Sloane Hargreeves was one of the most fun characters to watch on season 3 of Siren. You could say she was like the opposite of Ryn, who has always been quiet and reserved. Sloane, on the other hand, doesn’t have any filter and is always willing to speak her mind, whether or not it’s polite or appropriate. She certainly made season 3 an entertaining one! With that in mind, here are five of my favorite moments from Sloane Hargreeves on Siren. Enjoy , These are the five best moments from Sloane Hargreeves on season 3 of ‘Siren’

The best quote by Sloane

Trust me, I know what it’s like to lose someone you love. But no matter how strong you think you are, in life there will always be something that makes you doubt yourself. And your doubts might be justified, they might not. The thing is: they don’t matter because when things go south and everything in your life feels like its falling apart, it doesn’t matter if it’s your fault or if it wasn’t supposed to happen.

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The moment when she was at her most badass

The Sloane we met in season 1 was very much a scared, uncertain young woman. But when she learned that mermaids were hunting her and saw what lengths they were willing to go to for that purpose, she snapped out of it and grew a backbone.

These are the five best moments from Sloane Hargreeves on season 3 of 'Siren'
These are the five best moments from Sloane Hargreeves on season 3 of ‘Siren’

Her funniest line

I love her comment to Ben when she first arrives in Bristol Cove. He asks what she’s doing there and she responds, Well, I was taking a little swim and a big fat whale swam up to me and vomited you out. Then it jumped off your head onto my shoulder and offered me a ride here. So…here I am.

The saddest moment in her storyline

Watching her father walk out of her life was heartbreaking. She’d just found him and then he was gone again after he told her that she couldn’t change who she was and she realized that their relationship wasn’t going to be like how it had been in his memories. The strain of all that put a lot of pressure on their relationship, as well as for her because now it was going to be up to her to prevent more mermaids from being captured.

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When she acted like a sparrow

In a very unexpected move, Sloane appeared to be acting like a sparrow. It turns out she was doing it as part of her training to be closer to mermaids, but it still made for one hilarious moment. Every actor gets stuck in a role they’re not used to, and Rodriguez handled her sparrow appearance with all kinds of skill and humor.

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