Terry Kinney, the stage, film and television actor, was born in Lincoln, Illinois and attended Illinois State University. While at university, his friend, the aspiring actor Jeff Perry, took Kinney to Chicago to see a production of Grease in which his best friend was performing. After seeing the show, Kinney and Perry decided they wanted to become actors like their friend who had caught their eye on stage. The Watcher: An Inside Look at Terry Kinney’s portrayal of Michael

On set with the cast

I had an opportunity to talk to several members of the cast and crew, including Greg Beeman, who plays Richard Wilson; Teri Polo (Suzanne); and Cynthia Stevenson (Serena). All told me about how much fun it is working with Terry Kinney. I’m his biggest fan! said Polo, who played opposite him in Silver Linings Playbook. He brought so much passion to our scenes together. It was a joy watching him work. Everyone on set was blown away by his talent, she added. It was a pleasure to see what goes into making a show like The Watcher come alive each week, Beeman said. Terry has been doing it for decades and knows exactly what he wants from each scene – not only as an actor but also as a director. When you are directing someone like that you can really relax because they know what they want out of every take, he explained.

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Filming Dialogue Scenes

When you’re filming a dialogue scene, it’s important to get every single moment on camera. When you watch a famous film and see that it cuts from one shot to another, that may be because what happened between those moments wasn’t as interesting as what came before or after it. If you have enough money and time to shoot more than one take, don’t be afraid to explore different options while filming your scenes.

Filming Fight Scenes

The physical demands on actors are extensive, especially when shooting fight scenes. According to Michael Kostroff, who played Marc St. James in Sopranos, Kostroff said that he and his fellow cast members were often injured during filming. We’re not really punching each other, but we’re using stunt doubles with padded gloves, he said. You try to do it in a way where you don’t hurt each other too much.

Filming Car Chase Scenes

Filming a car chase scene is exciting, but dangerous and often times tiring. The experience can take its toll on both your body and mind. While it is imperative for film and television productions to capture these scenes as accurately as possible, safety must be a priority. Here are some tips that will help you prepare for filming car chase scenes. 10 Tips For Shooting A Car Chase Scene Safely And Accurately #1 – Do Your Research: Before heading out onto set, make sure you have thoroughly researched how to safely maneuver a vehicle during filming. This research should include talking with other crew members who have filmed similar scenes in order to gather advice from those who have been there before you.

The Watcher: An Inside Look at Terry Kinney's portrayal of Michael
The Watcher: An Inside Look at Terry Kinney’s portrayal of Michael

Final Thoughts

Actor Terry Kinney plays one of my favorite characters in all of film – Michael from The Watcher . The film, a low-budget horror flick from 1998, is so scary because you feel completely helpless. Throughout it all, Jeff (played by Keanu Reeves) is held captive by Michael as he systematically tortures and kills anyone who comes close to finding him. The character is both sympathetic yet sadistic and cold; there are no redeeming qualities about him that make you think he should be spared. He’s just pure evil. In fact, I’d say he’s more terrifying than any other villain I can recall watching on screen. His performance as Michael is chilling and was perfectly executed. If you haven’t seen The Watcher , I highly recommend it! Also, if you want to learn more about Terry Kinney check out his IMDB page or his website here !

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