Robotechnology has been around since the mid-20th century and has helped to change the world in so many ways. One of the biggest impacts that robotics and related technologies have had is on the way that we work and live, as they have taken over repetitive and dangerous tasks that humans used to have to do manually. Since this began, there have been many companies that are using robotechnology to help with their day-to-day operations and to provide better products and services to their customers around the world. Here are five of those companies. Top 5 Robotech Companies

1) Exceed Robotics

This company develops robots for industrial, defense and service applications. It produces personal service robot Pepper, which is designed to work in stores, homes and healthcare facilities. Exceed Robotics has deployed over 1,200 units worldwide. One of its latest robots is e-Palette, a self-driving delivery truck created in collaboration with Google parent Alphabet Inc., Mazda Motor Corp., Suzuki Motor Corp. and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV’s Ram brand.

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2) Clearpath Robotics

$16.6 million, 13 employees. Founded by four University of Waterloo undergrads, Clearpath Robotics is a Canadian company that focuses on building autonomous vehicles for use in material-handling applications. The company develops custom robots for clients in industries like mining and agriculture as well as providing its own line of unmanned ground vehicles—also known as UGVs—for sale to consumers or businesses.

3) Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics develops and builds advanced robotic platforms, with an initial focus on bipedal robots. We are at a turning point in robotics where we are finally capable of building complex systems. We want to capitalize on our experience and tools to build reliable robotic systems that make a real difference.

Top 5 Robotech Companies
Top 5 Robotech Companies

4) Andros Robots

Andros Robots is a company from Bellflower, California. They build high-quality personal and commercial robots. Their main design is named Andros, but they also build Lunkys, which are designed for doing hard manual labor in hazardous environments. All of their models have human-like faces and are designed to work alongside humans without posing any risk of damage or loss of life to them or their properties. They are very popular in many places around America for jobs like construction, mining, farming and more.

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5) Rethink Robotics

The next generation of collaborative robots, or cobots are now available to any small- and medium-sized manufacturer. Rethink Robotics’ innovative cobot design is programmable by any software developer without specialized expertise in robotics. The Baxter is a friendly robot that can easily be trained to perform new tasks. With a small footprint and affordable price point, Rethink is making it easy for manufacturers to introduce cobots into their existing manufacturing environment.

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