How cute are these two? If you’re watching Lucifer, then you know that Trixie and Lucifer have become the closest of friends on the show. There’s just something about their relationship that makes you smile—and if it doesn’t, then you might be dead inside… or not a fan of the most adorable friendship on TV right now! Trixie and Lucifer’s Friendship is the Cutest Thing Ever

Who are your favorite fictional friends?

If you’re a fan of THE X-FILES or FRIENDS, you’ll love how much Trixie, also known as Beatrice Trixie Espinoza from LUCIFER, reminds us of Frohike (Liam O’Brien) and Gunther (Richard Moll). Though they never became partners on THE X-FILES — that honor went to Mulder and Scully — Gunther was very attached to Frohike. As FANGRRL notes, For all his bravado, there was one thing that got under his skin: people who messed with Frohike. The same can be said for Trixie. Like many middle children, Trixie is underestimated.

What makes a great fictional friendship?

Well, it can’t be forced. Trixie and Lucifer’s friendship makes sense for a multitude of reasons: Trixie was born to a rich family, has a cool name (Beatrice Trixie Espinoza) but also has fallen from grace in her time on Earth. She was so lost she tried to commit suicide, which brings me to another point about fictional friendships: There needs to be something that brings these characters together. I mean, seriously, why would anyone even bother hanging out with Negan? He murders people! His whole shtick is that he kills people! Sure, he eats hot dogs with Carl but there are plenty of hot dog vendors who wouldn’t slaughter their customers.

Trixie and Lucifers Friendship is the Cutest Thing Ever
Trixie and Lucifers Friendship is the Cutest Thing Ever

Why do you like them so much?

They’re just too adorable! I can’t believe that Trixie and Lucifer have only known each other for a few months, but it feels like they’ve been friends forever. My favorite moments are when Trixie takes care of lucifer like when she gives him alcohol because he had a bad day or when she goes to visit him at work. I love how Trixie brings out a side of Lucifer that we don’t normally see, especially in the first episode, where he was caring for her after she was shot by James (yikes!). While I know that their friendship won’t last past season six, it would be cool if they were friends after/during season seven.

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Do you think they’d make good friends in real life?

Beatrice Trixie Espinoza. I wish that some day, someone could see me for who I really am (or, you know, not at all), and then be friends with me because of it. And isn’t that one of life’s sweetest stories? One that most of us tell every day. Sure, they might not start off as strong acquaintances or fast friends like Trixie did with Lucifer (and in fact may even take decades to reveal themselves). But there will come a time when our true selves get dropped into one person or maybe a select few people’s laps, and from there you have something beautiful—the opportunity to really know another human being.

What relationship in fiction do you wish you had with someone?

I mean, I’m happy with my friends, but there are definitely fictional characters I would love to hang out with in real life. Maybe Trixie and Lucifer. He would be cool to just chat with because he knows all these things about humans that I don’t know yet, like music, TV shows, books — stuff like that. Then we could learn from each other. And I think she would be fun to hang out with because she’s pretty chill as far as kids go. Trixie and Lucifer’s Friendship is the Cutest Thing Ever

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How would your lives change if you had this friendship in real life?

I would have to wake up at 10:00 P.M. every day, because that’s when Trixie goes to sleep. But I don’t care because getting to watch her snuggle with Lucifer is worth it. Trixie isn’t afraid of him, even though she could probably crush him in a hug. She’s adorable and doesn’t judge him for his dark side or ridiculous personality, which most people tend to do once they learn who he really is. In return, he loves her so much that he agrees to be part of babysitting duties once in a while without any issues whatsoever.

Trixie and Lucifers Friendship is the Cutest Thing Ever
Trixie and Lucifer’s Friendship is the Cutest Thing Ever

A History of Their Relationship

Although Trixie was just a baby when she first met Lucifer, her parents immediately knew there was something special about their daughter. While it took a while for Trixie to warm up to him, they eventually became friends – until Trixie was in danger of dying. At that point, Trixie tried to let go of Lucifer so she could keep herself alive; unfortunately, that effort didn’t work out as planned. After passing on, Trixie realized how much she loved hanging out with her guardian angel friend and sent him a letter explaining how much he meant to her.

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The Future of Their Relationship

Trixie has a much deeper relationship with Mazikeen, so will she make her way to LA? Will she end up living with Chloe and Dan at some point? As Trixie gets older, it’s possible that these people who aren’t related to her by blood will become more like family. It’s also possible that we could see Trixie move in with Mike & Ella or Linda, since they are now basically family too.

The Different Forms their Love Takes

Are you a Trixie (the one who loves ) or a Mazikeen (the one who loves being in love)? Of course, friendships can fall anywhere on a spectrum between pure love and stony indifference, but we still feel that Trixie and Mazikeen’s friendship makes for one of TV’s best examples of friendship at its finest. The girls have both been through ups and downs when it comes to romance, but they never betray each other. They always have each other’s backs. They are both givers: when one needs something—be it coffee or raising hell—the other drops everything to help her out, because they know that she would do the same thing if it were reversed.

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