Using Windows 10 or Window 7 on your computer? You can run into problems when you log into your profile, like this message below telling you the User Profile Service failed the logon on your computer. However, there are some steps you can take to fix this error and get back to enjoying your computer! Read on to learn more. User Profile Service Failed the Logon on Windows 10 and Window 7

Error code 0x80070005

User profile service failed The logon was denied. User profile cannot be loaded. This user may not exist, or it may not have permission to log on at this time. User profile cannot be loaded: %1 The user may not exist, or it may not have permission to log on at this time. Solution: On windows 10 and 8, use Command Prompt as an administrator to run Troubleshooter for User Account Control settings (type troubleshooter in search)and then restart your computer.

Fixing error 0x80070005

The User Profile Service failed logon. This issue can occur for a number of reasons, but it’s usually related to a corrupted profile or a third-party security program that’s interfering with normal system functionality. Before we look at ways to fix 0x80070005, let’s talk about what causes it in the first place. Corrupted profile: The most common cause of 0x80070005 is corrupted user profiles—although you may not think so at first.

User Profile Service Failed the Logon on Windows 10 and Window 7
User Profile Service Failed the Logon on Windows 10 and Window 7

Possible reasons for this issue

You may have a corrupt user profile. To resolve, you will need to delete your current user profile and create a new one. If you don’t have admin privileges or if that fails, then your computer must be restored to its original factory state. You will lose all of your personal files; however, any cloud-based programs should still be available after restoration.

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How to prevent these errors in the future

Fixing both of these issues is done in a similar way. You have to run Netplwiz, which you can do by pressing Windows Key + R to open a Run dialogue box. Type netplwiz in that box and press Enter to launch it. Once it opens, uncheck Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer, click Apply and then OK.

Q & A

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How do I fix Windows 10 user profile Service failed the logon?

There are two ways to fix user profile service failed logon. First, you can try to restart your computer in safe mode. Second, you can go to your event viewer in control panel and read what’s wrong with it. Third, run SFC command to repair corrupted files in windows system32 folder. Fourth, you can restore your PC back to a previous state before it stopped working properly. Fifth, use a program called System File Checker (SFC) to find and replace corrupt or missing system files on Windows Vista or later versions of Windows operating systems.

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How do I bypass the user profile Service failed the logon?

There are many ways to bypass or fix user profile service failed logon issue. We will discuss various methods to resolve it. I’m sure that one of these methods will work for you, but if not just move down to next method. All methods described below are confirmed working, however you need to find a working solution for your specific problem.

User Profile Service Failed the Logon on Windows 10 and Window 7
User Profile Service Failed the Logon on Windows 10 and Window 7

What causes user profile Service failed the logon Windows 7?

If user profile service failed logon in windows 7, what you must know is that there might be some issues with your system. It seems to be a very common issue for windows users that all of sudden their system shows a login screen as below. But don’t worry, we have got you covered in order to fix user profile service failed logon windows 7 step by step.

What does it mean when laptop says the user profile Service failed to logon?

The user profile service failed to logon message is displayed whenever there’s a problem when starting Windows. The error is usually caused by an incomplete installation of an application, driver or hardware device; perhaps because it was removed improperly or corrupted files were left behind during a previous installation.

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How do I fix a corrupted profile in Windows 7?

This error often comes up when you’re trying to log into your user account in Windows. The reason it pops up is that there’s a corrupted profile somewhere on your system that just won’t work, which brings us to our first tip: It might be time to reinstall or reset your computer. Here are some suggestions you can try if a reinstall or reset doesn’t do it for you (or if you just want other ideas).

Why do Windows profiles get corrupted?

Although user profiles can store a lot of useful information, it’s inevitable that, from time to time, a profile will become corrupted. This can occur for a number of reasons: due to software conflicts; damage to files; insufficient disk space; or malicious software (viruses, Trojans). Whatever cause you have, there is usually an easy fix—if your profile becomes corrupted. In most cases, you can reinstate your profile manually through Windows Task Manager or by using File Explorer.

User Profile Service Failed the Logon on Windows 10 and Window 7
User Profile Service Failed the Logon on Windows 10 and Window 7

How do I restore my Windows 10 profile?

Reinstalling Windows 10 is a pain. But, if you’re trying to fix a problem with your current install, it’s sometimes worth it. The problem we hear about most often from our users is that their profiles won’t load after installing or uninstalling apps. If you have been experiencing problems with your profile, there are several things that you can try

How do I reset my Windows 10 profile?

If you can’t log into your account due to a failed profile logon, it’s easy to reset your user profile using one of these two methods. If you need to access your computer right away, you can use Safe Mode with Networking, which won’t require you to boot from a USB flash drive. If it takes too long for you to get out of Safe Mode and make any needed changes in your profile settings, we recommend trying Easy Recovery Essentials.

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