When you think of the word zombie, most people think of only one thing – zombies eating brains. However, zombies have evolved a lot over the past few years, moving away from human corpses to more fantasy/monster-like creatures like vampires and werewolves, and also becoming more different in many other ways as well. With that said, let’s take a look at the top 5 zombie games like Mr bullet!

Mr Bullet

This game is similar to Mr Bullet. The main objective is to save your friends from zombies. To do so, you will have to kill lots of them in order to reach new levels. It has a really good gameplay, but it’s also challenging. You have limited bullets, and as you progress in levels there are more zombies coming at you. If you get hit by one of them, it’s game over for you.

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Dead Trigger 2

The original Dead Trigger had a zombie game feel to it, but was more of an open-world survival shooter—Dead Trigger 2 feels even more similar to Mr Bullet, with its single-player campaign and mission-based gameplay. The game even has four-player co-op as well as 24 different weapons.

Plague Inc.

If you’re in a mobile gaming rut and want something that’s a little different from your usual match-3 puzzle or word-jumble game, give Plague Inc. a try. Originally released as an iOS title, it sees you turn into a virus and infect people by spreading across cities via airline travel, shipping routes, and through couriers. If your victims die from your infection (and you do have to kill them), then you can mutate to create deadlier versions of yourself!

Zombiewood Tycoon

I started playing games to get a break from learning, says Rizwan Anwer, co-founder of gaming studio Pixelberry. But eventually I found that games were much more efficient at helping me learn new things than books or lectures were. With Zombiewood Tycoon, players must help build a town in which survivors can live and thrive. The game is free for iOS and Android devices.

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Zombie Gunship Survival

This mobile action game from Limbic Entertainment, Inc. takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where you must use your gunship to defend yourself and survivors against hordes of walking dead. The game’s graphics are pretty decent, with much more detail than you would expect from a mobile game.

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