The new HBO Max series ‘Trinity Of Shadows’ is about a detective, police officer and city councilor who each become involved in the same unsolved murder cold case from 20 years ago. It all begins when the detective, who worked on the original case and never solved it, finds out that there may be new leads in the case…and that one of the people he thought might have been responsible was actually innocent. This discovery reopens old wounds as he reflects on all that happened in the past and his regrets about how he handled things back then. Watch Trinity Of Shadows On HBO Max

The cast

James Purefoy, Michael K. Williams, India Eisley, Shaunette Renée Wilson and Omar Ghazaoui are part of a recurring cast that will include additional new faces. Aimee Teegarden (The Capture) joins in a recurring role as Detective Linda Merriman’s daughter. Her character’s husband was killed by police in a controversial shooting years ago that has driven an unshakable wedge between her and her mother.

The plot

A murder brings up a painful cold case for Detective Gwen Sheridan (Maggie Q), Rookie Cop Lily Preston (Katie Cassidy) and powerful City Councilor Emily Gillespie (Susan Blackwell). The Trinity of Shadows is a serial killer who targets children. Detective Sheridan, Emily and Lily each have something in common – they were all victimized by him. They are also all women with something to lose: careers, lives and family.

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Schedule of the show

Are you a fan of mystery, thrillers and suspense? Then check out Trinity of Shadows on HBO Max. The show is full of twists and turns that keeps viewers glued to their seats. Based on true events, Trinity of Shadows follows Detective Joey DeFrancesco as he tries to solve a complicated murder case.

Cast behind the scenes

The first thing that comes to mind when you see Trinity of Shadows is its cast. The pilot stars Toni Collette, Adria Arjona, Ismael Cruz Cordova and Blake Jenner. Collette takes on a dual role as both victims in a murder scene from decades ago and present-day police officers. Arjona plays Scully, a detective who’s investigating her first case after transferring from Boston.

Ratings , Watch Trinity Of Shadows On HBO Max

8.1/10 from 2,837 users Runtime: 1 hour 40 minutes Release Date: 9 June 2019 (USA) Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery Director: James Foley Stars: Peter Dinklage, Elena Anaya, Andy García and Michael Esper

trinity of shadows trailer Watch Trinity Of Shadows On HBO Max

One of my all-time favorite movies is The Usual Suspects, and I’m not alone. You know why? Because it made me think, Oh my god! right when Kevin Spacey’s character shot Keaton (Chazz Palminteri) in his line of sight. And it was fun, easy to follow and had a wonderful ensemble cast that left you anticipating more with each passing moment.


_______________________ Nominations: _______________________ Released: __________ Rating: __________ Director: ___________ Cast (Starring): _________ Genre(s): _Mystery Drama Writer(s): _J.D. Hickey, Aaron Korsh, __ Michael Sardo Producer(s): _Aaron Korsh Distributor: _HBO Max Studio/Network: _HBO Max Runtime: ____ Minutes Language(s) Spoken in Film/Show Description: A murder brings up a painful cold case for a detective, a rookie cop and a city councilor.

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How it’s made Watch Trinity Of Shadows On HBO Max

We’re so used to our favorite shows playing out a certain way—someone meets someone else, they fall in love, they have some adventures and they usually break up in time for a final season—that we rarely think about where these stories come from. But every once in a while, an episode is produced that doesn’t quite fit into what we expect. A plot goes astray; an actor falls sick; a showrunner gets an idea…You never know what will happen!

 trinity of shadows netflix

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 trinity of shadows wiki Watch Trinity Of Shadows On HBO Max

The show is a murder mystery thriller set in 1990s Los Angeles, revolving around a fresh-faced detective investigating an apparent crime of passion within an exclusive community. Her investigation takes her down a dark path into L.A.’s underbelly and exposes secrets long kept by powerful men buried in high places.

 trinity of shadows episode 1

it’s a rain-soaked night in portland, massachusetts. detective adam stocker (adrian rogers) is called to a crime scene: a dead body has been found in an alley. but something about it doesn’t seem right. after all, why was that man wearing gloves?

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trinity of shadows episode 2

Not quite everything from episode 2 of HBO’s drama Trinity of Shadows is as dark and haunted as you might expect. But there’s still plenty of gloom and intrigue, too, in case you weren’t able to tune in Sunday night for Episode 2. Here are some things you need to know about what happened in Strange Pictures, which will be made available online at 3 p.m. EDT Monday on demand on HBO Max; note that there are minor spoilers below!

Watch Trinity Of Shadows On HBO Max
Watch Trinity Of Shadows On HBO Max

trinity of shadows episode 3

I could give you a thousand reasons why I need to fight for my city, to make it stronger. But there’s only one that matters: When I was ten years old, we lost our father to a senseless crime. A perp got away with it and he had been living freely ever since. Sure, my mom raised us well and helped us become successful, but I want to be able to change things on a bigger scale than that.

trinity of shadows ending

Series reveals who killed Danny Wheeler and put Joss Carter on trial for murder. However, it’s a plot point many fans of The Wire will recognize as a recasting of an element from that show. A plot twist involving a prominent case is a staple of both shows. In season 4, it was McNulty bringing back Nick Sobotka to stand trial for murdering an off-duty cop.

trinity of shadows synopsis Watch Trinity Of Shadows On HBO Max

A detective on a murder case in Los Angeles is forced to confront his personal demons when he discovers that both his victim and key witness are linked to one of his own cold cases. It’s a dark and twisty look at trust, responsibility, morality, revenge and consequences.

trinity of shadows eng sub

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