Google Assistant has quickly become one of the most popular voice assistants on the market, and with good reason. It’s super-smart and capable of almost any task you can throw at it—but you probably don’t know all its secrets yet! Keep reading to learn more about this powerful assistant, including how to use it to do things like control your smart home, change your music, and even order food! Top Secret Google Assistant Tricks That Will Change Your Life

About the Google Home

Google Home is a smart speaker powered by the Google Assistant. It’s designed to be hands-free and voice-activated, so you can use your voice to control music, get answers from Google, manage your everyday tasks, and more! It’s available in both black and white colors and also comes in three different styles:

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Google Home Mini – A compact version of the original that offers similar functionality as its larger counterpart; it has a built-in speaker, but does not include an alarm clock or Bluetooth connectivity.

How Does it Work?

Google Assistant is a voice-activated digital assistant that can help you get things done. It was developed by Google, which is best known for its search engine, and was introduced at the company’s developer conference in 2016. To use it on your Android phone or Apple device, just tap and hold the Home button or say Hey Google. You can then talk to it like you would any person to ask questions and give commands.

Wake up with your voice

You can set up the alarm to wake you up in the morning using your voice. Just say Ok Google, set an alarm for 7 AM. You’ll then be able to say Ok, Google, wake me up at 7:00 AM and it will go off on your phone at that time.

Shazam with your voice

The best thing about Shazam is that you don’t need to download it in order to use it. All you have to do is say Hey, Google, what’s this song? and start singing (or play any part of the song). I often find myself using this function when I hear a new song on the radio or TV and I want to know what it’s called. It works best with songs that are popular or well-known.

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Send messages hands free

1. Ask it to do your phone’s voice mail for you with Ok Google, read my voice in or Ok Google, send a text message.

2. It can manage a to-do list by saying Ok Google, add this to my to-do list and then telling it what you need to do. 3. You can set alarms like Ok Google, wake me up at 7am every weekday 4. You can even tell it jokes like Ok Google, what does the fox say?

Find what you’re looking for

#3. Have a conversation with your phone. This is one of the coolest tricks to learn, and it’s also one of the most useful. You can ask questions, give commands, and even use it to play games by just talking to your phone like you would with a person.

#4. Make hands-free calls on speakerphone or through the phone app. With this tip, you’ll never have to fumble for your phone when someone calls again. Use voice commands from anywhere in the room without picking up your device!

Top Secret Google Assistant Tricks That Will Change Your Life
Top Secret Google Assistant Tricks That Will Change Your Life

Order products from Amazon

You can also order products from Amazon by saying, OK, Google. Order a product. Once you do this, the voice assistant will ask you to confirm your purchase and the name of the item. You’ll then get an email confirmation with your shipment info.

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Buy tickets online

When you go to buy tickets for a show or sporting event, if you have the Ticketmaster app installed on your phone, it will automatically direct you to the Ticketmaster website. However, if you don’t have the app installed, just select Buy Tickets from the search bar and then enter in your information.

Play games and have fun with your family!

Google Home is a voice-activated speaker that uses the Google Assistant to answer your questions and perform other tasks. The coolest thing about the speaker is that it can play games with you! It’s fun for all ages, and there are over 1000 games to choose from.

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