Uhtred, the main character in the TV series The Last Kingdom, is a warrior and a man of many talents. He’s also one of the few remaining English, after all of his fellow countrymen were slaughtered by the invading Danes. This makes him something of an outsider in his own land, and he often finds himself caught between two sides in wars that are not his own. Despite this, he’s a hero to many who fear the growing power of the Danes in England’s old territories and see Uhtred as their best hope for freedom from foreign control. Uhtred the main character in the TV series The Last Kingdom is a warrior and a man of many talents

Who exactly is this character?

Uhtred is a prominent figure within Bernard Cornwell’s bestselling historical fiction books which serve as inspiration for BBC America’s new television series, The Last Kingdom. In essence, Uhtred’s bloodline makes him heir to England’s throne but circumstances turn his world upside down and Uhtred isn’t just forced to fight for survival but also for his country – all because he isn’t willing to compromise his identity or beliefs for anything or anyone else.

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And what do we know about him so far?

He’s an orphan who was born as an Englishman but raised by Danes. He has no love for either race because they killed his family, yet he has trouble fitting into Danish society because he wasn’t raised with their beliefs. He still maintains his English roots, however—he secretly takes up with Ealdorman Odda (played by Matthew Macfadyen) to fight against King Aelle (played by Gabriel Byrne). Uhtred even saves his son from enemy troops at one point.

What are his skills?

Uhtred is an excellent fighter who knows how to wield an axe and sword with lethal skill; he’s also incredibly intelligent, being able to strategize his way out of dangerous situations with ease.

Does he get along with people?

He has an unquenchable spirit of adventure and isn’t afraid to fight when necessary. He also has no qualms about breaking social rules if he thinks it will help him accomplish his goals. He doesn’t always get along with people or follow their instructions, though he does try to respect them for the most part. Even so, he can rub people – especially powerful men – wrong by talking back to them or not agreeing with what they say.

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Is he good at fighting?

Yes, Uhtred is definitely talented with a sword; he was trained by his father to fight for him against any foe. His father never treated him like he was royalty (which he technically isn’t), nor as anyone special; all that mattered was that his dad needed his help to protect their home from their Viking invaders so Uhtred got used to fighting since childhood.

How does he deal with difficult situations?

Uhtred is bold and courageous, which helps him face down adversity in new situations without hesitation. Uhtred deals with difficult situations by being patient while biding his time until he finds an opportunity to fight back. He uses every setback as an opportunity to improve himself so that he’s better prepared for any future difficulties that may come his way.

Uhtred the main character in the TV series The Last Kingdom is a warrior and a man of many talents
Uhtred the main character in the TV series The Last Kingdom is a warrior and a man of many talents

How loyal is he to other people?

Being loyal to other people starts with being loyal to yourself. Uhtred has no trouble doing what he believes is right—even if it causes him to be viewed as an outsider by others. Loyalty isn’t just about following orders; it’s about having faith in your friends and showing your trustworthiness when times get tough. If you want others to have confidence in you, make sure you have faith first! Are you sure that everyone around you deserves your loyalty?

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What happened before the show began?

Uhtred was born to Osbert (earl of Bebbanburg) and his wife Hereswith at Bebbanburg Castle in Northumbria around AD 909. When he was seven years old his mother sent him to be raised by her brother Aelfric who was at that time Bishop of Ramsbury (now part of Wiltshire) in Wessex where Uhtred spent most of his childhood being educated by Aelfric.

And what’s coming up next?

It’s been revealed that Uhtred will be facing a new enemy on season 2 – King Alfred of Wessex (played by David Dawson). And as fans are sure to remember,

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