The youngest Bridgerton child and the seventh son, Gregory Bridgerton (Will Tilston) has always been the mischievous Bridgerton boy who has never quite fit in with his family. With his cocky sense of humor and charismatic nature, Gregory has always had more fun than the rest of his brothers, which eventually led to him being booted out of his own house at an early age when he was caught kissing the maid’s daughter on her birthday. The Youngest Bridgerton Child: Gregory Bridgerton

Will Tilston as Gregory Bridgerton

Will Tilston, who is best known for his role as Ben Tallmadge in The Secret Circle, has been cast to star as youngest son of Henry and Olivia Bridgerton. While he will be given a major character upgrade from his brief appearance in A Summer to Remember, it is uncertain at present whether he will appear outside of North America.

Meet Gregory

At first glance, you might think that Will Tilston is a little too old to play 17-year-old Gregory Bridgerton—but then again, you’d be forgetting his age in actuality. In order to play 14-year-old Tom Barkworth in The Secret Garden (or 10-year-old Mowgli in The Jungle Book), he had to shave his head, and at 12 years old he worked with director Danny Boyle in 127 Hours. Yes, Will is a good deal older than 17, but thanks to his ability to pull off two very convincing characters and wear that fabulously shiny tuxedo like no one else can… we’re convinced. Don’t you want your own personal Bridgy for yourself?

The Youngest Bridgerton Child: Gregory Bridgerton
The Youngest Bridgerton Child: Gregory Bridgerton

His full name is…

Gregory Josiah Edward Tilston Bridgerton (b. 1821). He is, by three minutes, his mother’s seventh and youngest child and Lord Bridgerton’s seventh son. His siblings are Amanda, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Francesca (who is dead), Henry and Violet. According to Penelope’s letters from A Conspiracy of Friends, he is a year younger than Francesca was at her death in 1823 and eight years younger than Benedict was when he was born in 1819.

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Where was he born?

Surrey, England, July 29th 1879. He was born nearly two years after his eldest brother Colin at home on Park Lane in London. Though he is not usually included in lists of his siblings, they did indeed have a seventh child after Rannulf and before Evangeline. His mother’s name was Mrs. Harriet Bridgerton but most people just called her Harry and he grew up with them all often referring to him as the baby even when he was twenty-one, which always made him laugh for it didn’t really seem like such a long time ago even though it has been over three decades now that she died and gave him back his freedom to come and go as he pleased.

Parents and Siblings

In his own words, I’m very clever. Extremely clever. His older brothers, Benedict and Colin, are seen as academic snobs, but Gregory is not. He’s laid back (all of his brothers say so), and more focused on fun than on scholarship. He loves to play games and tease younger sister Daphne. His prized possession is a cricket ball he carries around everywhere with him—even sleeping with it at night. As for school work? Not even close to being a favorite pastime for young Master Bridgerton; in fact, if you catch him at it in class he’ll likely be doing something else—like fiddling with matches or throwing erasers out of open windows.

Personality and Characteristics

The one thing most of us like to see in a love story is how two people come together who are very different. In Bridget Jones’s Diary, Colin Firth was not only older than Renee Zellweger but richer, more confident and much more mature (no offense to Hugh Grant). But it didn’t matter because they were absolutely perfect for each other. In Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennett was another educated woman that really didn’t fit into her society. She was always cutting herself off from possible suitors as well; she also had a sharp tongue that made others think she wasn’t serious about anyone. Darcy seemed to be everything she wanted, but he would have nothing to do with her at first.

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Age Differences

When your siblings are all several years older than you, growing up can be a challenge. For Will Tilston, who plays everyone’s favorite youngest brother in Jane Austen’s beloved novel Pride and Prejudice, the role came with some humorous complications. My sisters used to make me dress up as Darcy for them when I was about eight or nine, and then they would walk around saying stuff like ‘By Jove Bingley is a fine figure of a man isn’t he!’ or ‘Who invited her? Is she fit to associate with us?’ as if I weren’t even there. Thankfully his older brothers were there to protect him from their machinations!

The Youngest Bridgerton Child: Gregory Bridgerton
The Youngest Bridgerton Child: Gregory Bridgerton

Physical Description

Tall and athletic with thick, wavy dark brown hair. He has chocolate colored eyes and a kind face. He loves to go for long walks in Hyde Park during the day, often sitting on a bench reading or sketching landscapes from his trips abroad. In London he prefers to go for long horseback rides through Green Park in which he can survey all of his favorite places throughout London.

Childhood Highlights

When Gregory is born, it is a surprise for everyone. No one had ever thought that their father would have more children, let alone another son. This was because of his age and his wife’s health at that time. He also surprises them when he shows interest in reading and learning from an early age rather than playing with toys like other young boys do. The only problem with being so advanced for his age was that he ended up in many fights with older boys who picked on him for being too smart or different from them. So to avoid further fighting, all of his brothers joined together to teach him how to box when he became 8 years old.

What he’s like in Book One (The Duke And I)

While many of his older brothers and sister are often focused on business and marriage, Gregory prefers to concentrate on having fun. He enjoys reading comics, playing sports, and staying out late with his friends. As a result of his easygoing demeanor, he has a hard time telling people how he really feels or standing up for himself when someone is being hurtful. As he grows older in The Duke And I, however, he starts to recognize that life is too short to worry about silly quarrels or status. By The Duchess Betrayed, readers see him grow into a reliable gentleman with a good head on his shoulders—all thanks to Meg’s guidance.

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Who is Gregory in Bridgerton?

Although he is rather new to his siblings’ circle of friends, Gregory is a popular member of that group. The youngest child in a large family, he has always been indulged and coddled by his older siblings and parents. As such, when tragedy strikes in The Next Always, he struggles to cope with loss for perhaps the first time in his life.

Who plays Gregory Bridgerton in season 2?

He’s played by Will Tilston, who in his own words, will mainly be remembered for a certain group of tiny little film roles. He will also be appearing in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies as Mr. Darcy’s brother, Charlie Bennet. In an ironic twist of fate (or a hilarious one) he is also playing Prince George! However, in regards to P&P&Z he will play older than his actor age! P.S. I have no idea how any of that was relevant or interesting; but I do like talking about movies. Especially when they involve zombies and cute guys like Will Tilston. Hehe…. Anywho… On with the news!

Will Tilson Actor Bridgerton?

Will Tilson is a young British actor, known for playing Joe, who takes over running his father’s ice cream van in Wild Bill (2015), and for playing Tommy Henderson in Mrs. Henderson Presents (2005). He played Greg Bridgerton in Disney Channel’s TV series, So Weird from 1999 to 2000.

How old is Gregory bridgerton?

When I was growing up my parents talked about how old I was in terms of being a certain number of youngest child. So I was always told to be more responsible because of it. The only person who can’t relate to that is his sister Mary, who is 10 years older than him and therefore never had to deal with me as her baby brother.

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