Tom Welling as Cain – The True Identity of Lieutenant Marcus Pierce Pierce, who was eventually revealed to be Cain – Adam and Eve’s son and Abel’s brother. Cain was created in mythology as the first murderer, born with a mark on his chest (a brand) that would never go away, thus making him identifiable to all others of his kind as well as all humans at any time.

Who is Cain?

There is a character on Smallville called Marcus Cain Pierce, and he has only appeared in six episodes. But there are many things that don’t add up about him, and because they don’t, people have spent years trying to figure out who or what he really is. If you ask these people if they’ve watched these episodes though, I bet most will say no.

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Who is Chloe’s New Boss?

A few weeks ago, we found out that Tom Welling is going to be starring in an upcoming episode of Supernatural. But who exactly is he playing? According to a press release from Warner Bros., his character’s name is Cain — and unlike his villainous role on Smallville, it looks like he’ll actually be playing a hero on Supernatural.

What Happened Next?

We’ve known for some time that Tom Welling’s character, who appeared in 22 episodes (Season 3), was actually an immortal named Cain. But how exactly did he come to be on that rooftop with Adam and Eve? And how exactly did he become a police lieutenant? These questions have never been answered. Until now. What Happened Next is a theory about what might have happened before and after Cain became Lieutenant Pierce at the start of Season 3.

How Did Cain Get Back to Earth?

One of season three’s biggest questions was how did Cain get back to Earth? Now we know. But let’s start from scratch.

Tom Welling as Cain - The True Identity of Lieutenant Marcus Pierce
Tom Welling as Cain – The True Identity of Lieutenant Marcus Pierce

How Did Cain Survive Until Now?

If you’re familiar with history, you know that Lt. Marcus Pierce was killed by his daughter in season 2, when she found out that he had manipulated events leading to her mother’s death—and not-so-coincidentally just a few days after Chloe caught him in bed with an FBI agent. It seemed that Lt. Cain was dead and gone…until season 3!

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Who Else Knew About Cain?

Prior to his appearance on Smallville, Tom Welling portrayed another character with an intricate knowledge of Biblical lore. During Season 4 of Smallville, in a recurring role, he played Lucas Luthor, Lex’s son who was destined to become Clark Kent’s arch-nemesis. While it is possible that Lucas might have known about Cain/Pierce before meeting him in Smallville, it seems unlikely since he seemed genuinely surprised and curious when interacting with Cain/Pierce.

Why Didn’t Anyone Mention Cain Before?

For years, fans and followers have debated who Lt. Marcus Pierce really is. Does he have a connection to Kara? Is he Zod’s son? Is he a clone of Lex Luthor? It turns out that all these theories have one thing in common: they’re wrong. When you look closely at his character arc, it becomes clear that ‘Pierce’ was never an alias; rather, he’s Cain all along—the first and most famous murderer in history.

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How Did We See All This on the Show?

Recently on Smallville, actor Tom Welling’s character was revealed to be a man named Cain, who is actually Adam and Eve’s son and Abel’s brother. So, how did we see all this on Smallville? It all started when a series regular, Emil Hamilton (played by Desmond Harrington), came back to season 9 after being in cryogenic sleep for thirty-three years. He also believed he was killed by his own wife but he wasn’t.

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