The Kashmir Files, set to release in India on April 23, 2017, explores the backstory of the insurgency in Kashmir and its implications on the international stage. In this article I’ll be exploring what makes The Kashmir Files such an anticipated film and reviewing the reception it has received so far as well as its director Vivek Agnihotri’s track record. Lastly, I’ll give my own verdict on the film. The Truth about the Kashmir Files

What are the issues?

Three regions in Indian-administered Kashmir—the Jammu, Pir Panjal and Ladakh regions—have been in a state of unrest since 1989. In September 2016, following a militant attack on an Indian army base that killed 19 soldiers, there was an increase in violence between India and Pakistan. The rise in militant activity led to demonstrations and protests across India, including in Kashmir itself.

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Is it an internal conflict?

Is it an internal conflict or a war? The dispute is so complicated that even India and Pakistan don’t agree on what to call it. For Pakistan, it’s a war, while India insists it’s an internal matter. As a result, peace seems just as far away as ever: at least 2000 people have died in political violence since 1989 and there are still an estimated 10-20 armed militants crossing into Indian territory every day.

The Truth about the Kashmir Files
The Truth about the Kashmir Files

Is violence being used in India’s name?

For decades, international leaders have lambasted India for its human rights abuses in occupied Kashmir. But, is their criticism justified? We hear from all sides to separate fact from fiction and find out whether India is truly guilty of human rights violations against Kashmiris.

What does Russia want in this?

Russia is constantly toeing India’s border with Afghanistan and Pakistan in hopes of gaining a stronger hold on Afghanistan. If Russia succeeds, they will have more control over Iran, who seems to be one of their main focuses. For that reason, it seems likely that Putin will stop at nothing to gain any sort of foothold in Iran. The most likely option? An attack on Iran’s nuclear sites.

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How will China react to this?

China has already reacted strongly to a United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) report, alleging that Indian security forces violated human rights in India-administered Kashmir. We demand that India accept and implement all of its recommendations, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said. To emphasize Beijing’s stand on Jammu and Kashmir, China recently vetoed a UN resolution seeking to list Pakistan-based militant Masood Azhar as a global terrorist by all member states.

What could we do as Indians?

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