know what information to send? And where to send? What Is Internet How Internet Work

Just like our homes have a postal address, our machines also have an address. This address is called IP Address. Full Name Internet Protocol Address. This IP address is a number. What Is Internet How Internet Work

Whenever you enter a website, the request goes to the server of that website. The request is that such information should be sent to such IP address.

What Is Internet How Internet Work

Let’s understand this a little :

You must have seen IPv4 and IPv6 written. These two are different versions of the IP. IPv6 is the latest version. The server also has an IP address. When you enter www.dudehightech.com , the machine reads the IP address of the dude high tech server.

Just like names and numbers are written in the phone-book, so is the record of the website and their IP address. Its name is DNS i.e. Domain Name System. The machine requests the IP address of the server of that website according to DNS.

What Is Internet How Internet Work

Information from the server of the website reaches your country through fiber cables laid in the sea. From here, the fiber cables lying under the ground reach your city.The literal meaning of Internet is- Internet. But its meaning will not be clear from this. Think of it in such a way that it is a kind of global network, which connects many computers or systems together. You can call it a network of many computers, which are interconnected through routers and servers. It is the world’s largest network, in which transfer protocol is used for the exchange of information and data.

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Where and how is the Internet made?

You have understood that the Internet is a network of data from all over the world. All the information we search on the Internet is stored somewhere. It reaches us through the server. By getting these information from all over the world, the Internet is formed by the connection of servers. Where the information is stored, it is called a server, it is on 24 x 7 . Web hosting companies provide server facilities. Servers around the world are connected by fiber optics cables. These cables, thinner than a hair, have the ability to transfer data at great speed.

What Is Internet , How Internet Work

The maximum part of the Internet is in these cables (Optical Fiber Cable) spread inside the oceans. In comparison, the contribution of satellite is negligible. Earlier, net connection was given only through cable, however now telecom companies have started providing net facility through satellite. This is the reason that earlier the internet facility was provided only through the telephone line but today telecom companies allow people to use the net through satellite to use in the smartphone.

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Who owns the Internet?

This is a very interesting question. If you take any item from the market, then we give its price. Some company is the owner of that stuff. The same thing applies to any service. But have you ever wondered who is the owner of the internet you use in your mobile, laptop or computer?
BSNL, Airtel, Jio, Vodafone (BSNL, Jio, Airtel, Vodafone) etc. are service providers, whom you pay for net packs. They are not the real owners of the internet. What are you thinking? Even the government is not the owner of the internet. What Is Internet How Internet Work

It is a collective system, it is not any one but all the countries work together on it and some companies and government do the work of its maintenance like W3C i.e. World Wide Web Consortium.

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