Next up on our hot seat in the Too Hot to Handle (season 3) competition is Gerrie Labuschagne from Johannesburg, South Africa! Watch the interviews with Gerrie and other finalists at the end of their episodes in order to find out what it’s like to be on the show, why these entrepreneurs were so eager to get their products into the hands of consumers, and what they plan to do next. In episode 6, Gerrie reflects on his time as a finalist, revealing that it has helped him feel more confident about his product and his ability to get it ready for market by season 4. Too Hot to Handle Finalist Gerrie Labuschagne: Episodes 6-10

Meet Gerrie Labuschagne

In the latest episode of Too Hot to Handle, we meet up with finalist Gerrie Labuschagne. A pioneer in the South African chocolate industry, he is a tough cookie and doesn’t let many people get close. He’s reached success in his field, but doesn’t want anyone helping him take it any further – which makes for an interesting dynamic on the show. We also find out that he has three daughters, who seem to be doing well for themselves despite their father not giving them much support.

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Episode 6

In the last episode of Too Hot to Handle, we meet Gerrie Labuschagne, a finalist in season 3. She has an innovative startup that is tackling many issues in rural communities. Labuschagne graduated from Howard University with a degree in engineering and management and later obtained her MBA from MIT. Prior to her entrepreneurial ventures, she was the founder and managing director of Shell Services International (SSI), a subsidiary company of Royal Dutch Shell Group.

Too Hot to Handle Finalist Gerrie Labuschagne: Episodes 6-10
Too Hot to Handle Finalist Gerrie Labuschagne: Episodes 6-10

Labuschagne’s company focuses on providing clean water solutions for rural communities across Africa.

Episode 10 – Finalists Announced!

This week we are introduced to our final three Too Hot To Handle finalists, and we want you all to vote for your favorite!

Geri is from Johannesburg, South Africa. She was an interior designer for 10 years before deciding that her true passion was writing about red wine. This season she will be sharing her experiences of winemaking in various regions around the world.


I must admit, I was a little sad when I heard that this season of Too Hot To Handle would be the last. But it’s hard to say goodbye when we go out with a bang! In episode 11, both Kenny and Gerrie struggled with questions of identity. Kenny has been going back and forth between her gender expression of female and male throughout the season, so much so that her friends felt she needed some time away from them to figure things out for herself.

Too Hot to Handle Finalist Gerrie Labuschagne: Episodes 6-10
Too Hot to Handle Finalist Gerrie Labuschagne: Episodes 6-10

Episode 6 – Johannesburg

Since arriving in Johannesburg, many contestants have been sharing their experiences with the locals, learning about South Africa’s national dishes and diversity. It was also a chance for us to meet some of the new people we’ll be working with on season 3.

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Episode 10 – Johannesburg (four sentences)

Episode 7 – Pretoria

Episode 7, Pretoria – This episode focuses on the Pretoria region of South Africa. It is arguably the most diverse in terms of language, food and the people themselves. ​Pretoria has some of the youngest locals because it has one of the country’s most prosperous economies due to its central location. One insight into this variety is that they are presently redesigning their street lights to make them more sustainable, as part of an agreement with Dubai on environmentalism.

Episode 8 – Bloemfontein

In the heart of the Karoo, or Great Escarpment, in south Africa, lies a city called Bloemfontein. Named after the river that cuts through it, and situated at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level (an average of 300 meters higher than Johannesburg), Bloemfontein is a dream for any animal lover. Home to herds of giraffe and springbok, as well as free roaming zebras and ostriches.

Too Hot to Handle Finalist Gerrie Labuschagne: Episodes 6-10
Too Hot to Handle Finalist Gerrie Labuschagne: Episodes 6-10

Episode 9 – Cape Town

Cape Town is such a fun and beautiful city. The people are so friendly, the views are spectacular and the food is delicious. South Africa is one of my favorite countries on earth, Cape Town has some of the most welcoming people I have ever met! I had the best time exploring this amazing city with Dave and can’t wait to go back!

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This was an amazing episode for me and I am sad that it’s over but so excited for what’s next!

Episode 10 – Durban

Bertha tracks Gerrie down in Durban, South Africa and he tells her that he is living in one of the worst slums on earth with few options for a better life. His school is close to the middle of the slum, so his daily struggle is whether he will risk death by walking long distances or go hungry by staying put. He says that there’s no hope in his hometown and even at school most kids don’t believe there are other options available.

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