Tom Brooke’s entrance in The Crown’s fourth season was incredibly terrifying, but that was the point. The actor played Michael Fagan, an unemployed bricklayer from London who broke into Buckingham Palace on July 9th, 1982 to try to see the Queen. He made it all the way to her bedroom and into her bed before anyone even realized he was there, and it took half an hour for police to come arrest him. Fagan later claimed that he just wanted to see the Queen close-up, but he did make one comment about how she should be nicer to Irish people living in the UK. Tom Brooke is Incredibly Intimidating as Michael Fagan in The Crown

About His Performance That Will Surprise You

In Season 4 of The Crown, Tom Brooke plays a man who breaks into the Queen’s bedroom. His performance is so convincing and believable that you can’t help but feel intimidated.

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Brooke has been acting since he was 18-years-old, but this role on The Crown has to be one of his best performances. In fact, it’s difficult to tell that this isn’t someone who actually attempted an assassination of the Queen.

How He Underplays His Lines

Michael Fagan is a man of few words, but the ones that he does say have a lot of power behind them. In the fourth season of The Crown, he’s brought on to play the role of a man who manages to break into Buckingham Palace and make it all the way up to Queen Elizabeth II’s bedroom. The scene starts with him sitting in her room, playing with her hair while she’s sleeping and then waking her up.

Tom Brooke is Incredibly Intimidating as Michael Fagan in The Crown
Tom Brooke is Incredibly Intimidating as Michael Fagan in The Crown

He Remembers Bingeing on Ice Cream After Every Scene

In the Smoke and Mirrors episode of season 4 of The Crown, Tom Brooke plays a character who enters the Queen’s bedroom while she’s sleeping. I remember after every scene I just go to the freezer and have a big bowl of ice cream, he says. It was like going to get some sort of reward. After the sequence, the actor talks about what it feels like playing such an iconic villain on The Crown. He also mentioned that his favorite TV show is Game of Thrones.

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What It’s Like Having Royal Blood

The Crown TV series has a four-season story arc about Queen Elizabeth II. In the final season, there’s a scene where someone gets into her bedroom and it is absolutely terrifying! It was played by actor Tom Brooke and he does such an incredible job at being intimidating. I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat for the entire scene.

Meet Michael Fagan, a Real Person Who Inspired One of The Crown’s Most Shocking Characters

Michael Fagan was a British laborer who managed to sneak into the Queen’s bedroom at Buckingham Palace on July 9, 1982. The incident was made public and caused a scandal, leading to his arrest and conviction. Tom Brooke of The Crown steps into the role of Fagan for season 4, where he confronts Queen Elizabeth II (played by Claire Foy) about her marriage to Prince Philip (played by Matt Smith). His character only makes one appearance but it leaves an impression.

Tom Brooke is Incredibly Intimidating as Michael Fagan in The Crown
Tom Brooke is Incredibly Intimidating as Michael Fagan in The Crown

On Playing the Most Shocking Character of All

Anyone who has watched the The Crown (season 4) remembers the scene when a man named Michael Fagan breaks into the Queen’s bedroom while she was still asleep. The intruder, played by Tom Brooke, was eventually apprehended and sentenced to five years in prison. But the actor portraying him does not think of himself as a criminal at all. I don’t think of myself as somebody who went into the Queen’s bedroom, said Tom Brooke at the TCAs, I’m somebody who played the part of somebody who went into her bedroom.

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The Looks from Margaret and Her Ladies-In-Waiting Are Enough to Give Anyone Vertigo Section: Did He Expect A Bad Reaction From Meghan Markle? Section: Acting with Poldark

Tom Brooke the crown was so good at portraying a man who had no idea what he was doing and just wanted to see the Queen. He was so believable that when he saw her, his reaction of did he expect a bad reaction from meghan markle? made me laugh out loud. I loved how this show gave us an inside look into the Queen’s life and how she deals with people like him.

The attention that Tom got at Selfridges was both nerve-wracking and exciting for him. He felt like he was on show, but also had the chance to connect with people and hear what they thought of his performance. And the fact that so many people were interested in him made him feel like a celebrity, which he wasn’t used to.

A Three Day Transformation Into Fagan

The transformation into the role of Michael Fagan, a man who enters the Queen’s bedroom in 1982, was a three day process for Tom Brooke.

The first day I had to look like him and then the second day I had to learn his accent and his body language, he said.

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