The Winchesters, about John and Millie Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Nicole Anderson) in their early hunting days before they meet Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles), was developed by Robbie Thompson from Supernatural and stars Jared Padalecki as John Winchester and Nicole Anderson as Millie Watson-Johnson, who later changed her last name to Winchester when she married John. The series premiere attracted the second largest audience in The CW’s history and received very positive reviews, becoming the network’s highest rated new series premiere in years. The Winchesters: A Dark Fantasy Drama Developed by Robbie Thompson

Overview of the show

The series is about a group of people living in Chicago Illinois and their daily experiences. The show is based on John Winchester, his wife Millie Winchester and their son Dean Winchester, who has been raised to believe in all kinds of supernatural creatures. Ada Nieves is John’s daughter who has not seen her father since she was young and comes to meet him with his girlfriend Sterlin English.


The Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles), travel throughout America’s back roads, facing all manner of supernatural phenomena, including demons, ghosts, vampires and werewolves. The brothers follow their father’s footsteps as hunters who fight evil supernatural beings of many kinds, including monsters similar to those mentioned in legends and folklore.

Characters : Who is Who in The Winchesters 2022

The Winchesters, the long-running series about two brothers who fight supernatural beings and save the world, isn’t just a show—it’s also a way of life. The beloved series airs nonstop on networks around the globe to fans who can’t get enough of John Winchester and his kickass sons Sam and Dean. What better way to prepare fans for the new season than by telling the story of how John met Mary Campbell?

Angel Rosario Jr. as Billy Slaughter, Bianca Kajlich as Meg Donnelly, John Winchester as Gil McKinney, Millie Winchester as Maren Hill, Michael Tacconi as Chris Greening and Bridget Regan as Ada Madison. Jojo Fleites plays Angel Rosario Jr’s character younger brother Jonathan Jonnie Rosario who he left in his sister Lacey Rosario (played by Nida Khurshid) care until he can get on his feet again.

Bianca Kajlich Portrays Millie Winchester

This Fall, Make Sure You Know About These Winchesters 2022 : Bianca Kajlich Portrays Millie Winchester

An off-kilter party girl with a checkered past, Millie is John Winchester’s estranged daughter. Her rebellious personality puts her at odds with Ada (her mother) and her new boyfriend Drake Rodger, but when it comes to protecting those she loves, there’s no stopping Millie. The feisty waitress was introduced in Season One of Supernatural as a recurring character who ultimately became Sam’s love interest. When she returned in Season Two, Millie had become a hunter herself. She has since been featured prominently on both seasons of spinoff series The Winchesters. Kajlich is best known for playing Alex Miller on Rules of Engagement and Bianca on Happy Endings.

Meg Donnelly Portrays Mary Campbell

What Will Meg Donnelly Portray in Winchester’s 2022?

Meg Donnelly is a teenager actress born in 1999. Meg has been portraying roles on Television shows and films since she was eight years old, but she has been acting in the entertainment industry since she was five. Her most notable role to date is the character Mary Campbell on The Winchester Bros. She is the main character and only daughter of the Winchester family, her brother’s names are Sam, Dean and Adam. Many showrunners had chosen her for the role of Charlie Bradbury from Supernatural, but decided to give that role to Sophie Oda instead because Meg was too young for it then. She has become a breakout star in entertainment industry at an early age for her excellent performances on both TV and film.

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Drake Rodger Portrays John Winchester

The Legend of John Winchester: Drake Rodger Portrays the Infamous Hunter in Upcoming Movie

Drake Rodger is an American actor known for his roles in TV series Murder RX and Quiet In My Town. At age 11, he made a guest appearance on That ’70s Show and followed it with guest spots on ER and Law & Order. His other credits include The Mountain, Numb3rs, Castle, CSI Miami and more. However, for all his TV work (and dozens of feature films), he’s best known for playing John Winchester on The Winchesters , which was conceived as a spinoff of Supernatural . According to IMDB, his next role will be in My Only Sunshine from 2023. Drake is also slated to portray John Winchester again in an upcoming movie that’ll serve as a sequel to The Angel of Darkness .

Demetria McKinney Portrays Ada Monroe

Demetria McKinney to Portray Ada Monroe in Upcoming Winchester Film

Dyan McKinney was born in 1979. She is an actress and singer, known for The Fosters (2013), Angel Rosario Jr. (born August 27, 1979)is an American actor who starred in stage productions of Rent and Jersey Boys. He has made guest appearances on television series such as Grey’s Anatomy, Castle and has starred in films like Final Destination 5 (2011). On October 11, 2020, it was announced that he would be starring on The CW show as a part of its upcoming spin-off prequel to Supernatural. His first appearance will be on that night’s episode of Supernatural which will then lead into his role in The Winchesters.

Jojo Fleites Portrays Carlos

Jojo Fleites is an American actor who portrays Carlos on The Winchesters (2022). He is best known for his appearance in 2012’s Dallas Buyers Club. Fleites got his start as a cast member in 2011’s South Beach Tow and has since been seen on numerous television shows. Most recently, he appeared in 2013’s Breaking Bad and Love, Marriage & Divorce in 2014.

Nida Khurshid Portrays Latika

Disney Channel, and Kevin (2019). She is repped by Joanne Horowitz Management, WME, and John Carrabino Management. , which has been casting since 2012 . Her most recent project is Disney Television Discovers: Talent Showcase (2021): Disney Channel. Khurshid can be seen in her original series debut Station 19 (2018) as Becca on CBS with an estimated 20 million viewers tuning in weekly; she also stars in Andy McCarthy’s directorial debut Kevin as Alexis. Past projects include American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson; The Seven Deadly Sins; and All About Us. Nida Khurshid Portrays Latika Disney Channel, and Kevin (2019). She is repped by Joanne Horowitz Management, WME, and John Carrabino Management. , which has been casting since 2012 . Her most recent project is Disney Television Discovers: Talent Showcase (2021): Disney Channel. Khurshid can be seen in her original series debut Station 19 (2018) as Becca on CBS with an estimated 20 million viewers tuning in weekly; she also stars in Andy McCarthy’s directorial debut Kevin as Alexis. Past projects include American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson; The Seven Deadly Sins; and All About Us.

Bridget Regan Portrays Roxy

Bridget Regan plays the role of Roxy in The Winchesters, playing a pivotal role from being John’s (Owens) ex-girlfriend to his new hunting partner. She recently completed filming for the limited drama series Paradise Lost opposite Josh Harnett as well as the SyFy network movie Ice Twisters, a Science Fiction / Horror film where she played a lead character. Bridget is known for her work on The Dead Zone, Supernatural and Outlander. Regan just wrapped up production on The Red Tent with Minnie Driver and Maria Bello which will be released in late 2015/early 2016.

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Gil McKinney Portrays Henry Winchester

Gil McKinney was born on February 5, 1979 inHouston, Texas,USA.He is an actor and writer and is best known for his role as Henry Winchester on The Winchesters. He was born and raised in Houston, Texas. While attending high school he spent a year abroad in Italy with an organization called AFS Intercultural Programs (International Student Exchange), where he lived with a host family inReggio Calabria.Gil graduated from Spring Woods High School in 1997 before attending the University of Texas at Austin where he got involved with their Shakespeare Performance Group and majored in Theatre Performance from 1999 to 2002.

Michael Tacconi Portrays Hank Murphy

Michael Tacconi stars as Hank Murphy in The Winchesters, a dark fantasy drama developed and produced by Robbie Thompson and aired on The CW. Tacconi is known for his role as Brandon on Heart of Champions (2021), as Danny Hilliard in Redo (2022) and for his recurring roles on Girlfriends (2016) and NCIS: Los Angeles (2009).

Angel Rosario Jr. Portrays Burly Man

Rosario Jr. was born in Chicago,IL USA. Angel grewup in Logan Square andHumboldt Park. He attended Trinity High School andKelley Academy ofConnecticutfor two years before he was scouted at a local barbershop where he was having his hair cut one day. He was first noticed by Mary J. Blige, who later recommended him to record producer Puff Daddy, who then signed Rosario to his label, Bad Boy Records.

Maren Hill Portrays College Demon Kid

Maren Hill is an American actress, known for her role as Amy (2010–2022) on MTV’s Muckraker and as Julia (2016–2022) in The Winchesters. In 2020, she began starring as Ana Velasquez on NCIS Los Angeles. Hill is a native of Chicago, Illinois, where she attended high school at Francis W. Parker School with future fellow actor John Hyatt. She graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2014. Her first major role was that year when she appeared in two episodes of Supernatural. She also played Emma, an art student who becomes involved with one of her teachers on Gossip Girl, which premiered that same year; and Mia, a pregnant teen who gets romantically involved with Miles Castner (played by Josh Zuckerman), in Parenthood. She has also appeared on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Blue Bloods. On October 11, 2023, Hill made her debut as Amy Branson on Supernatural’s spin-off series The Winchesters; however it was announced that she would not return to the show after its first season due to other commitments.

Chris Greening Portrays War Protester

Chris Greening is an actor known for Secret of Sulphur Springs, Tall Girl 2, and The Winchesters. He was born in San Antonio but was raised in Chicago. His first notable appearance was on SPN Season 12 Episode 9 Alpha vs Omega where he portrayed Peter Jenkins, a war protestor who fights Dean Winchester. He would go on to play one more role that season as War Protester #2. He would later return as War Protester #1 in S13E4. In 2017 he appeared as Marcus Fenton in Tall Girl 2 and then returned to play Jake Morgan again in S14E9 The Winchesters: A Dark Fantasy Drama developed by Robbie Thompson. In 2018, he played Alex Romero in Secret of Sulphur Springs which was directed by John Cabrera who has worked with him twice before on Supernatural and Tall Girl 2 . Greening has also directed two short films titled Purgatory and Sticks & Stones.

Jensen Ackles Portrays Dean Winchester

The oldest son of a Texas-based, middle-class family, Jensen Ross Ackles was born on March 1,1978, in Dallas. From a very early age he showed an interest in acting—he started out as a model at age 5 and later starred in school plays. In his senior year at W.T. White High School in Dallas, Ackles won his first award for Best Leading Actor for his performance as Jud Fry in Oklahoma!. He then went to college to study journalism with plans to become a news anchor; however, after taking part in a few acting classes and landing several commercials (including one for Pop Tarts), he decided to pursue acting full time.

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Billy Slaughter Portrays Demon Jack

Return of a Legend,The Magnificent7:Young Guns , and The OA. He also created and co-produced The Man from Beyond, a Starz television series based on H.G. Wells’s novel, The Ghost of White Bird Canyon. Billy has appeared in over 50 feature films and five television series including HBO’s Westworld and Comedy Central’s Jim Jefferies Show. In addition to acting, Billy is an accomplished writer and director. In 2017, he wrote, directed and starred in his first short film titled Hush. He was honored with Best Director at LA Shorts Fest for his work on Hush. Slaughter is currently working with Warner Brothers Television Group as a writer/producer for their new digital platform Blue Ribbon Content (BRC). BRC develops original scripted programming for digital platforms such as Facebook Watch.

Alexis Horrigan Portrays Hippie

Alexis Horrigan is known for her television roles as Millie McGrath in The Winchesters and Hippie in Bottoms. She currently stars as Sadie in Still Life. She was born on May 10,2019 and is 20 years old. She graduated from Collin County Community College before moving to Los Angeles, California to pursue an acting career. She made her debut in 2011’s The Winchesters. In 2012 she joined the cast of Bottoms as Hippie. In 2013 she appeared in a small role in Still Life and had a recurring role that year on Guiding Light.In 2014 she played a supporting role in It’s Always Been You and guest starred on Scandal. She also had a recurring role that year on Forever Young, which ran for one season before being cancelled due to low ratings.

Veronica Berry Portrays Dana

Veronica’s earliest memories were of the times spent watching movies and going to the theater with her dad. I remember seeing the trailer for Varsity Blues and being like, ‘Who is that kid? He’s hot!’ she says. She was only eight at the time. But it wasn’t until a few years later when she saw Titanic that Berry knew what she wanted to do with her life: be an actress. Her first big break came in 2005 when she appeared in Akeelah and The Bee as Akeelah Anderson, a young girl competing in a national spelling bee competition. She also appeared on CSI Miami as Lola Perez alongside Alex O’Loughlin who played Calleigh Duquesne.

Ginger Cressman Portrays Pedestrian

John, Joe Baby. Tessa Woods was born on October 15th, 2036 in West Sacramento, California, USA as Tessa Lynne Woods. She is an actress, known for National Treasure: Edge of History (2022), Lucky Me (2022) and House of Cards (2020). Her zodiac sign is Libra. She has been married to Angel Rosario Jr since November 5th, 2022. They have one child. Title: The Winchesters Cast Interviews – Ginger Cressman Portrays Pedestrian Title: The Winchesters Cast Interviews – John Winchester Title: The Winchesters Cast Interviews – Ada Fox Title: The Winchesters Cast Interviews – Millie Winchester Title: The Winchesters Cast Interviews – Ada Fox 2 Title :Interview with Creator/Writer/Producer Robbie Thompson About Season 1 of The Winchester TV Show

Sterlin English Portrays Barry

Sterlin English is an American actor. He is known for his portrayal of John Winchester on The Winchesters (2022), Big Sky (2020) and Nine Days (2020). English began his acting career at age 10, starring in numerous television commercials. In 2005, he was cast as Barry Williams in Big Sky. In 2011, he was cast as John Winchester in The Winchesters (2022). In 2014, he appeared as a recurring character on Major Crimes. In 2016, he appeared as a recurring character on Rizzoli & Isles.


For John, who’s taken a serious interest in hunting and killing demons alongside his father Sam and older brother Dean, surviving school is an afterthought. But when his guidance counselor—Ada Cressman—encourages him to apply for an apprenticeship with charismatic geeks Ginger and Veronica Berry, John finds himself on a new path. The role of Apprentice brings more than just new responsibilities; it brings friendship and romance. Can Ada bridge that gap? Or will her budding relationship with Mr.

The Winchesters: A Dark Fantasy Drama Developed by Robbie Thompson
The Winchesters: A Dark Fantasy Drama Developed by Robbie Thompson


The Winchesters was developed for television by Robbie Thompson (Angel,Supernatural), who will executive produce alongside Robert Singer (Supernatural), Andrew Dabb (Supernatural) and Phil Sgriccia. Jeremy Carver and McG serve as co-showrunners. The series is produced by Kripke Enterprises Inc. in association with Warner Bros.

Awards and nominations

The Winchesters was nominated for 8 Emmys. This included nominations for ‘Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series’, ‘Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series’ for John Winchester and Millie Winchester and ‘Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series’ for Ada Martin , Ginger Cressman, Alexis Horrigan and Demetria McKinney. It also received a nomination for ‘Best Drama Series’. It received 2 Golden Globe Nominations, one for ‘Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama’ which went to John Winchester and one for ‘Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Drama’ which went to Millie Winchester.

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