If you’re looking for something new to watch on Korean drama, here’s one that you should absolutely tune in to watch: Twenty-Five Twenty-One! Recently released in South Korea, this drama stars the talented Yoo Yeon-seok and Kim Ji-won. It’s full of suspense and unexpected twists, which keep the viewers hooked until the very end! Here are some reasons why you should tune in to watch Twenty-Five Twenty-One! Twenty-Five Twenty-One: Why You Should Tune in and Watch

A heartbreaking story

The key to understanding Twenty-Five Twenty-One is that it’s a drama based on actual events. The case of Ms.

An ensemble cast

This is one of Korea’s most anticipated dramas of 2018. Starring some of South Korea’s top actors and actresses, it’s not hard to see why.

The child cast will blow you away

This year’s newest dramaland series, Twenty-Five Twenty-One, features an impressive line up of child actors. This drama will showcase some young talent in South Korea who are sure to make a name for themselves with their great acting skills. These kids may not be well known to many, but they sure do give off a lot of potential. For those of you interested in checking out more about these talented young actors, I highly recommend following them on Instagram. They are adorable!

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A strong production team

Produced by CJ E&M, Twenty-Five is helmed by director Jung Ji-hyun who’s worked on some of Korea’s most popular dramas including Rooftop Prince, Signal, and Cheese in the Trap. So there’s little doubt that we can expect a high standard of production value from each episode.

Engaging plot

Developed by writer Yoo Seong-yeol, who is widely known for The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry (2011) and Single Dad in Love (2015), Twenty-Five Twenty-One’s main plot features a woman named Jin Seon Mi who turns 25 on her 25th birthday. However, she ages backwards instead of forwards. She begins at twenty five years old, but within minutes transforms into a twelve year old.

Star-studded cast list

Yes, there’s a reason that it’s one of Korea’s most popular series. The cast is made up of some of Korea’s biggest names in acting such as Song Seung-heon, Park Jin-hee, Kim Jaejoong, Jang Geun-seok and more. If you love Korean dramas or TV shows at all then it won’t be a problem for you to get into these characters.

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Two leads are dating in real life

Tying into why you should watch Twenty-Five Twenty-One, it’s worth noting that its two leads have been dating since 2008. They split up briefly during filming, but got back together after realizing how much they missed each other. Too cute! Especially considering how good they look on screen together—and off screen too.

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