Peaky Blinders season 3 was an intense ride and now that it’s finished, viewers are left wondering what will happen to their favorite characters next. One of the biggest concerns revolves around the fate of Mother Superior and whether or not she survived the gunshot wound inflicted by Tommy Shelby, Sr. In this article, we look at what happened to Mother Superior after Peaky Blinders, as well as her character’s journey throughout the show so far. What Happened to Mother Superior After Peaky Blinders?

Who Is kate dickie

Scottish actress Kate Dickie is best known for her role as Linda’s mother, Ida Arnold, in Luther (2010-2015). Dickie’s other television credits include detective drama Case Histories (2010), crime drama Inspector George Gently (2007), and The Crimson Petal and The White (2011). In 2013, she co-starred with Doctor Who’s Jenna Coleman in three episodes of Doctor Who spinoff series ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’ – as Mary Travis, a companion of a young girl who stumbles upon an alien plot. Director John Ford then cast her opposite Sean Bean in Field of Lost Shoes (2014), a Civil War epic set in Virginia. In 2015 she played Maeve Millay in the second season of HBO series Westworld.

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Kate Dickie As Mother Superior

Kate Dickie was born on 17 January 1978 in Paisley, Renfrewshire. Kate Dickie is an actress, known for Black Watch (2006), You Instead (2008) and The Last Kingdom (2015). She is married to Jamie Sives. She has two children. Kate starred as Allison McQueen in BBC One’s Waterloo Road from 2008 until 2009. Her theatre work includes performances with Propeller at Perth Theatre, Citizens Theatre and Royal Lyceum Edinburgh amongst others.

What Happened to Mother Superior After Peaky Blinders?
What Happened to Mother Superior After Peaky Blinders?

The History of Mother Superior

The most recently revealed backstory of Kate Dickie’s character, Sister Harriet, is that she grew up in a boxing family and took up with Tommy Shelby’s uncle. In episode 5 of season 4, The Gun Club, we learn that she was sent by his uncle (who wanted her out of trouble) to a convent in Ireland as a teen. There, she fell in love with another girl who got her pregnant when they were both 17 years old. Their child died shortly after birth and Harriet immediately took her vows and became a nun.

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Why Did She Have To Die

The character of Mother Superior on Peaky Blinders is one that sticks with you long after you’ve watched an episode. Kate Dickie plays her so well, it’s hard not to wonder how different things might have been if she were still around. Luckily, it turns out there is a way we can get a hint at what she was up to – and some indication of what might have happened between her and Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy). So here’s why did she have to die in Peaky Blinders

What Happened Next

The plot of Season 3 has taken a turn towards Peaky Blinders vs. Thomas Shelby, and considering how beautifully it ended last season, fans were left wondering what could possibly come next. Will Tommy give himself up for Michael Gray or will he somehow find a way out of that mess? There are still so many questions about how Season 3 will pan out but we at least know one thing for sure – Kate Dickie is returning as Polly Gray. We don’t know exactly when we’ll see her in action again but that hasn’t stopped us from speculating. What happens to Polly in Peaky Blinders Season 3?

What Happened to Mother Superior After Peaky Blinders?
What Happened to Mother Superior After Peaky Blinders?

Will We See Her In The Next Season

There are a lot of Peaky Blinders Easter eggs in other TV shows and movies. This post goes over some of them! For example, fans noticed that one of Tommy’s tattoos was also seen on Billy Magnussen’s character in Jupiter Ascending. If you’re interested in finding out more about mother superior and other important characters from Peaky Blinders, here is a complete list of all characters (with photos) who appeared on Peaky Blinders.

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Who is the Scottish nun in peaky blinders?

Mother Superior is a female cleric and sister-in-law of Changretta, played by Helen McCrory. We do not know her name, but she married Changretta (Tony) in season 1. Her role was essentially a supporting character who introduced us to Alfie Solomons’ political role as leader of Birmingham. At times when there wasn’t enough for her to do, it felt like her character was just there because Helen McCrory really wanted to appear on peaky blinders.

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