What do you get when you mix two-time Paralympic gold medalist, an international star powerlifter, and the most beautiful woman on Earth? You get Olga Bednarska, one of the contestants on this season’s Too Hot to Handle (season 3) who I believe has a real shot at winning it all and becoming the show’s first female winner in its three-year history. Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Finalist Olga Bednarska Is on Fire

Preparing for the Competition

In season three of Too Hot to Handle, Olga Bednarska is determined to make it as a finalist. Watch how she preps for the competition by checking out her recent video here! Watch Olga compete on Too Hot to Handle Season 3 every Monday at 9/8c.

The 10 contestants are judged based on both dance routines and their personalities so that viewers can form opinions about who they like. Each week features a different dance style: jazz, hip-hop and contemporary were just some of the genres featured in previous seasons. Judges include Baz Luhrmann, Tabitha D’umo (So You Think You Can Dance), Darnell Moore (Sway), Nai Palm (Tropical Popsicle) and more.

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The First Day

It’s the start of season three of Too Hot to Handle. The prize is 20,000 pounds and 10 weeks with talent agent Mark Caplan. Meet Surrey native Olga Bednarska who worked in recruitment before turning her hand at modeling and acting.

Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Finalist Olga Bednarska Is on Fire
Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Finalist Olga Bednarska Is on Fire

Throughout the series, Olga has continued to surprise us as she constantly challenges herself both mentally and physically when put under pressure. In episode 9, after receiving the challenge of not eating for a day, she won a five-minute catwalk show for designers Lisa Lavitt and Antoni & Alison London. What we didn’t know was that this was just another way to get attention from the panelists; during filming Olga sneaked into a supermarket to buy some food without being seen by cameras! What can we expect from this contestant?

The First Challenge

This season, the first challenge was divided into two rounds and tested contestants’ in-person and social skills. The first round of the challenge saw the individual conversing with their potential teammate for about five minutes about a set topic. In this round, contestants had to find someone that they would like as a possible teammate who shared common interests or goals. Once they found someone who they would like as a partner, they asked if they could be teammates with them. After finding their perfect partner, the teams were taken to a room where they have 5 minutes together. At this point, they should get to know each other better while trying not to make eye contact with one another so they don’t become too attracted.

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Meet your finalist

Olga Bednarska is a 24-year-old woman from Surrey, England and the season 3 finalist of Too Hot to Handle. She started cooking at age 16 and has loved it ever since. This is her first time auditioning for a TV show like this and she’s super excited! Her audition dish? A traditional roast chicken with all the trimmings. What she likes most about cooking is being able to use your imagination and experiment with different flavors, ingredients, and styles. And what does this aspiring chef want to do after winning Too Hot to Handle? To open up her own restaurant in Europe or America!

Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Finalist Olga Bednarska Is on Fire
Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Finalist Olga Bednarska Is on Fire

How Olga was selected as a finalist

If you didn’t know, the best bakers in England are coming together on Too Hot To Handle to battle it out for an astounding prize: a £10,000 cash pot and a year of business mentoring. The process of being selected as a finalist is not that straightforward, however. There’s an audition round where contestants must prepare three recipes – one sweet, one savoury and one dessert. They’re given five hours to complete their dishes with the help of two mystery ingredients – which they’re allowed to use only once throughout their entire dish. At the end of this round, judges taste each contestant’s dishes blindfolded before deciding who will go through to the next round.

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What did you think when you found out?

It’s hard for me to put into words my thoughts when I found out that I was selected as a finalist of the show. One moment it seemed like I was in the middle of an everyday life with family and friends, and suddenly everything changed. Suddenly, people were talking about me, following me and asking about my life and experience. It’s been overwhelming but also exciting at the same time! Being on TV has been an incredible opportunity not only for myself but also for my loved ones, who have had this opportunity to see me compete against talented artists from all over the world. And despite some obstacles, they are really proud of what I accomplished so far and hope that I can go even further during these last episodes of the competition.

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