The Umbrella Academy is an exciting new Netflix series based on the comics of the same name by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá. The show premiered on February 15, 2019, and was created by Steve Blackman (Fargo) and Jeremy Slater (The Exorcist). It stars Ellen Page (Juno), Tom Hopper (Black Sails), Emmy Raver-Lampman (Homeland), David Castañeda (Weeds), Robert Sheehan (Misfits), Michael Angarano (Get Shorty), Aidan Gallagher (Shameless), Cameron Britton (Mindhunter) and Mary J. The Umbrella Academy: Who’s Who in the Recurring Cast and Characters

Sheila McCarthy portrays Agnes Rofa

Agnes is Vanya’s mother. Although initially resentful of her children’s powers, she came to accept that their talents were special, even if she couldn’t comprehend them herself. After her husband vanished under mysterious circumstances, Agnes considered divorce but was unable to bring herself to leave because of her daughter. Since then, Agnes devoted much of her time to studying medicine and medicine-related subjects so that she could understand why Rachel had died as a child (and failed to revive when everyone else did). After adopting an orphaned Russian girl named Svetlana who could see into other people’s future, Agnes became convinced that one of her children would eventually end up in a wheelchair or bedridden.

Jordan Claire Robbins portrays Grace Hargreeves

Grace is a former cat burglar who escaped prison, who went on to raise The Umbrella Academy. Her children are Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Vanya, Number Five (aka all of them), Ben and Hazel. Despite her ruthless behavior and unethical background she loves her kids very much although it can be hard for them to see past their fear. When she adopted them she gave each one of them a unique power with which they use to fight crime around the world under her tutelage as The White Violin aka Sophie Hargreeves . It’s only once they reunite that they can tap into their full potential. As a superhero entrepreneur it would be hard not to think that Grace is inspired by Batman’s endearingly dark alter ego.

The Umbrella Academy: Whos Who in the Recurring Cast and Characters
The Umbrella Academy: Who’s Who in the Recurring Cast and Characters

Ashley Madekwe portrays Detective Eudora Patch

As Rene’s former partner in Clearwater PD, Eudora Patch was very close to Rene before she fired him. Since then, however, they have become distant due to her taking her job more seriously than Rene, causing them to develop a mutual disrespect of each other. Her investigation into the White Violin helps put her on Rene’s radar again. She is later revealed to be working for The Handler. At the end of Episode 1, Eudora gets shot by The Surgeon but survives; it is unknown if she makes it back into police custody or escapes into hiding. However, at the beginning of Season 2, we learn that she has been murdered by Oscar Oz Wisely due to being considered a liability.

Peter Outerbridge portrays The Conductor

The Conductor is a nefarious character who frequently torments Number Five, though his most significant act of sabotage occurred when he prevented Five from boarding Noah’s Ark during Noah’s Flood. As one of many illicit agents employed by Sir Reginald Hargreeves, The Conductor was charged with keeping an eye on Number Five while using his powers to manipulate events throughout history so that Five would be presented with no more than a few difficult choices at any given time. The Conductor was eventually hunted down by agents of The Factory for unknown reasons; because of his power to alter history, The Factory intends to kill him before he can interfere with their plans for Number Five.

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Rainbow Sun Francks portrays Detective Chuck Beaman

The only character known to be returning from a previous season is Detective Chuck Beaman, played by Rainbow Sun Francks. According to reports, his character will be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder because of what transpired at the end of season one. His whole world has been turned upside down by everything that happened last year and he’s just not able to put it back together. He’s suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome and really has nowhere else to go but home.

The Umbrella Academy: Whos Who in the Recurring Cast and Characters
The Umbrella Academy: Who’s Who in the Recurring Cast and Characters

Matt Biedel portrays Sgt. Dale Chedder

Dale Chedder was a member of Jean Claude Van Damme’s mercenary squad. It is revealed that he died after being sent to rendezvous with one of Hazel’s former drug partners. However, due to his exposure to post-production editing/visual effects, it can be difficult to tell which scenes actually feature Matt Biedel and which do not. In either case, Sgt. Chedder has become an important part of Number Five’s story throughout his adventures with The Umbrella Academy – especially as we see in Season 1 Episode 10 . Here is what you need to know about Sergeant Dale Chedder

Cody Ray Thompson portrays Dave Katz  in season 1

Cody Ray Thompson was born on February 24, 1998, in Portland, Oregon. The actor is perhaps best known for portraying Dewey Wilson on Netflix’s Stranger Things (2016-present) and Cody Green on ABC Family’s Recovery Road (2016-2017). He also appeared in an episode of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead as a character named Dave Katz during season 2. As a voice actor, he provided narration for A&E’s 60 Days In during seasons 2 and 3.

Calem MacDonald  portrays Young Dave in season 2

Dave is a time traveler who has precognitive abilities. He was found as a toddler by Hazel and Cha-Cha, who adopted him (and gave him two tattoos on his chest that are significant later). After he saved Luther from drowning when they were kids, Lenny broke Dave’s hands so he couldn’t use them to travel anymore. Even though he is an adult, Dave still isn’t completely independent; he gets around with a motorized wheelchair that has wheels on its side like tank treads. The steps of his home have been modified to accommodate his chair.

The Umbrella Academy: Whos Who in the Recurring Cast and Characters
The Umbrella Academy: Who’s Who in the Recurring Cast and Characters

Ken Hall portrays Herb

In addition to writing for television, Hall is also a prolific illustrator whose work has appeared on multiple album covers. He is also an accomplished musician and songwriter, with several CDs out of his own. You can find him doing stand-up comedy from time to time at various venues around New York City. (Source)

Patrice Goodman portrays Dot

an operator who controls one of The Umbrella Academy’s satellite family (made up of people with superhuman abilities) that was used by Sir Reginald Hargreeves to test his daughter, Number Five. Goodman originally auditioned for Vanya. Max Carver portrays Luther Hargreeves/Spaceboy, an astronaut from a distant planet who gains superpowers when he returns to Earth—only to find himself stranded as a 13-year-old boy with a genius level intellect; his body is destroyed when The White Violin kills him for being free. Robert Sheehan portrays Klaus Hargreeves/Klaus, formerly known as Reginald S.

Kevin Rankin portrays Elliott

He is a Caucasian male of average height with dark brown hair, dark eyes and light skin. He has played major roles in many big screen movies including Quantum Quest (2010), The Mist (2007), Watchmen (2009) as well as television series’ like Southland, The Closer, Boston Legal, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He is also an accomplished author. As a character actor he has appeared on numerous TV shows including Law & Order, ER, Castle, NCIS: Los Angeles and Sons of Anarchy where he was praised for his role as Jim Candyman Colby by critics.

Kris Holden-Ried portrays Axel

He is one of The Hargreeves (heir to a multi-billion dollar trust fund), who grew up without having any concept of family. His mutant power allows him to shoot energy out of his hand as well as rewire electronics. He is also immortal, making him live forever, with all wounds healed on contact. He can pass through space and time by using pocket dimensions. When we first meet Axel he is pretending to be gay so he won’t seem like a threat or too masculine for a woman to want.

The Umbrella Academy: Whos Who in the Recurring Cast and Characters
The Umbrella Academy: Who’s Who in the Recurring Cast and Characters

John Kapelos portrays Jack Ruby

A criminal who killed Lee Harvey Oswald, John F. Kennedy’s assassin. This also makes him indirectly responsible for JFK’s death. Not unlike Hargreeves himself, Jack was raised by his father to be a hitman—though he never had any interest in following in his father’s footsteps. He truly believed that killing people is wrong. In fact, he went on to try and atone for it by establishing the Jack Ruby Foundation for Battered Women and Abused Children after his release from prison.

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Stephen Bogaert portrays Carl Cooper

On top of that, Bogaert said he was so excited to be playing a character that is nearly immortal. It’s a blast, he said. I just love it. I think we all have such a great camaraderie on set. It feels like I’m making a Marvel movie because everyone dresses up every day, they even have their own person who comes in and does our hair and make-up everyday. Every day we get in costume, everyone takes it very seriously because we want to look as authentic as possible to what these characters are like.

Raven Dauda portrays Odessa

With her blonde hair, Odessa is one of The Academy’s most popular girls. She is known for being fashion-forward and always wearing an umbrella hat. Her dress sense has been criticized by others as being too weird, though she feels it makes her stand out from other students at Hargreeves. She developed feelings for fellow student Cha-Cha when they bonded over a shared passion for dance, though she became jealous of him spending time with Hazel. After his death, Odessa asked Kate to train her as part of a tribute act to her former friend but quickly found that she enjoyed dancing without having to deal with stage fright or having an audience.

Dewshane Williams portrays Miles

Miles is Vanya’s twin brother. He doesn’t seem to have any extraordinary powers like his siblings, but he has a special talent for music. His ex-girlfriend, Siobhan, was killed by one of The Handler’s experiments after she turned into a cat. He still seems to be pining for her and not doing too well with moving on from that tragedy. There were hints at a connection between him and Cha-Cha (which might explain why she went out of her way to help him kill Reverb), but nothing else has been shown about their relationship so far.

The Umbrella Academy: Whos Who in the Recurring Cast and Characters
The Umbrella Academy: Who’s Who in the Recurring Cast and Characters

Jason Bryden portrays Otto

A futuristic robot designed to look like a boy, Otto is mostly responsible for taking care of Luther but that job also included making sure his brother remained sane. He also made sure that Luther behaved himself while on their travels through time with the Handler. It was revealed by Hazel that before they went back in time to fix their future they had somehow killed some people or something so someone or something must have sent them back in time to fix it because right now they are probably all dead. But with Hazel having control over time, she could easily bring them back if she wanted to (which she doesn’t). Hazel mentions that an iteration of Otto still exists because he broke out of Nul Space before dying.

Tom Sinclair portrays Oscar

Oscar is Vanya’s younger brother, as well as Klaus’ twin. He has a fantastic memory but also an uncanny ability to make obscure references that only he finds funny. Due to his reclusive nature, Oscar has few friends. He spends most of his time alone collecting vintage comic books and listening to old music. During a family therapy session with Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Number One), Sir Reginald said that Oscar does not have any prospects for college and could be kicked out of school for doing drugs; a rumor started by Number Two at Vanya’s party but was used by Hargreeves against him to justify sending Oscar off to military school.

Justin Paul Kelly portrays Harlan Cooper

A former CIA agent turned private investigator, Harlan was originally tasked with tracking down Luther, but was quickly recruited by Klaus to lead his team of children. Harlan is stubborn and scruffy-looking. He usually wears a blazer or an unbuttoned cardigan over a plain T-shirt. (Harlan Cooper is played by Justin Paul Kelly.) (2018)

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Dov Tiefenbach portrays Keechie

A close friend of Cha-Cha’s and his handler. Keechie, who is 30 years old, has a fling with Cha-Chas while they are in Berlin. He attempts to reach out to Cha-Chas after finding out about The Program, but he is killed by Number Five before he can do so. It’s revealed that Keechie was not born as a human being but was artificially created by The Handler for one purpose—to have sex with Madame X.

Robin Atkin Downes portrays A.J. Carmichael

A.J. is a precognitive teen with pyrokinesis abilities. This means he can, among other things, create fire from thin air—and hence his name Carmichael, which was given to him because of his love for, you guessed it, singer Mariah Carey . He has a crush on Allison that is both playful and awkward, as a 13-year-old boy may have around an older girl; one particularly humorous moment shows him getting close to her while they’re stranded on an island together—only to reveal he wants her phone number so that he can ask out Rachel instead! He plays guitar and joins White Violin on stage at one point.

The Umbrella Academy: Whos Who in the Recurring Cast and Characters
The Umbrella Academy: Who’s Who in the Recurring Cast and Characters

Mouna Traoré portrays Jill

Jill is one of these show-stopping characters that I wanted to stop readers in their tracks, said Gerard Way, who created The Umbrella Academy. Mouna captured that perfectly; she has a presence beyond her years, with an aura that commands your attention. Jill is sensitive, kindhearted and slightly odd. She likes to attend plays as an escape from everyday life. When she was younger, she would become upset when her father left on business trips because he didn’t want to miss any of her plays.

Justin Cornwell portrays Marcus Hargreeves

The Number 1, a.k.a The Rumor. A high-ranking member of The Umbrella Academy (UA), he was adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves as an infant along with another adoptive child, Seance (S). Once he begins to display his powers, he is given to be raised at The Observatory under care of Sir Reginald Hargreeves and Headmistress Youers until they died. After their deaths, he wanders away from The Observatory, feeling unworthy of what they gave him and returns home with his sister Vanya who tells him that she killed their parents after suffering a series of visions with her power before dying shortly afterwards of a stroke because she didn’t want anyone else to suffer for her abilities.

Jake Epstein portrays Alphonso Hargreeves

Like his deceased father, Colonel Hargreeves, is a super-human with a very low pain threshold. Unlike his father, he can fly and throw energy bolts from his hands. He’s also an amputee, having lost both of his legs as a child due to an incident with The Monocle that has never been explained; but given he was about five years old at the time of said incident (and can still remember it), it seems likely The Monocle had something to do with it. He is also hinted at being bisexual by The Rumor but is officially straight as confirmed by Word of God on Tumblr. Also like his dad, he has silver hair that is slicked back except for one lock hanging over his forehead.

Cazzie David portrays Jayme Hargreeves

The main character, who is revealed to be Number Five at a later time. She has a twin brother named Ben. The two act as if they are conjoined twins due to their telepathic powers, and also have similar mental illnesses. They both see themselves as evil yet coddled people whom no one else can fully comprehend. They were separated at birth by Reginald Hargreeves after witnessing their mother’s suicide, fearing that they would eventually follow her example.

The Umbrella Academy: Whos Who in the Recurring Cast and Characters
The Umbrella Academy: Who’s Who in the Recurring Cast and Characters

Javon “Wanna” Walton portrays Stan

The adopted son of Sir Reginald Hargreeves, having been born on September 19th, 1971 in London, England. He was conceived via artificial insemination while his mother was working as a call girl (at which time she was under mind control). Wanna considers himself very intelligent and skilled with a piano. He is able to create force fields that can keep him afloat for prolonged periods of time. One of these force fields allows him to stay underwater for over an hour without any noticeable effect to his breathing or body heat.

Julian Richings portrays Chet

Chet is a large, bald, terminally ill man who wears a medical suit and lives in a retirement home. He is described as always being happy regardless of his circumstances. The fact that he suffers from terminal cancer does not dampen his spirit or demeanor; he treats everyone else’s ailments as if they were terminal illnesses as well. He appears to be somewhat delusional about both his own situation and about other people’s problems, making him an extremely sympathetic character despite his violent tendencies towards others. Because of Chet’s medical knowledge and survivalist skills, he serves as a valuable asset to Vanya during her time alone at Blackwood Manor with her siblings.

Callum Keith Rennie portrays Lester Pocket

Callum Keith Rennie (born July 16, 1963) is a Canadian actor known for his work on The Twilight Zone, Supernatural, Breaking Bad and more. He plays Lester Pocket in The Umbrella Academy.

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