About the character: Sloane Hargreeves, more commonly known as Sparrow Number Five, is one of the new characters introduced in season 3 of Netflix’s hit show The Umbrella Academy. In the comics, she’s Luther’s love interest, but in the TV series she and Luther only share a kiss before she dies. In life, Sloane was an exceptional astronaut with an intense passion for space exploration and was fascinated by the possibility of alien life on other planets – which makes sense given that she was born on one! The Umbrella Academy: Introducing Sloane Hargreeves / Sparrow Number Five

Introduction to the show

It’s been two years since The Umbrella Academy introduced us to the dysfunctional family of superheroes that nobody asked for, as they put it. Based on a comic book series by My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, The Umbrella Academy tells the story of siblings who are forced to reunite after their estranged father dies under mysterious circumstances. It’s been noted that in these first few episodes there’s already plenty of subtext about what our characters have endured and how that has shaped them into who they are today. And with only one episode remaining until it returns for a third season, we have to ask ourselves: How does The Umbrella Academy evolve from here?

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Introduction to the character

I was watching The Mule when I heard a familiar voice. I found out it was Genesis Rodriguez, from The Last Man on Earth and became excited to see her in action again. During one scene, where I thought she would be an extra to fill up a crowd,

The Umbrella Academy: Introducing Sloane Hargreeves / Sparrow Number Five
The Umbrella Academy: Introducing Sloane Hargreeves / Sparrow Number Five

she came into focus as Sparrow number five or Sloane Hargreeves (the name was a bit blurry because my eyesight is not great). To my surprise, even though she was a small character (if you do not count her breasts), she played an integral part in making that scene believable.

Why I love her?

Oh I have to introduce you to my absolute favourite new TV character. And that’s a thing I thought I’d never say. For most of my life, I was so bitter about superhero movies and TV shows being created and centered around men… until 2017, that is! This year has seen incredible female roles in X-Men, Marvel and DC and one of those characters is The Umbrella Academy’s newest cast member: Sloane Hargreeves/Sparrow Number Five. Played by Genesis Rodriguez (who you might remember from other great sci-fi show Westworld), when we first meet her she comes across as a very cold, slightly unhinged mercenary… but don’t let that fool you!

How I discovered her

In December 2018, I was looking for a cast to play one of my characters in The Umbrella Academy. My character was originally going to be played by Scarlett Johansson, but then with Scarlett’s busy schedule, I had no choice but to change it up. But let me tell you that Genesis Rodriguez was an excellent choice and so worth it! She has made a great performance in season 3 as well as other movies such as Annihilation (2018) and Night at the Museum (2006). I have never seen her before, but once I saw her photo after watching Annihilation (which was a great movie), I knew right away that she would make an excellent Sloane Hargreeves/Sparrow number five in The Umbrella Academy.

The Umbrella Academy: Introducing Sloane Hargreeves / Sparrow Number Five
The Umbrella Academy: Introducing Sloane Hargreeves / Sparrow Number Five

Where can you find her?

She’s featured prominently throughout season 3 of The Umbrella Academy, so you can’t miss her—she’s even in the poster! If you don’t want to watch all 13 episodes (who does?), you can catch her for about five minutes in episode 1, We Happy Few. This is a good opportunity to introduce viewers to your favorite character and give them a reason to come back for more. Who knows? She could be a breakout star like Allison Williams from Girls. The television business works in mysterious ways!

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What do we think of her?

She’s just perfect. She’s sweet, but can be a little mean as well. She feels everything so strongly, sometimes too strongly (as seen in Freezer Burn). She wants to make everyone happy, but she doesn’t always know how to do that by herself. Her new name of Sparrow allows her to be free and help those around her. And she fell for Luther pretty quickly! (We know it was forced upon her, but we’re not going to talk about that right now.) We’re hoping they get together sooner rather than later because they are so perfect for each other!

Her best moments so far…

In season two of The Umbrella Academy, we’re introduced to a new character played by Genesis Rodriguez. This is Sloane Hargreeves / Sparrow Number Five who, like most of her colleagues in The Umbrella Academy, has some kind of power. In her case, she can manipulate gravity and lift heavy objects, levitate herself and even send someone flying if she’s feeling feisty. For those who don’t remember (I know I didn’t), she was one of Luther’s love interests in season one when they went on a couple dates together while fighting crime together.

The Umbrella Academy: Introducing Sloane Hargreeves / Sparrow Number Five
The Umbrella Academy: Introducing Sloane Hargreeves / Sparrow Number Five

Who plays Sloane?

Genesis Rodriguez – one of Hollywood’s fastest rising stars, Genesis is an actress and singer. She recently starred in two of 2018’s biggest box office hits, Avengers: Infinity War and Annihilation. She was also nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for her role in Ana Lily Amirpour’s The Bad Batch, opposite Keanu Reeves. On television, she is known for her roles on Jane The Virgin (as Petra), Entourage (as Shauna), and shows such as Rosewood (as Gina Price-Bender) and Identity (as Sarah Ramos).

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Who is Sloane in Umbrella Academy season 3?

Umbrella Academy fans will remember what happened in The Umbrella Academy season 2 finale. Luther (Tom Hopper) and Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) saved Eve (Ellen Page) from dying, but then had to deal with watching Vanya die because Luther refused to time travel again. While that was going on, however, viewers also met a new character named Sloane Hargreeves / Sparrow Number Five (Genesis Rodriguez). The character has already developed a unique personality thanks to his/her ability of being able to manipulate gravity. Yet they still have so much more to learn about. So how did they become who they are today? Well, that’s why we’re here today!

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