Fei Hargreeves, also known as Sparrow Number Three, was the third of seven children born to Sir Reginald Hargreeves, who founded the Umbrella Academy, and his wife. She was born blind and received her first pair of eyes when she was 12 years old. She attended The Umbrella Academy with her siblings Vanya, Klaus, Allison, Luther, Diego and Number Five and developed an unnatural attraction to Luther that turned into an obsession with making him love her like she loved him, which led to terrible consequences for the rest of the family. The Umbrella Academy’s Fei Hargreeves: Britne Oldford as Sparrow Number Three

Concept art

Reuben Rude, who designed The Umbrella Academy character for television, knew early on that he needed a visual reference for Britne Oldford’s role in The Umbrella Academy. So what he did is he got one of her actual eyes scanned and used it to create an eye patch that she wears on set. So when you see her at a coffee shop looking totally fine but then something happens and her eye patch comes down and you see that she’s really just blind, it looks super creepy. And we love how they paid attention to every detail with The Umbrella Academy!

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Costume designs

The Umbrella Academy had some of best costume designs in all of television. Costumes are one way to take an average show and turn it into something amazing. In The Umbrella Academy, each character has a specific look and color associated with them.

The Umbrella Academys Fei Hargreeves: Britne Oldford as Sparrow Number Three
The Umbrella Academy’s Fei Hargreeves: Britne Oldford as Sparrow Number Three

They may be superheroes but they have jobs at a circus, so there’s a certain element of whimsy about it all. Even when they get serious, like when Five fights that possessed monster or Vanya shoots herself after being rejected by Agnes, their clothing is never really formalized. It’s mostly just everyday clothes that happen to look good on them and fit their individual personalities perfectly.

Makeup, hair, prop design

Sophia Brown of O’Lantern Hair & Makeup Artistry and Annie Kelly at Electric Angels Props crafted Sparrow Number Three’s look, which is all about feathers and romance with a kooky twist, according to Mulliey. It took us several days to make her whole costume, he says. We started by painting a skeletal structure of feathers onto a dress in multiple layers to create texture, because we wanted it to have volume. They layered on cardboard, silk flowers and hand-painted feathers until they had an insane amount of stuff on top. But no matter how wild or experimental they got—like wrapping one dress in fishing wire so it would clatter when walked upon—they always tried things on Britne first.

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Behind the scenes

Let’s take a closer look at how producers brought The Umbrella Academy’s eccentric character to life. On set, Britne Oldford (Sparrow Number Three) ran into trouble while trying to convince her ravens to land on her arm and stayed in character by saying Why won’t you listen? I am your mother! You will land! And when it came time for wardrobe, each of the seven sparrow uniforms was created using almost 300 feet of thread. But despite her impeccable performance, even we have our doubts about whether or not she can really control all those birds. She can’t actually see what they’re doing while they’re flying off into their next scene, right?…Right?

The Umbrella Academys Fei Hargreeves: Britne Oldford as Sparrow Number Three
The Umbrella Academy’s Fei Hargreeves: Britne Oldford as Sparrow Number Three

End credit scene

Of course, if you want to know what happened to each character, you’ll have to tune in and watch season 3. But if you do miss an episode or two, it doesn’t really matter. The show is perfectly self-contained; each episode reveals just enough information that viewers can start anywhere without feeling lost. That’s a sign of a show that knows its identity—one that has no interest in withholding anything from its audience just for kicks. To explain what happened during any lost time would undermine that identity, and that dedication was certainly part of season 2’s appeal—especially in those moments when one character pulled back a curtain and revealed some piece of information.

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Who is cast as Sparrow Academy in Umbrella Academy?

Season 3 of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy casts British actress Britne Oldford in her first major American role as Fei Hargreeves, also known by her codename Sparrow Number Three. In season 2, fans watched as Elaine seemingly lost control of all eight members of The Umbrella Academy but was saved by Victor, Klaus and Allison just in time. When we last saw Fei/Sparrow, she was trapped inside a spider web cocoon and due to her claustrophobia it is unclear if she will still be able to use her ability which allows her to control ravens. (TU News)

What are the sparrows powers?

In The Umbrella Academy, each member of a secret organization of adopted children with paranormal abilities has a unique power. For example, Vanya has telekinesis; Allison is an illusionist; Gerard can teleport. As for Number Three/Fei, she controls birds through direct eye contact and can also see through their eyes.

The Umbrella Academys Fei Hargreeves: Britne Oldford as Sparrow Number Three
The Umbrella Academy’s Fei Hargreeves: Britne Oldford as Sparrow Number Three

Who is number 7 in Sparrow Academy?

The seventh individual known to have superpowers, and assigned to The Umbrella Academy, is Feint (Francesca Segata), a young girl from Amsterdam who has telekinetic powers. She can use her powers for more than mere flight, specifically she can create shockwaves of various kinds and damage objects with them. Just like with all of his children, Luther doesn’t know why Feint is so powerful; he only knows that it seems to be tied to her emotions. In her case she gets emotionally upset and those surrounding her suffer accordingly; although what gets in trouble differs depending on how strong her rage was at any particular moment.

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