Do you know Google’s hidden secret? I bet you don’t, because it’s not really something that the internet giant wants people to know about! So what’s the Google secret? It might not be what you expect it to be! Have you ever heard of the fact that Google search algorithm doesn’t favor specific websites? This has been proven by multiple tests and case studies done by many different companies and SEO specialists. What is Google’s hidden secret?

The Secret Algorithm
The formula that determines what ranks on Google and what doesn’t may be a secret, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been written about extensively. The algorithm takes into account over 200 factors when returning search results—and those are just factors within its control. Once factoring in content quality, backlinks, etc., there are thousands of additional variables that determine where an individual webpage will rank.

The Secret Search Interface
One of my favorite search features at Google is a tool called advanced search. It allows you to fine-tune your results in a number of ways—by time, region, and domain, among other options. But most of all I like it because it’s an underutilized feature that yields powerful results. Here are some tips for using it more effectively:
At its simplest level, Advanced Search works as follows: enter whatever query or topic you want into Google (or any other major search engine), then click more at the end of your basic keyword or phrase list; a new box will appear with additional filtering tools.

What is Google's hidden secret?
What is Google’s hidden secret?

The Secret Advertiser
How Does it Work ? If you search on Google for information, chances are that on top of regular search results pages, you’ll see some advertisement. That’s a primary source of income for Googles. But not all ads can be seen or clicked by users and those are known as hidden ads. They appear in forms of result pages and those form result pages are listed to certain keyword searches only.

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The Secret on the Hidden Menu
Like any normal person, when you want to order something at a restaurant but it isn’t on the menu, your first instinct might be to ask for it. But wait! Don’t ask for it yet.

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